Higher Education for African American Youth Essay

Attaining a higher education as an African American youth is significant because it is one of the most important achievements in today’s society that helps ensure a quality way of life. While gaining an education is still a financial challenge for most African Americans, there are still more opportunities than ever before for young people to acquire a post-secondary education. The more education a person has, the better one’s chances are at being successful.

An education helps one have a better outlook n life because they have a more positive mindset which can make a difference with the type of character they portray and even the awareness to be in tune with their spiritual and physical well being. The particular significance of higher education for African American youth in general goes back to a time when blacks were not even allowed to be educated. Just like our ancestors suffered greatly to make sure our people had the right to vote and have the same basic rights of all Americans that we were denied for so many years, they also fought for education.

For so long, African Americans were held back from achieving any form of education; initially because they were enslaved and did not have those opportunities available to them. Even after slaves were so-called emancipated, and even though so many people wanted to be educated and especially wanted it for their children, many families needed their children to work to help make basic ends meet. As a result, while achieving an education was important, for most families during that time, education was not a priority.

It was even a crime in some states to teach a black person how to read. Decades later, other laws and the segregation of schools prevented blacks from learning. The ancestors of African American youth fought and died Just for the right to have this basic privilege. In addition, African American youth need an education because they have to strive and work harder than persons of other races. For this reason, African American youth should honor their ancestors and strive to get the education that so many could not have, but yet struggled to see that their children old.

It is that struggle that makes African Americans have a rich history and culture, but unfortunately some blacks do not realize the importance of education because they do not know their history as a result of not going to school, studying and reading. Without knowing about this bit of history and so much more, youth do not know about the sufferings, challenges, and setbacks faced by African-Americans.

Because they do not know, they cannot appreciate the reasons why they need an education and their MIS-education often lead many youth to drop out of school, stand on the corner and sell drugs and make fast money. They do not understand how society preys upon African American youth and pass laws that require mandatory sentences to keep them imprisoned and unable to be productive citizens in society. The increase of African American youth in college will greatly impact society because it will mean fewer blacks will be entering into Jail and resulting in an increase of more educated African Americans in society.

Educated African Americans help to further the achievements of other blacks overall because it forces society to recognize our accomplishments and even though we’re still living in a racist society, many blacks have benefited from higher education and their accomplishments have slantingly Nellie to pave ten way Tort toners to conclave even greater successes. Additionally it would mean more African Americans would be appointed into higher positions and change the way some people in the world look at African Americans.

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