High School and Teen Pregnancy Essay

A. General Purpose: To inform B. Specific Purpose: To inform my audience on what I see as the biggest challenges immature grownups face today. C. Central Idea: I will give three grounds as to what I see as the biggest challenges are ; the maltreatment of drugs and intoxicant. adolescent gestations. and unemployment. I. Introduction A. More than half of adolescent female parents ne’er get their high school sheepskin because they drop out of high school to supply a better parentage for their kid. B.

The usage of illegal drugs is increasing in immature teens. An mean age of first use of marihuana is 14 and alcohol use can get down at age 12. The use of marihuana and intoxicant is now really common in high schools. C. More than 40 % of those who have earned their college grade in the last two old ages are working in a occupation that does non necessitate their grade. II. A. Teen gestation is impacting immature grownups more each twelvemonth. 1. Young grownups are taught that it is all right to raise a child no affair what age you are.

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High School and Teen Pregnancy Essay
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2. Even though statistics show that adolescent gestations are a negative result in their lives. some manage to do it a positive result. B. Young grownups do non recognize the usage of drugs and intoxicant at immature age can do negative effects on your life. They feel like they are indestructible and immune to the jobs that others experience. 1. It is common for teens to experiment the usage of drugs and intoxicant. The job is when they get addicted and are traveling on to more unsafe drugs. 2.

Adolescents. who are depressed. hold low self-prides. and feel like they don’t fit in will most likely develop a serious drug and intoxicant job. C. Some immature grownups who are unemployed. are non able to pay their pupil loans. auto payments. and can non afford an flat so they have to travel back to their childhood sleeping room and live with their parents. 1. The unemployment rate in immature grownups rose significantly in merely one month of July 2013 from 16. 4 % to 16. 8 % . 2. More than 4 out of 5 are now detaining and altering their major life determinations.

I. Conclusion Young adults face many challenges every twenty-four hours. I have listed the chief three that I consider are the biggest. adolescent gestation. the maltreatment of drug and intoxicant. and the unemployment that immature grownups are confronting today. Some challenges are merely portion of life and we have to larn how to cover with them. but there are others such as unemployment that we can alter. The thing is. it’s non traveling to alter by its ego. and we have to make something about it if we want to see a alteration in the approaching hereafter.


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