History and strategy of the mcdonalds corporation Essay

McDonalds Corporation is a universe known concatenation of fast nutrient eating houses. It was founded in 1940 in San Bernardino, California by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald. At that clip it was little but successful eating house. In 1954 it was discovered by Ray Kroc who was stunned by the effectivity of brothers operation. Kroc wanted to make McDonalds eating houses all over the U.S. In 1955 he founded the McDonalds Corporation, and 5 old ages subsequently bought the sole rights to the McDonalds name. McDonald ‘s today is one of the largest and the best known planetary nutrient service retail merchant with more than 30,000 eating houses in 121 states functioning 47 million clients each twenty-four hours.

McDonalds in Poland

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History and strategy of the mcdonalds corporation Essay
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There are 258 McDonald ‘s eating houses in Poland. Taking into history the gait of development, Polish McDonalds belongs to the best one from over 100 states where the company exist. First Polish eating house was unfastened 16 June 1992 in Warsaw. On the gap twenty-four hours was set a universe record in the figure of minutess, 45,000 clients have 13,304 contracts – this record has still non been beaten. McDonalds in Poland, employs more than 15.5 thousand employees.

Polish personal is largely really immature work forces – mean age at eating houses is about 22 old ages. For most employees work at McDonald ‘s is the first work experience in their life. Thankss to its complex internal system of preparation, the company does non necessitate from campaigners experience in the catering industry.

McDonald ‘s Poland offers each employee a broad promotion chances. A big portion of the McDonalds office staff began her calling in the eating house, merely as company direction.

More than half of McDonald ‘s Poland employees combines work with survey i?? they are employed a parttime work. It is non uncommon that people after graduation decide to go on working at McDonald ‘s.

Each McDonald ‘s eating house creates 50 – 70 new occupations. But McDonald ‘s engagement in the labour market is really bigger. Each McDonald ‘s eating house besides creates extra occupations in companies collaborating, such as building companies, providers of natural stuffs, equipment and services.

HRM Strategy in McDonaldi??s

McDonald ‘s is divided into five parts of the universe, which are so divided into smaller parts. McDonalds is an international corporation so all determinations are taken from caput office. But they differ over clip to fit the cultural differences of certain parts. McDonaldi??s strives to keep the highest quality at every degree that is why it is really careful with engaging workers. Therefore, the HR section works really expeditiously to guarantee that the best forces is hired.

Today, many duties such as enlisting and choice, preparation, public presentation assessments are passed to the HR section. However, HR experts do non cognize the inside informations of work every bit good as operating directors do. Information about occupation and their demand are roll uping through occupation analysis procedure. In MacDonaldi??s are defined criterions on which employees are hired on the footing of their cognition, accomplishments and experience. For McDonald ‘s people are the greatest plus of the company. Customer satisfaction depends on the attitudes and accomplishments of employees so effectiveness and professionalism of staff is the best manner to success.

Job places are normally advertised in the eating house. The history of the company ‘s enlisting shows that this is the best method of engaging choice staff. McDonald ‘s besides benefits from the occupation offices, calling carnivals, or uses other external beginnings like advertizement in newspapers or on web sites.

Choice of employees is wholly justified and based on standards without any bias against gender, race, nationality, faith or age.

McDonald ‘s introduces new employees into the company through a Welcome Meetings in which they must take part. These meetings are designed to give new employees an overview of the Company, including an employee ‘s undertakings, developing in wellness and safety, constabularies of company, preparation, benefits. McDonalds provides thorough preparation for new employees who do non hold any old experience. Hiring people with no work experience besides helps to accommodate them to a separate civilization of the organisation.

McDonalds is a responsible company, who pattern Equal Employment Opportunity Torahs and is an equal chance employer. There is no bound how far people can come on without any favoritism. McDonalds is a planetary company. They hire persons people who brings with their ain unique accomplishments and qualities into the squad. McDonald ‘s offers directors solid diverseness preparation like workshop which helps them how to take full advantage of what everybody brings to the company and how to promote people at all degrees of McDonaldi??s to convey their energy and creativeness into the work environment.

The most of import public presentation assessment methods practiced in McDonalds are graphical evaluation graduated table, and 360 degree feedback. The awards are based on the consequences of public presentation. It is foreseen an addition of 10 % of salary, or 20 % for best consequences at any clip of twelvemonth.

McDonald ‘s benefits plan is designed to pull, promote, wages and retain gifted people who provide the best consequences. It includes net income sharing, sabbaticals, educational aid plan, societal activities and kid attention. McDonald ‘s provides wellness insurance for workers employed on a full-time occupation.

Challenges in resourcing


McDonalds in Poland has 258 eating houses all around the state and employs more than 15 1000 people. In this company THE bulk of people are immature. Harmonizing to the information we get from the companyi??s web site they need really specified sort of people. They say that the individual who want to became their worker has to be enthusiastic and willing to work. They need people who can work in group and who are benevolent towards other people. The worker should be responsible for the single undertakings but besides for whole eating house. The crew should be really good organised and work as a one organic structure. McDonalds claim that they want people who want to remain with the company for a long period of clip but besides some seasonal or parttime workers.


To work in McDonalds there is no instruction or experience required. It is rather obvious because the wage is really low. The payment hardly qualifies at a degree of societal lower limit. They normally employ pupils who does non hold large outlooks towards their wage. The companyi??s political relations besides provides employment for adolescents but merely for easier occupation like: assisting the teller, doing drinks, cleaning lavatories, giving balloons to the kids and taking attention of the green zone about eating house. Recently they besides decided to use pensionaries.

Levels & A ; places

There are two different ways to became a member of this immense company. First one does non bode success. This is the manner from regular worker ( bluish shirt ) through teacher ( ruddy shirt ) to swing director ( white shirt ) where the swing director is the bound. If person become trainee director alternatively of the swing director he can make the higher degrees as 2nd helper, 1st helper, manager of the eating house and at the terminal adviser. For more educated people there are better places such as directors and managers McDonalds claims they want to advance them from the interior but it is decidedly non true.

In McDonaldi??s advertizements on Television we hear that there is a consecutive way from the regular worker to the director. It is non rather true. There is a different enlisting for these who want to be trainee directors from the beginning.


McDonalds avoid using working people for the full clip occupation. They largely take them for 3 months test on a portion clip footing. After this three months workers may or may non acquire a contract depending on their public presentation during the test period. The on the job hours are really flexible by and large the ground for that is that pupils who work at that place can non work many hours in the row. This is a large advantage because they can take down their cost but it besides has downsides such as deficiency of net incomes on experience curve.

Hiring procedure

Person who want be employed has at first ask for a occupation in the McDonalds office or straight in the eating house for the free station. Then he have to roll up some certification. Next is qualification talk with the manager and after that he has to go through the medical trial and BHP ( security and hygiene in work topographic point ) exam both paid by the McDonalds and if everything is all right he became employer.

Retaining staff

The company politic is different for different sorts of workers depending on place they had. For the regular workers McDonalds prepared price reduction cards that entitles forces to purchase their merchandises with about 50 % price reduction. There are besides integration meetings provided by the i??white collarsi?? who tries to maintain the good ambiance at workplace. We know that the good environment at work improves satisfaction of the workers and that can merely convey net income. Another thing, but it merely take topographic point in the richer eating houses, is forming athleticss event for the crew such as swimming activities one time a hebdomad or volleyball. There were besides some football tourneies between eating houses.

Other really of import thing is flexible working hours that can suit everyonei??s agenda. In the company where over half of workers are pupils this is really attractive option. The following but non less attractive option is that they pay for every full hr of work so if person couldni??t be on work one they he can merely name the director and they will happen person to take his topographic point.

As we know from study of one journalist who worked there undercover, they doni??t encourage people with higher instruction to work at that place as a regular worker. Furthermore they recommend non to take this work. From tonss of sentiments one fact emerged that working in McDonaldi??s is a i??slavei?? occupation. There is no thought, merely making Burgers or snaping buttons like a machine and possibly that is the ground they doni??t want people with higher outlooks.

For these who seems to be really gifted and of import for the eating house success such as the trainee directors, helpers, managers and advisers McDonalds has a batch of preparations that can better their making. McDonalds claim that the more experient staff is really valuable for the eating house so they prepared several classs for these who want to remain in the eating house for some longer portion of their life. They call it i??operational trainingsi?? and it allows people to modern methods of pull offing. There are SMC ( shop direction practicies ) , EMP ( effectual direction practicies ) , RLP ( restauranr leading practicies ) , BLP ( concern leading practicies ) . The first 3 are provided by MCDonalds Poland. The last one is on University of Hamburger in Monachium. McDonalds wage for these preparations but under one status that the individual who is sent for a survey woni??t alter his occupation in 5 old ages clip. Otherwise he is obligated to give back the money for the class.

The chief ground for people to take the occupation in McDonalds is that they think they can became a director of the eating house because thati??s what they were told by the advertizements. On the adverts they say that there is possibility to became a director after one twelvemonth of working. When we called the McDonalds office to inquire how long it can take to go a director they responded that for directors there is a particular demand viz. that directors must hold old managerial experience.

There are besides some internal ways to maintain the employee in the company such as fillip for being employee of the of the month.


McDonald should spread out expansion and occupation enrichment. Namely, a worker delegate extra duties to nature here qualitatively different, more rational, associated with information processing, be aftering work, doing determinations, taking over full duty. It will be a motivative factor, as an look of assurance in the employee.

In the company should be more than one feedback session. McDonald should work most of the technique “ Observation of Labor. ” Which should be one of the most normally used research methods, although it is deserving retrieving that it is instead expensive and clip consuming. It is based on observation of the undertakings during their executing by the employees. Well suited for roll uping informations on both the general class of the work and its assorted facets. For illustration, if we want to see how the procedure really looks like a telephone client service logistics company, it is best merely to look at the occupation, at least for several hours. On this footing, one can pull first decisions on the possible obstructions to organizing a barrier in increasing degrees of efficiency. For illustration, analyze “ mystery shopper ” helps guarantee dependable and nonsubjective information about the quality of client service concern constitutions by:

– Buttocks the degree of client service criterions,

– Buttocks the degree of client service for the extra standards set by the undertaking,

– Measuring the competency of forces associated with set uping and keeping contact with the client ;

– Identify strengths and countries for development.

Attracting and retaining employees is really of import for concern growing. Large companies are making a batch today, non to lose good professionals The higher the place, the better recruiting.

The most of import is to acquire people with experience. It is a well-qualified persons who live within our workplaces. Who will desire to remain in concern longer than normal unskilled workers.

These recommendations may better the company ‘s image in the eyes of people seeking work and those who are already employed in the company.


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