Hiring Manager Letter Essay

Hiring Manager Letter BY hilbev5659 Dear Mr. Arnold, I am pleased to submit my resume for the Human Resources Director position. As an Assistant Coordinating Manager with the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, I have more than six years experience in the Human Resources Department. Having Just graduated with a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from City College of New York, in January 2013, I believe I have the skills and qualifications this position requires. I am aware that the hospital services pproximately six thousand (6,000) employees.

Therefore, it is imperative to have a strong Human Resources staff, along with an even stronger Human Resources Director/Manager. In reviewing the Networks staffing, retention rates, compensation plans, technology, budget, benefits and employee morale, I am impressed with the fact that despite the current state of the economy, the Corporation has remained consistent with the services provided to the various communities. Human Resources is an area in which I have always believed I would excel, as I am dedicated to nsuring that our staff are provided with the tools needed in the provision of quality care to those they serve.

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To be a successful, respected Human Resources Director/Manager, one must be empathetic, kindhearted and honest. As you can see by my resume, I previously worked in the banking industry as a Relationship Manager in the Finance Department. I have also volunteered with many organizations in which economic and cultural diversity played a major role in the resources or services received. These experiences along with my current position have taught me patience, perspective and have also given me the confidence necessary to pursue a career in the field of Human Resources.

Additionally, my position at my previous employment at the Bank of New York, where I worked for twenty-two years exposed me to the demands of managing finances and improving technology, while educating and assisting staff in retaining their clients. These experiences have also given me the strong communication and interpersonal skills to do my Job efficiently. I have been old both professionally and personally that I am a dedicated, loyal, professional and a positive role model. It has been said that my ability to follow through on an assignment or project is commendable and one that should be emulated by others.

Finally, your Job description states that the position requires someone whose has worked extensively with budgeting, training and development and labor issues. In my current position, I have worked directly with my departing manager to develop, implement and train existing staff in the areas of infection control; the provision of uality customer service, as well as ensuring staff is knowledgeable on the Code of have also worked extensively on reducing expenditures in the Facilities and Laundry Departments for the Fiscal Year 2010.

This reduction saves the Corporation approximately five hundred thousand ($500,000. 00) dollars annually. Although our Labor Relation issues have been difficult, there has been a consistent decline within the last three years. In my Public Administration and Public Policy class, I gained a better understanding of budgeting and policy-making. This course has prepared me for this position.

The knowledge and skill I gained as I worked to obtain my degree, has helped me to become a more effective decision maker, competent individual, analytical thinker and concise writer, and I am eager to use what I have learned. I am confident that my experience and education make me an ideal candidate. I am well aware of the Job requirements of the position and welcome the opportunity to speak more about it. Please feel free to contact me if further information is needed. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


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