Hippus Or Dolphin Fish Essay

Hippurus also known as Dolphin Fish, Dorado, or Mahi- Mahi. Is a large deep sea
fish that lives in tropical and subtropical seas. They can be found under
floating objects and have been known to follow boats. You will usually find a
school of them underneath a bunch of floating Sargasso. They are bright greenish
blue above, and yellow on it’s sides. All over the sides of their bodies they
have Irregular blue or golden blotches. They have the capability of flashing
purple, chartreuse, and a wide range of other colors. Their body tapers sharply
from head to tail. The profile of an adult males head is nearly vertical and the
head of a female is more sloping and rounded. Single dark dorsal fin from just
head to tail. They have about 65 rays extending down their back. The bad thing
about this fish when you go fishing for it, the color nearly instantaneously
fades when the fish is decked. So you can’t really enjoy the beautiful
coloration of the fish. They usually live for 2-3 years. So the mature very fast
after they are born. Dolphin fish is a very good exotic food. The actual food is
usually known as Mahi- Mahi which is the Hawaiian name for the fish. This is a
great tasting fish and is not that expensive but is not an every day thing. The
flesh is very white and mild, ideal for broiling, too good to waste in a frying
pan. You can usually find it in sandwiches or on BBQ as a steak. It is a higher
quality fish. Good fishing fish for deep-sea fishing. I have fished for Dolphin
before and I highly recommend it.

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Hippus Or Dolphin Fish Essay
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