Hiking Trip Essay

It was a bright Saturday morning. The sun was rising above the horizon in the east, flashing a brilliant spark of yellow and red light in the blue sky. There was no sign of a bad weather, a perfect day for a thrilling expedition. Rina had planned this hiking trip since last month. At eleven o’clock sharp, Rina and her friends began their adventure to see the scenery at the waterfall with their own eyes. It is said to be extraordinarily marvelous. They had gone for many mountain climbing before. It was very challenging, but hard work pays off.

So, they were absolutely sure they won’t have any trouble climbing the hill. They were now deep in the heart of the jungle. It had almost been three hours hike. The sun was right above their heads and the sun shone without mercy. It was baking hot and their shirts were wet with sweats. The waterfall was nowhere to be seen. Tired, they decided to take a few minutes rest. Suddenly, they heard the sound of rapidly running water. The waterfall is definitely just around the corner. Without leaving another second wasted, they continued their hike. They talked and laughed happily with overwhelming joy.

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Hiking Trip Essay
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Then, there it was, their dream waterfall, right in front of them. They walked and climbed carefully on the steep slope because taking the wrong step would probably cost them their life. Finally, they manage to stand triumphantly on the top of the hill. The magnificent beauty of nature left them speechless. They took many photographs of the crystal-clear water flowing rapidly down the waterfall. It was much more beautiful than they had imagined. The universe created by God is unmatched and unrivaled. They lost track of time, admiring the panoramic view of Mother Nature.

It is almost evening. The intense red and orange hues of the sky were reflected into the water, making it more stunningly beautiful than before. They were mesmerized and stunned. Can any other sight be more impressive than this? They wished they could stay longer, but they really need to get home before dusk. They are running out of time because it is already 4. 30 p. m. Slowly, they started to descent towards the ground. The path was very narrow and they were halfway there when Rina slipped down and fell over. She is hanging at the edge of the hillside.

Luckily, Siti managed to get a firm grip on her wrists while the others hold tight of Siti’s legs. She was so panicked and horror-struck for her life is hanging by a thread. Her friends tried with all their might to save her. Unfortunately, Rina’s friends can’t hold her weight any longer. Both Rina and Siti went tumbling down and they were falling off the slope. It was a long way down. They yelled for help as loud as they could. However, nobody came for the save. Rina didn’t want to die yet. There is so much more in life that she wanted to achieve. She doesn’t even get to be a doctor yet.

Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice soothing her. Smooth and soft hands were fondling and caressing her forehead. Soon after, she woke up in fright, her heart beating rapidly. She saw her mother stood by her side, looking down at Rina with a spark of worry in her eyes. Rina stood up, hugging her mother thankfully. It was just a dream, a very awful nightmare. But at least, she’s still breathing and she still gets to live up her life. She’ll study hard to be a doctor and play an important role in society. But, first of all, she must get ready to school to tell her best friend, Siti about her dream.


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