High School Should Offer Vocational Education Essay

The vocational education that high schools offer means that students can have vocational classes like academic classes. In the vocational classes, students can learn about how to fix cars, how to cook, or how to make furniture. Students can have these classes three or even more times a week. In my view, high schools should offer vocational education because it benefits the youth a lot.

First of all, the vocational education can teach students some useful skills that can cake to their adulthood, even though they won’t become the professionals. Imagine that your car is broken, what will you do? You could pay the repair shop and wait for weeks to get your car back, or you could fix it by yourself if you had the vocational education in high school. Some people say that there is no need to learn the skills like those if you don’t want to be a professional. However, life will be more convenient if you can do this stuff.

For example, you can fix your car by yourself, for which you can save money and time, or you can cook Chinese food for your family at home instead of going to restaurants. Those things are daily occurrences. Also, vocational education can develop the individualism of high school students. With the developing of the society, increasingly the youth tend to rely on the technology like computers or Internet. On the other hand, the physical skills of the youth are declining.

They have to ask for help when they meet the problems like the light is broken. But the vocational education can develop individualism of students by teaching them the skills they need and they can do them by themselves vocational education lets them think independently and have more confidence. Finally, it maybe true that having vocational education will distract the force of students on academic studying. Nevertheless, vocational education can let students find their potential and interests.

There is a saying that the most happy thing in the world is doing what you are interested in as the Job. By taking the vocational education, the youth can find what they really like to do and what their potential is. Maybe some students who are not good at math are good with their hands. Youth have a yearning for what they really like and are good at. Any enlightened and progressive high schools should embrace the conflict of vocational education and academic education as a call for change.

In sum, vocational education benefits the students a lot. It will teach youth the useful skill, develop individualism, and let students find their potential and interests. I think the most important objective of high schools is to guide students and offer them the education to become who they want to be, which is exactly what vocational school can do. For these reasons, I think high school should offer vocational education.

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High School Should Offer Vocational Education Essay
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