Higher Education in Bangladesh Essay

Northern university Bangladesh hosts an Open Discussion on “Role of Private Sector In Developing Higher Education In Post Independent Bangladesh” To commemorate the celebration of 42nd Victory day of Bangladesh an open discussion was organized by Northern University Bangladesh at their corporate office. The topic of the discussion was “Role of Private Sector in Developing Higher Education in Post Independent Bangladesh” On this occasion Professor Dir.

M Shamans Huge, PVC of Northern University Bangladesh, Proof. Dir. Hafiz GA Squid founding PVC of North South University and current Director BRAT Bank. Mr. Chichi Okays, Head of Program UNESCO Bangladesh, The Deans, Associate Deans & Head of Faculty of Northern university Bangladesh, along with various members of the press and education contributors of national dailies were present. The program was presided over by Proof. Dir. ABA House Md. Abdullah, Northern University Bangladesh Trust. Proof. Dir.

Muhammad Lam, , Professor from the Business School of Northern University presented the key note, ‘Having conducted various studies & research on private & public education, the alma of higher education, Is to provide knowledge that Is elevate to the present economy & society at both graduate & post graduate level. When studied the current trends & statistics, he noticed that the Private universities are more enterprising & result-oriented with flexible academic curriculum, producing graduates with greater scope for survival & sustainability, even though public universities are normally seen to be their first choice.

While Private universities (PRO’s) do not receive any form of dole or substantiations from the government, their success can be derived from being more technology & communications skill oriented. This was presented through detailed data & statistics. Proof. Dir. Hafiz GA Squid, Professor Emeritus of BRAT university, noted the existence of Market segmentation In the higher education industry but this provides a highly useful role by catering to all demographics of the country which will result in sustainable development for Bangladesh.

He also commended Northern University Bangladesh on Its endeavors & vision, foreseeing a very bright future for NUB. Professor Dir. M Shamans Hogue pointed out that “The government entrusted the UGH to supervise all universities in Bangladesh. Although it has not provided any kind of assistance to private universities there is only one member of ICC who deals with over 70 private universities. Naturally the ICC role has not been conducive to the private universities.

It has tried to follow certain conditions laid down in Private university Act 2010. Most stringent condition has been not to grant permission for any new program of studies to the universities unless they move to their permanent campus on one acre of land with In Dacha city area and two acres outside Dacha city. For the last 3 years excepting 3-4 private universities who moved to their own campuses the est. 60 could not expand their courses to meet rising demand for enrollment in existing rented premises. The UNESCO education specialist Mr.. Chichi Okays, spoke on the role of UNESCO In the field of education at primary, secondary level along with higher education, provided a useful Insight on the importance of Involving students in community service & the importance of not only fostering collaborations & 1 OFF accrued talons Walt International Institutes out also Detente ten private & puddle universities within the country.

Proof. Dir. ABA House Md. Abdullah, in his speech outlined the span of private universities noting that to comply with the tremendous demand for higher education, since the private universities act, the country has been a huge number of PRO’s making the availability of qualified teacher scarce in comparison.

Instead of imposing somewhat unrealistic & stringent compliances, he implored the ICC to concentrate on more relevant & crucial factors,” Instead of investing scores in the development of physical infrastructure, the same investment can be channeled in development of libraries, online facilities, distant learning acclivities, on line teaching, teachers development program and research grants. Even though he understands the importance of having a fixed premise, he also pointed out the difficulties of acquiring such land & would appreciate any form of assistance from the government. Even though the role of ICC is primarily based on policy making, the exponential growth of the higher education seen should encourage the ICC to carry out the role of a governing body instead of aiding private universities in dealing the existing challenges. With a vote of thanks the discussion session was declared closed.

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