Highlighting the Problems Existing in Ryanair Essay

The undermentioned instance is on a study submitted by me to the MD of my company foregrounding the jobs bing inside my company, RyanAir.

The company is a no frills air hoses supplying low cost airfares and one of the best in its field but there is a major job bing inside the company that is the job of HR, employee satisfaction and motive are the jobs faced by the company which consequence into the hapless service and unsated clients.

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Highlighting the Problems Existing in Ryanair Essay
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Human Resource directors around the universe seldom agree on the best manner to actuate staff at work. However, the jobs that can originate when staff is unmotivated guarantee this will go on to busy a great trade of

direction clip and attending. In both Hospitality and Tourism sectors this is particularly controversial, with the major jobs of seasonality and low wage lending to the mix.

The job issue was highlighted through different communicating methods and there were some developments done by the MD through which I tried my best to convey the information decently to him and he can take a proper determination to decide the issue and forestall the company from loss and devastation.



Ryanair was the first budget air hose in Europe, modeled after the successful US bearer, southwest air hose. And now it is the World ‘s favorite air hose and operates more than 1,400 flights per twenty-four hours from 44 bases and 1100+ low menu paths across 27 states, linking 160 finishs. Ryanair operates a fleet of 250 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft with steadfast orders for a farther 64 new aircraft ( before taking history of planned disposals ), which will be delivered over the following 2 old ages. Ryanair presently has a squad of more than 8,000 people and expects to transport about 73.5 million riders in the current financial twelvemonth. Working on the low cost scheme of it has been one of the most profitable air hoses of the universe.


Taking a closer expression at the company ‘s state of affairs we can place the issue traveling on with its employees.

Ryanair ‘s industrial dealingss with staff, particularly its pilots, are fraught. The company has come under fire for declining to recognize brotherhoods and allegedly supplying hapless on the job conditions, for illustration: staff are banned from bear downing their ain nomadic phones at work to cut down the company ‘s electricity measure.

Ryanair has besides bullied pilots to coerce them to hold to new contracts, where pilots would hold to pay costs of a‚¬15,000 for retraining on new aircraft if they left the air hose, or if the company was forced to negociate with brotherhoods during the undermentioned five old ages.

And there are several instances traveling on in the tribunal against the company for pilot victimization. This job is non merely harming the repute of the company but doing the work force unhappy which is taking new endowments of the industry to believe one time before come ining or using into Ryanair.

It is clear that Ryanair cabin crews are non acquiring the rewards they deserve for the difficult work they put in. Long flight hours, small remainder clip, all of this deserves better wage and proper compensation. Staff in workplaces with a brotherhood and a corporate understanding gets better wage and conditions, and better income. This is true for most full-service air hoses every bit good as low-priced bearers. Easy jet for illustration has a corporate understanding, and staff earns better. Inexpensive flight tickets might non be plenty in the long tally to be successful as a no frill air hose concern. There are different no frills air hoses and many of them do non endure from such a dramatic high turnover as Ryanair does it surely does non intend that runing as an cheap air hose gives them the right to underestimate their employees.

Measuring all these factors we can place clearly that the job issue with RyanAir is with its HR that is unsated and demotivated employees inside the organisation.

Reasons for the pick of the issue:

Ryanair ‘s is a ”no-frills ” air hose but it has a high turnover harmonizing to Shay Cody, the deputy general secretary of the Irish trade brotherhood Impact Ryanair has a really oppressive government and they have highly high staff turnover, peculiarly among junior pilots and cabin crew.Staff are expected to pay for their ain uniforms, crew repasts and preparation classs. It requires staff to pay every bit much as ?2,700 upfront for preparation.

The employees and particularly the cabin crew of Ryanair tend to be non covering nicely with riders. What the cause is, the employees themselves work difficult and are undervalued and have to work many hours without a interruption this leaves them exhausted and stressed and makes it difficult for them to cover nicely to riders. Not merely will at that place be a high turnover but besides Ryanair might lose more clients over clip because of the bad client service of the unmotivated and tired employees.

Many workers from the United Kingdom have left their occupations with Ryanair and as consequence the company is enrolling now contract labor from bureaus as far off as the Baltic States and Poland. Pilots were late told that in order to graduate from older planes to newer aircraft, they would hold to pay for their ain retraining. This preparation job and unhappy staff consequence the service to the client as there are a batch of ailments about the company ‘s service besides which is a certain consequence of the untrained and unhappy employees who are non treated good and are already agitated.

It is said that:

“ if you will pay peanuts, you will acquire monkeys ”

Not merely this all this is doing a batch of repute job about the company and the fresh endowments of the industry does non desire to fall in the organisation or will certainly believe one time before acquiring into the organisation.

So this issue is a really important one to be taken into consideration if the company wants to keep its place in the market and its employees to be satisfied and become loyal to the organisation.


The assorted communicating methods are as follows:

Article: ( Bowley, 2008 )

Newspaper: ( Financial Times, 2006 ) , ( Done & A ; Braithewaite, 2006 )

Case survey: A©Eleanor O’Higgins,2007

Web site: ( Complaint Board, 2010 ) ( RyanAir, 2010 )

Development of communicating method:

From the above treatment we can see rather clear image of what is traveling on inside RyanAir inside the universe ‘s most profitable air hose but still in order to do the image more clear with the blessing of my MD who evaluated my study and suggested to travel for this method I did a study with the employees of the company in order to happen out whether if they are truly unhappy with the on the job conditions and wage. ( RAO, 2010 )

The study was conducted through questionnaire maintaining in head the confidentiality of the individuality of employees because being an internal study employees will waver to supply information unless they are assured that their individuality wo n’t be revealed.

The consequence were rather similar with what I have presented in the earlier evidences the employees were perfectly unsated with what they were acquiring from the organisation, running merely for profitableness wo n’t take the company anyplace and the company have to take attention of their most of import plus that is their employees which it is non making at all and the consequences are in forepart of it, instances, high employee turnover, hapless service to the client, work stoppages and this all will non take the company to a better hereafter.

In order to back up my statement and points further about the issue I am making an situational analysis of the company to happen out where the job exists.


The theory states that the strength of a inclination to execute in a peculiar mode is dependent on the strength of an outlook that the public presentation will be followed by a definite result and on the entreaty of the result to the person. ( Dubrin, 2008 ) ( For inside informations refer Appendix1 )

So harmonizing to this theory the inclination of working difficult or execute good comes with the desire of a possible wages that is outlook of something harmonizing to the difficult work done and if the employees did n’t acquire the same they get demotivated every bit good and this is the instance with RyanAir the employees are underpaid and are non treated as an of import portion of the organisation which make them stressed and unable to concentrate on work which consequences into the hapless service, turnover, work stoppages etc.

This theory clearly states that an employee needs a beginning of motive to fulfill its demands and the biggest incentive in the universe is money and biggest demotivator is besides money because you work for money and we are unhappy if we get lower than we deserve or expect.


The instance presented above is a treatment of how RyanAir is confronting the job issue of employee satisfaction and motive, due its unreasonable regulations and Torahs the employees are extremely demotivated and unsated which is an issue to be taken into consideration by the MD and with due hopes I am showing the provided information so that he can come on a proper decision and take necessary action on the same.

RyanAir is merely runing for net incomes and is disregarding its work force to its full which is non harming its relationship with its employees but besides harming its repute in the industry which will take the company towards a state of affairs where none of the endowments of the industry will use or seek for the air hose, the demotivated and unsated staff is non working with their full attempts which is making more and more unsated clients and bad experiences follow with people reding their equals, friends and comparative non to wing with RyanAir.

The study for the job issue was followed by different communicating methods in order to fulfill the demand of supplying information about the being of the job issue which were newspaper, articles, instance survey, web site but after the presenting of the study to the MD he suggested to add one more method of study and behavior it in the company to cognize if the employees feel the same but he should hold thought that an internal study will non be a good thought because employees will experience uncomfortable and insecure supplying this sort of information against the company which really happened while carry oning the study alternatively of the fact that the individuality will non be disclosed and they need non make full up their name etc in the study questionnaire but still opposition was there although upper limit of the employees co operated with the same.

The information provided above is disposed and sufficient plenty as my cognition to acquire the proper position about the bing job issue and the how lay waste toing the consequences could be if the direction did n’t consequently with the present market state of affairs to rectify it and halt it from destructing the company.


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