Hist 231 Essay

educated guess. 1. In the early 1800s, most Americans 2. What difficulty did Jefferson face in purchasing the Louisiana Territory? 3. The decision in Marbury v. Madison (1803) was the first time the Supreme Court: 4. In Fletcher v. Peck,: 5. Aaron Burr was charged with treason for trying to: 6. As the Napoleonic Wars broke out in Europe, the United States: 7. The effect of the Embargo Act was 8. The Chesapeake Affair of 1807: 9. Which of the following authorized American trade with all nations except Britain and France? 10.

The effect of Macon’s Bill Number Two was that: 11. The key to Madison’s strategy against Great Britain was: 12. Which of the following groups opposed war with Great Britain? 13. At the Battle of New Orleans: 14. The Treaty of Ghent: 15. Which Native American leader attempted to unify the tribes against white settlement? 16. Under his direction, the United States saw the birth of the factory system. 17. These congressmen believed it was imperative that the United States acquire Canada. 18. Who first explored the Louisiana Territory all the way to the Pacific? 9. The Barbary States were located in: 20. The so-called Yazoo controversy involved: 21. In the famous duel of July 11, 1804, Aaron Burr killed: 22. In 1809,_______________________ became the fourth president of the United States. 23. The first goal of postwar expansionists in the United States after 1815 was: 24. The Adams-Onis Treaty: 25. The first great federal transportation project was the 26. A significant reason for America’s rapid economic development was: 27. Industrialization after 1815 altered the manufacturing system in the United States by: 28.

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The great showplace for early American industrialization was: 29. Many Americans believed high tariffs would: 30. The American System did not include: 31. Legislation supporting internal improvements encountered difficulty because: 32. The president most closely identified with the “Era of Good Feelings” was: 33. The question of admitting Missouri to the Union in 1819: 34. As chief justice of the Supreme Court, John Marshall: 35. The main diplomatic challenge facing James Monroe in 1820 was: 36. The Monroe Doctrine 37. The panic of 1819 38. According to the decision of Gibbons v.

Ogden, which branch of government would regulate interstate commerce? 39. Which of the following was not a decision of the Marshall Court? 40. Which of the following Supreme Court decisions strengthened the validity of a contract or charter? a. Gibbons v. Ogden 41. The prominent New York merchant who established a fur trading business in the Pacific Northwest in the 1820s and 1830s was: 42. Who was credited with the introduction of the steamboat? 43. In 1800, which of the following states was not part of the United States? 44. The most important of the pre-Civil War canals was the: 5. The term specie refers to 46. The major advocate of the “American System” was: 47. The “American System” called for: 48. The popular hero of the 1830s was: 49. The most obvious indicator of the supremacy of democracy in the United States was: 50. Martin Van Buren regarded a two-party system as essential to democratic government because: 51. In the 1820s, a two-party system was fostered by: 52. For Jacksonians, the major threat to American democracy came from: 53. Which one of the following was not a prominent American writer of the pre-Civil War era? 54.

In which of the following elections did the “tariff of abominations” become a major campaign 55. American culture in the Jacksonian period: 56. The Trail of Tears refers to 57. John Quincy Adams’ victory in 1824 was aided by: 58. The main issue of John Quincy Adams’ presidency was: 59. With respect to the “spoils system,” Jackson: 60. The leader of South Carolina’s reaction to the tariff of 1828 was: 61. From Jackson’s response to the nullification crisis, one can conclude that he: 62. The nullification crisis of the early 1830s 63. The strategic blunder made by Nicholas Biddle was: 64.

The major significance of Jackson’s national bank veto message was that it 65. Andrew Jackson killed the national bank 66. The Whig Party: 67. _______________________ denied states the right to take Native American tribal lands. 68. In 1829, the social scandal in Washington, D. C. that resulted in the shuffling of Andrew Jackson’s cabinet involved: 69. The slogan “Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too” refers to William Henry Harrison’s involvement in: 70. Andrew Jackson’s group of close friends and unofficial advisors were known as the: 71. “…John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it…. The above statement by President Andrew Jackson was made in reference to Chief Justice Marshall’s ruling concerning 72. An important reason for the proclamation of the Monroe Doctrine was 73. Which of the following resulted from the policies of the Andrew Jackson administration? 74. In the early 1830s, the majority of workers in the textile mills of Massachusetts were 75. After the Revolution, the concept of the “republican mother” suggested that 76. The Missouri Compromise did which of the following? 77. The House of Representatives decided the 1824 presidential election when 78. The Force Bill of 1833 provided that


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