History of Alicia Bohol Philippines Essay

Those work forces do non larn really much from the lessons of history is the most of import of all the lessons of history. Aldous Huxley

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History of Alicia Bohol Philippines Essay
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In the early portion of the nineteenth century the town of Alicia. once known as Batuanan. was one of the three ( 3 ) biggest and oldest towns of Bohol along with Catigbian and Balilihan. It was a booming trading centre shortly after the Dagohoy Rebellion ( 1744 – 1829 ). The town of Batuanan. nevertheless. was officially established in June 1860 by virtuousness of a edict signed by the Spanish Governor General Livarez. There are two versions as to how the topographic point came to be called Batuanan. One version stated that the topographic point was a “ Batuganan” significance perch or sentinel of the warriors of Dagohoy guarding against occupying Spanish and plagiarists. From so on. the topographic point was called Batuanan derived the word “ Batuganan”. The 2nd version is that Batuan trees bearing tomato-shaped fruits were abundant in the vicinity. This prompted the Spanish soldiers who were so carry oning mopping-out operations against Dagohoy’s work forces to name the topographic point Batuanan.

Near to the terminal of Spanish government in the state. two ( 2 ) high ranking officers were ambushed in the outskirts of the town. This incident prompted the Spanish officers to fire the whole Poblacion in revenge. Again. in the early American government. an American soldier was killed in another ambush. which brought about another flagellum upon the town. This clip the American soldiers burned all the constructions to the land. therefore. ensuing to the transportation of the place of authorities to barrio Libas which is now the Poblacion of the Municipality of Mabini. This continued until 1903 when the Philippines Commission passed Commonwealth Act. No. 968 officially making the Municipality of Mabini. wherein Batuanan became merely a barrio thereof. However. after the span of few old ages. the people of Batuanan started fomenting for the Restoration of its position into a municipality.

Towards that end. they succeeded in holding elected two ( 2 ) Mayors. viz. : Dulcisimo Ayuban and Cipriano G. Aton. Besides elected were two ( 2 ) Vice-Mayors. viz. : Buenaventura Asas and Segunda Duetes and several councilors. among them were Victor Doydora. Dionisio Muring. Anastacio Curit. Pedro Huiso and Gaudencio Gumop-as. These functionaries paved the manner for a conjunct attempt to splinter from the town of mabini. It was non until 1949 when the existent interruption came. Pedro Huiso and Cipriano Aton. together with some outstanding leaders of Batuanan. through the aid Governor Jacinto Borja sought an audience with President Elpidio Quirino. so seeking reelection. buttonholing to make Batuanan into a municipality with a pledge that the people thereat will present a solid ballot for the broad Party campaigners in the 1949 national elections.

Therefore. President Elpidio Quirino. during his way station in Dumaguete from Tagbilaran. Bohol on September 16. 1949 issued Executive Order No. 265 making Batuanan into an independent municipality to be known as Alicia. in award of his married woman. Dona Alicia Syquia Quirino. On January 18. 1950 the municipality of Alicia. Bohol was officially inaugurated with its first appointed functionaries. viz. : Mayor Pedro Huiso. Vice – Mayor Anastacio Curit. and Councilors Perpetua Talili. Gaudencio Gumop-as. Eladio Iyoy. Buenaventura Asas. Benito Licayan and Arsenio Ayuban. From so on. the town elected 9 city managers who succeded Pedro Huiso ( 1950-55 ). viz. : Exequiel Madrinan Sr.. Leoncio Garcia ( 1956- 59 ). Jesus Madrinan ( 1960-80 ). Dominador Molina ( 1980 – 1987 ). Exequiel Madrinan Jr. ( 1988 – 1995 ). Basilio H. Balahay Jr. ( 1995 – 2001 ). Bienvenido C. Molina Jr.. MD ( 2001 – 2007 ). Pedro B. Miasco ( 2007 – 2010 ). Marnilou S. Ayuban ( 2010 – nowadays ).


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