High School Education Essay

Creating Success for the Future Education Is perhaps the most important endeavor a person can attempt In their life. Studies show those who have a post high school degree of some kind will earn considerably more during their working years than those who don’t. Therefore the many young adults who don’t have a high school degree will be crippled in becoming successful in our workforce. In today’s society this has become a major problem in creating a better country as a whole.

The ‘hard times’ that many people may have could be prevented by more preparation and education for the future simply cause more education leads to greater success. Our schooling system needs to be confronted in providing a better education so that our children will bloom and create a better, more Intelligent nation than today. Dropping out of high school puts people in a extenuating circumstance for the rest of their life. Without a high school education it basically cripples you In achieving success for yourself in the future.

This widespread of dropouts and failures not only effects themselves but also the world around them by decreasing economic growth. “Conclusions shows that economic growth is directly related to education in each country. Investing In education rapidly grows economies and raises the average level of employment. ” (Breton) Though many classes may seem inapplicable to the work force or a future career, there are skills developed such as group work, critical thinking, and exposure to disciplines that one would not otherwise study offers the potential for personal growth not found in everyday life and experience.

This personal growth that Is developed only through school proves that everyone must have a high school education. To create a better workforce and way of life I propose to enact federal policies and requirements for our schooling system. These policies would include more financial aid, and Imply less Inflexibility for high school students. “The federal role in education is limited. Because of the Tenth amendment, most education policy is decided at the state and local levels. ” (Policy Overview) Changing from state to federal would be the first part of my solution.

With the change in rule there would also be the policies enacted to ensure a better education. More financial aid would go to the school and students to provide a better education. From this financial you can expect higher teacher salaries, more teaching Jobs, and a better learning environment. Implying less inflexibility for high school students could be many things. One would be having no states test to graduate, and instead have comprehensive exams by the school to test the knowledge and skills of their students.

Also have the school to use teachers and counselors to be more involved in each students life for the struggles they may be having concerning necessities and school. Our high school education system is clearing not working and needs to be refined. The amount of people being able graduate needs to improve so that our nation as a whole can grow. By using my solution to this problem you can see a much better education system. The State role would be changed. And there would be a completely 1 OFF Deterrent coeducation system to ensure everyone people graduate Trot null cocoons.

There would be no student failures, and dropouts from the policies enacted by a federal not state rule. From this you can see higher graduation rates leading to more economic growth for our country. “America found its growth hormone after the Second World War in the incredible educational success of the GIG Studies in education have proven that more education and reform leads to economic success and growth. My proposal to this problem would reform and create our society better as a whole, and make a more intelligent or sufficient world than today.

Education is perhaps the most important endeavor a person can attempt, and dropping out of high school puts people in a extenuating circumstance for the rest of their life. This leads to less economic growth and higher unemployment rates that deprave our economy. To create a better workforce and way of life I propose to enact federal policies and requirements for our schooling system. This include more financial aid, and more inflexibility towards our school systems. We need to call for our politicians to improve our schooling system because the cause and effects of students not completing school leads to failure and less success.

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High School Education Essay
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