Hillary Clinton Essay

HILLARY CLINTON All can agree that this year is a very special year for presidential candidates. One candidate could be the first Morman president. One who could be the oldest president. Another who could be the first black president. And last, but not least, one who could very well become the first women president! This one woman, as we all know, is no stranger to the White House. Yes, she has called it her home before. She lived there for nearly eight years. Her name is … Hillary Clinton, Presidential Candidate for the 2008 Democratic Party.

The following will demonstrate the stances, vision, political accomplishes and pieces of her own life, on which she is planning to lead our country in the right direction. Hillary Diane Rodham, the first child born to Dorthy and Hugh Rodham, was born on October 26, 1947 at a Chicago hospital, and was raised in Park Ridge, Illinois. Hillary’s childhood was happy but disciplined. She loved participating in sports and was greatly involved with her church. During high school, she was enrolled in the National Honor Society.

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Her parents always encouraged her to study hard and to follow whatever career interested her(Jones 1). Hillary graduated Wellesley College, and spoke at her graduation saying, “The challenge now is to practice politics as the art of making what appears to be impossible, possible. ” Later, in 1969, she entered Yale law School where she serced on the Board of Editors of Yale Law Review and Social Action. This point in Hillar’s life holds a special place in her heart, for this is the place in which she met her future husband, Bill Clinton.

She often recalls how they met in the library when she walked up to him and said, “If you are going to keep staring I might as well introduce myself. ” Hillary and Bill married in 1975. In those next few years to come, Hillary joined the faculty of the university of Arkansas Law School and later the Rose Law Firm. In 1978, President Jimmy Carter appointed her to the board of Legal Services corporation. Bill, on the other hand, became the Governor of Arkansas. Then in 1980, the first child, Chelsea Clinton, was born (Walker 1).

After Bill had been elected President of the United States of America, Hillary did her best to balance public service and her family (Jones3). Now a days, Hillary’s name is among many influencial people such as Barack Obama and John McCain, as she fights to win the election. If she should win, as we all know she will become the very first woman president in the United States history (Simpson 1). Hillary Clinton is one of the very diverse candidates for the 2008 presidential election. She has been in the White House before but not as President.

She has been working hard for our country ever since Bill Clinton, her husband, became president in 1992. Hillary Clinton’s political achievements range from helping after 9/11 as a New York Senator, to running campaigns against the degradation and abuse of women. Hillary Clinton is a strong force to be reckoned with. As first lady she accomplished traveling the globe speaking for women’s rights. From the White House she led efforts to make adoption easier, expand early learning and child care, increase funding for breast cancer research, and to help veterans suffering from Gulf War syndrome who had often been ignored in the past.

Hillary helped to launch a national campaign to prevent teen pregnancy and helped create an Adoption Safe Families Act in 1997, this moved children from foster care to adoption more quickly. Thanks to her efforts the number of children who have moved out of foster care and into adoption has increased. Hillary Clinton’s campaign for a universal health care coverage did not succeed, but she continues to push. She has helped plan the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provided millions of Children with health insurance.

In 2000 Hillary Clinton was elected as Senator for New York, as senator Clinton has continued to advocate for women and children , has been a national leader for homeland security , and she worked in 2001 to recover and rebuild after 9/11. She has also worked to make sure our troops in Iraq are properly equipt, expand quality affordable health care, she has pushed to help care for children, and has worked to make sure everyone has the fair right to vote. Hillary Clinton has made many strides in political achievement and has earned her spot to have a fair run in the 2008 Presidential election (Clinton 1).

As president Hillary Clinton will lower taxes for middle class families: extending the middle class tax cuts including child tax and marriage penalty relief, offering new tax cuts for health care, college, and retirement, and expanding the EITC and the child care tax credit. Also she plans on harnessing the power of innovation to create high wage jobs on the 21st century. In vestments in alternative energy can create new jobs; expanded access to broadband will bring opportunities to underserved and disadvantaged communities.

The manufacturing base re-energized through creative partnerships; and increased government suppor for research will stimulate the development of new technologies and life saving medicines. Hillary will restore integrity to science policy, recoiling Bush administration policies that are holding our nation back. Hillary Clinton said, “After six and a half years of President Bush’s fiscal irresponsibility, she wants America to regain control of its destiny”. She will move toward a balanced budget.

Hillary believes that we would develop a set of budget rules similar to those we had in the 90s (Clinton 1). Hillary is very educated, and since she is very educated, she has many views and opinions on different issues. One view she has that many people feel very strongly about is abortion. Some people are totally against it, calling it in humane, while many people are completely for it. Hillary Clinton, is pro-choice, meaning she is for it. No she has never had an abortion, but she thinks this will keep people from getting illegal or unsafe abortions.

I agree with this in the fact that if people want to do something, or want something done, they are going to do it. So why not do it as safe as possible (http://www. ontheissues. org/2008/Hillary_Clinton_Abortion. htm). Along with being pro- choice, Hillary has many other views, she believes some people caught with crack cocaine should get shorter sentences, ending the war as soon as possible is whats best, health care should be easily afforded and accesed, improving our schools is very important, and last but definitely not least women’s rights.

One of the most important issues, Hillary believes, is ending the war in Iraq. She wants Iraq and its neighboring countries to govern itself. This would allow us to focus on our own government. Don’t get me wrong, she does want to help Iraq get back on its feet, but not by keeping troops over there, by spreading peace not war. She wants the countries to refrain from getting involved in their civil war. She also wants our troops to come home almost instantly. This is also a big issue many people look at when they are deciding on who their vote should go to.

The issues may be very important and critical, but Hillary doesn’t hide what she believes because she wants people to know what they are getting when they vote Clinton. (Clinton 3 and 1) In conclusion, Hillary Clinton has, and sill is, proving herself to be a worthy opponent in this presidential Election. Her stances, visions, leadership skills, and her own background have been explained and demonstrated In hopes to open your eyes to not only Hillary as a candidate, but all candidates.


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