Question Answer
What is a compliance plan? A compliance plan is a written set of instructions outlining the process for coding and submitting accurate claims, and what to do if mistakes are found.
What is the definition of a Health Plan under HIPAA? The definition of "health plan" in HIPAA regulations excludes any policy plan, or program that provides or pays for the cost of excepted benefits.
What does "Minimum Necessary" mean under HIPAA? A key provision — only the minimum necessary protected health information should be shared to satisfy a particular purpose. If information is not required to satisfy a particular purpose, it must be withheld.
Under HIPAA federal guidelines covered entities are? a healthcare provider and health plan
What does PHI stand for? Protected Health Information
When does HIPAA provide federal protection for personal health information? When it is held by a covered entity.
Is a patient a covered entity? No.
What is the most important title under HIPAA covering the position of Medical Coder? Medical Liability Reform
Medical Liability Reform falls under? Title II of HIPAA
What is Title II of HIPAA known as? Administration Simplification
What is Administration Simplification? It speaks to the increasing use of technology in the healthcare industry and addresses the need for:
How many parts are there to HIPAA? Five.
What does HIPAA mean? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
What year was HIPAA enacted? 1996

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