History Of The Canada Revenue Agency Business Essay

The Canada Revenue Agency ( CRA ) , officially known as Canada Customs and Revenue Agency ( CCRA ) is one of the federal authorities ‘s largest bureaus using over 40,000 Canadians with Offices located across the state. To understand how the Canada Revenue Agency became what it is today we must analyse what fostered its important growing and development.

The Canada Revenue Agency is a federal authorities Agency that was created to administrate the Tax Laws of the Government of Canada and besides to present assorted Federal Government Tax inducements and benefit plans to one million millions of Canadian citizens. The CRA has a long history and went through many alterations. This all began in 1927 with the creative activity of the Department of National Revenue act. This act proposed to rename the Department of Customs and Excise as The Department of National Revenue. This would in bend be one of the many name alterations that the CRA went through before it ended up as it presently is.

At that clip, the Department of National Revenue had a few different aims, one of them being supervising the Canadian Border and cross-border minutess. This involved commanding the types of goods that were being transported across Canadian lodgers every bit good as the people transporting them. This was an of import responsibility as it allowed Canadian concerns to boom by minimising cross-border competition. Along with Border protection, the Department of National Revenue was besides in charge of roll uping responsibility of goods being brought into the state. In add-on to this section another sub-department was created within the Department of National Revenue whose chief undertaking was to roll up income revenue enhancement.

Finally in April 1999, the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency was started with the creative activity of a new act, the Canada Customs and Revenue Act. This was the passage clip when this Government organisation changed from a Department to an Agency. A Government bureau is considered a lasting organisation that is in charge of specific maps of the state.

In 2003, the Government of Canada decided to interrupt the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency into two different organisations. The Canada Border Services Agency ( CBSA ) was created and they were appointed to command the Government of Canada ‘s imposts operations. The Canada Customs and Revenue bureau name was merely changed two old ages subsequently one time statute law was modified. On December 12, 2005 the legal name alteration to the Canada Revenue Agency came into consequence. The Canada Revenue Agency states their a chief end is “ lending to the wellbeing of Canadians, by supplying first revenue enhancement and benefit disposal that was antiphonal, effectual, and trusted ” . They are besides appointed to implement conformity by Governments across Canada which will in bend benefit socio-economic good being of Canadians.

Canada Revenue Agency ‘s Service Standards

In 2008, the Canada Revenue bureau launched a comprehensive Service Strategy, this was designed to develop and present their merchandises and services to Canadians, being one of the largest Government organisations with over 40,000 employees, Canadian taxpayers have really high outlooks of the Canada Revenue Agency with respects to the services they provide. The CRA is dedicated to supplying first service to their citizens and have set and maintained high service criterions for their employees ; as a consequence in 2008/2009 the Canada Revenue Agency had set the undermentioned ends:

Respond to General Telephone Enquires within 2 proceedingss at least 80 % of the clip

Respond to Business Telephone Enquires within 2minutes at least 80 % of the clip

Process paper filed T1 Income Tax returns within 4-6 hebdomads

Procedure E-filed Individual T1 Income Tax Returns within 2 hebdomads

Process T2 Corporate Tax Returns within 60 yearss at least 90 % of the clip

The Canada Revenue Agency was happy to describe that all of these ends for the 2008/2009 Taxation old ages were either met or exceeded. The CRA provinces that their “ Service Standard represents there public committedness to the degree of service that taxpayers and benefit receivers can anticipate to have ”

The Canada Revenue Agency has besides put strong attempts on covering with Non-Compliance. Non-compliance is the failure of corporations, concerns and citizens to either file returns, study complete and accurate revenue enhancement information or wage outstanding sums. There program to cut down non-compliance is to make taxpayer consciousness with respects to current issues and exhibit how non-compliance is handled. The CRA ‘s attempts to cut down non-complance has proven to be effectual as statistics show that in the 2008/2009 Taxation old ages, the CRA ‘s end of 90 % conformity for registering revenue enhancement returns was met and exceeded, with 92 % of Canadians registering their returns. The Agency ‘s 90 % Remittance end was besides exceeded with 93 % of Canadians remitting outstanding sums as requested.

Other than regular service criterion ends, the Canada Revenue Agency besides had the end of doing their services more accessible to Canadians. This has chiefly been achieved by the agencies of their online web site which provides taxpayers a portal to register their income revenue enhancement, wage outstanding sums due and receive aid on benefits and credits which they may be eligible for. CRA statistics have shown that the rates of electronic filing and payments are on a consistent upward tendency. The Canada Revenue Agency is seting uninterrupted attempts to better the serviceability of their web site and doing it easier to entree for taxpayers. In 2008 and 2009 Canadians filed more than 27 Million T1 Individual revenue enhancement returns, and out of those more than half, 56 % were filed online. With respects to the 2 Million corporate revenue enhancement returns filed, 23 % of those were done online as good.

Organizational Structure:

See Appendix for Organizational Structure Charts


The Canada Revenue Agency is regulated for all of its operations and services, ordinance is provided by the Government of Canada. The CRA is responsible for adhering to federal, provincial and municipal Torahs merely like all other Government Agencies. Although the CRA is such a big Government organisation, they are regulated to protect Canadian citizens, every bit good to modulate the economic system to maintain it efficient. Furthermore ordinance besides provides a agency of supervising public presentation and supplying on-going force per unit area for betterment. Some of the ordinance inside informations are discoursing in the paragraphs below:

Privacy Requirements: The Canada Revenue Agency is required to follow the Canadian Privacy Act of Government Institutions. This act prohibits the CRA from the aggregation, usage and revelation of specific types of personal information. The act besides states that taxpayers have the right to see and rectify any personal information that the Government of Canada holds about them. The CRA must stay by these ordinances.

The Canada Revenue Agency besides has the duty to supply a secure means of accessing their online web site. The CRA is required to hold unafraid on-line minutess and does non roll up any personal information from Taxpayers unless it is requested and the user accepts the security policy.

Income Tax Act: The Canada Revenue Agency is required to follow the regulations and ordinances set out in the Canadian Income Tax Act. All of the Canadian Tax ordinances and Torahs are published in this book and it is updated yearly.

Labour, Minimum Wage, Employment Laws: The Canada Revenue Agency is capable to Canadian employment Torahs such as the Employment Standards Act, 2000 ( ESA ) . This ESA trades with such issues as the sum of hours employees can work each hebdomad, the minimal pay employees must be paid, and other issues sing holiday wage, public vacations and leave of absences. The Ministry of Labour governs the ESA and this is where employees can lodge a ailment.

Disability Acts: The Canada Revenue Agency is required to follow the Ontarions with Disabilities Act, 2001. This jurisprudence states that public sector organisations are required to

Prepare one-year handiness programs

Make them available to the populace

The CRA presently follows all of these Torahs and is continuously endeavoring to better handiness for employees and taxpayers with disablements at their offices.

SWOT Analysis


Marketing/Public Relationss:

The Canada Revenue Agency does extended research sing its public image and how it is viewed by Canadians. One illustration of this is the aggregation of “ Attitudinal Data ” which is done by the agencies of Public Opinion Research ( POR ) . The information collected from this research allows the Agency to estimate how citizens react to proposals or enterprises, make up one’s mind how effectual new plans or policies are executing, and to measure the effectivity of CRA ‘s public communicating enterprises.

The CRA besides spends a important sum of clip and money with respects to Marketing new plans such as the Tax Free Savings Account and the Universal Child Care benefit plan. All of this is done to make consciousness and advance these plans to Canadian taxpayers


The Canada Revenue Agency is focused on supplying the best possible service to Canadian Taxpayers through all of their offices across Canada. One manner this is accomplished is by engaging some of the best and brightest people to work for them. CRA ‘s executive staffs have extended experience within their Fieldss and have created first-class relationships through the old ages. Presently the Minister of National Revenue is Keith Ashfield, he was elected in the House of Commons in 2008. His anterior experience includes a place on the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly, every bit good from 1999-2003 he was the Deputy Speaker of the Legislature.

Service Development:

In the recent old ages the Canada Revenue Agency has created made many new services available to taxpayers such as the “ E-Pass ” this on-line service allows taxpayers to signup online for an history and so provides a secure means of accessing and updating personal Government information.

The Canada Revenue Agency “ E-FILE ” within the last five old ages and provides 95 % of Canadians the ability to supply Income revenue enhancement information online through the CRA web-portal. This can be done by subscribing up for an history. This new service was designed to doing filing income revenue enhancement returns easier and to diminish non-compliance. E-FILE was designed to be really user friend, and supply taxpayers with faster refunds, greater truth and travel paperless.


The Canada Revenue Agency is one of the largest Government of Canada organisations, dwelling of more than 15 subdivisions and using over 40,000 employees.

The 15 chief subdivisions of the Canada Revenue Agency

The CRA has big Canadian platform ; dwelling of over 100 Tax Service Office and Tax Centers across Canada.


Marketing/Public Relationss:

There are many persons who feel that the Canada Revenue Agency has gained excessively much control being such a big organisation.


-The Canada Revenue Agency has had cases where employees have engaged in activities that resulted in Conflicts of Interest and employment was hence terminated.

-Due to the big figure of employees that the Canada Revenue Agency employees, excess safeguards need be implemented to guarantee employees are non prosecuting in unfair activities or mistreating their power.

-Employees mistreating the CRA codification of behavior can hold inauspicious deductions once more the CRA ‘s public image ; therefore the Agency has a nothing tolerance regulation against misconduct.

Service Development:

– The Canada Revenue Agencies GST/HST Online processing system which was implemented in 2007 was designed to make a more efficient manner for Businesses and persons to update their history, reappraisal balances and file GST returns. Citizens have commented that the CRA has non done plenty to inform taxpayers of current updates in new systems as most people have no thought when new services are introduced.


-Within the last 20 old ages the CRA has changed its name from the Department of Customs and Excise to the Department of National Revenue, so once more to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency ( CCRA ) and eventually to Canada Revenue Agency ( CRA ) . This has brought a batch of confusion to Canadians and may besides make a sense of rawness to the name Canada Revenue Agency as some people may see this a new Agency.



The Canada Revenue Agency is presently making a undertaking on YouTube to acquire the General populace ‘s position on “ How the belowground economic system is impacting them and their communities ” This alone attack by CRA is taking advantage of societal media tools like YouTube to acquire the populace ‘s sentiment while seting a positive spin on the work they normally due. Most persons do non needfully hold a positive sentiment of CRA since they collect revenue enhancements, but the attack and selling of this undertaking seems to seek and alter that generalisation.


Canada Revenue Agency does non hold any rivals within the Country, they have the chance to better themselves by comparing their services to Taxation Departments and Agencies in other states such as the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) in the United States.

The CRA has to chance to better the Canadian economic system and give Canada a more competitory border by working to cut down Corporate Tax rates thereby giving Canada a competitory advantage in comparing to other states around the universe


With the universe ‘s dependance on the cyberspace, the Canada Revenue Agency has the chance to associate there revenue enhancement system to different revenue enhancement systems around the universe, such as the IRS. This would let the CRA to detect foreign minutess and concealed income and would increase the ability to patrol Non-compliance on a planetary footing

The increased ability of Canadians usage of the cyberspace besides creates the chance to further progress the CRA ‘s online services and offerings, thereby doing it easier for Canadians to execute revenue enhancement services and cut downing non-compliance.

Future programs of the CRA include a wireless revenue enhancement filing ability, the Internal Revenue Service has already announced it will implement this and the Swedish revenue enhancement authorization, the Skatteverket has already implemented this. Canadians will anticipate no less.


The Canada Revenue Agency has the power to act upon the Canadian Economy, an illustration of this is the recent execution of the Harmonized Gross saless Tax. This system combines both GST and PST into one individual revenue enhancement. The motivation behind HST was to derive increased gross from HST and thereby cut down Personal and Corporate income revenue enhancements, this is designed to hike the Canadian Economy by take downing costs for little concerns and finally take downing costs of persons.


Due to the fact that the Canada Revenue Agency has the power to enforce mulcts and punishments on corporations or persons, this gives them an advantage when patroling non-compliance. The Canada Revenue Agency has the ability to garnish bank histories when persons or corporations refuse to pay outstanding debt. Although this is an utmost step, because of these actions many Canadians know about the authorization the CRA holds, and this reduces non-compliance.



Bing one of the largest Government of Canada organisations, the Canada Revenue Agency has a high public image to continue. Citizens expect universe category quality, services and public presentation from the CRA, therefore a little error by the bureau could ensue in a big public exclaim. Since the CRA already has a negative image among some Canadians they have to work excess difficult to derive the trust of persons and better there repute.

The Canada Revenue Agency has service criterions such as treating returns with 3-4 hebdomads and treating E-Filed returns within 2 hebdomads, they must endeavor to run into these criterions. Consequently if these are non met, Canadians will non be happy and this will hold an inauspicious affect on the CRA ‘s societal image.


The Canada Revenue Agency does non hold any competition menaces within Canada but Canadians will compare the services they receive from the CRA with other states around the universe to judge if the Government of Canada is continuing a high criterion like the remainder of the universe. In order for the CRA to stay competitory they must supply Canadians with first service and implement new services such as radio filing ( much like the IRD and Skatteverket in Sweden ) and other systems which will do filing/payment for efficient and convenient. The CRA should utilize other first revenue enhancement governments around the universe as a benchmark to maintain bettering upon them.


Not Applicable


The Canada Revenue Agency will be to a great extent affected by a lag in the Canadian and universe economic system, this is because when the economic system slows down, Canadian concerns are greatly affected, this consequences in increased non-compliance because corporations, concerns and persons are non doing the same type of income they were post-recession, thereby ensuing in them defaulting on payments. A recession besides consequences in Canadians cut downing discretional disbursement, thereby cut downing net incomes for concerns that in bend have corporate income revenue enhancement and GST debts still collectible to CRA.


The Canada Revenue Agency has to stay by the Canadian Privacy Act, if for any ground this act is breached ; taxpayers could take legal action against the Government of Canada. The CRA trades with extremely sensitive and private information such as societal insurance Numberss, income sums, etc. It is their responsibility to guarantee this information stays private and does non acquire leaked or into the incorrect custodies.

Assorted Menaces:

Cardinal Schemes:

The chief scheme of the Canada Revenue Agency is to lend to the well being of Canadians by supplying first revenue enhancement and benefit disposal that is antiphonal, effectual and trusted ( CRA Website ) . This scheme can be achieved by making trust within taxpayers and invariably bettering upon the organisation through end scene, public presentation rating and originating disciplinary accommodations. The procedure the Canada Revenue Agency uses for crafting and put to deathing their scheme is as follows:

Develop a strategic vision: The Canada Revenue Agency ‘s strategic vision would be the statement of where they would wish to be in the hereafter. The Agencies vision is to “ supply unparallel service and value to its clients, and offer their employees outstanding calling chances ”

Puting Aims: The Canada Revenue Agency sets goals/objectives to mensurate public presentation. One such illustration of this would be the end of 90 % Remittance and Filing conformity for outstanding returns and debts.

Implementing and Executing the chosen scheme: The Canada Revenue Agency has chosen to implement and put to death their scheme by the undermentioned methods:

Staffing the organisation to garner the needful accomplishments and expertness

Promoting uninterrupted betterment in how activities are executed

Tiing wagess and inducements straight to the accomplishment of public presentation aims, referred to as wage for public presentation.

Exceeding the scheme to all members of the organisation to make a shared end and vision while making consciousness of the organisations values of Integrity, Professionalism, Respect and Co-operation.

Measuring Performance and originating disciplinary accommodations: This concluding phase of accomplishing the scheme involves supervising advancement and taking disciplinary accommodations. The accommodations are normally decided as a group and are exhaustively evaluated to understand if they are needed and their result. Sometimes a simple fine-tuning of the organisation scheme is all that is needed to maintain everything on path.

Other Key Strategies that the Canada Revenue Agency implements include:

-Improving the Efficiency of Current Operationss: Bettering efficiency by the agencies of bi-monthly public presentation ratings, to give employees an thought of how they are executing, and what countries they can better on. Focus on team-work and cooperation to promote new thoughts and better efficiency.

-Strengthen and Further Develop Online Services- By increasing development in online services, the Canada Revenue Agency can better efficiency by cut downing work load for employees leting them to concentrate on farther development of the organisation. Bettering on-line services can besides better client satisfaction by cut downing bend over times for returns, refunds and benefit plans.

-Strengthen Relationships with Clients- Creating greater client satisfaction can be achieved indirectly through improved services, faster turnaround times and shortening client delay times at Tax Service offices and Tax centres. A direct attack to bettering client relationships may non be possible due to the fact that the Canada Revenue Agency has more than 33 million clients.

Cardinal Directors: Canada Revenue Agency

Minister of National Revenue: Keith Ashfield ( See Key Management Profiles in Appendix )

Commissioner- Chief Executive Officer: Linda Lizotte-MacPherson ( See Key Management Profiles in Appendix )

Deputy Commissioner of Canada Revenue Agency: Lyse Ricard ( See Key Management Profiles in Appendix )


Job Description

Name Center Agent: As a Call Center Agent for the Canada Revenue Agency, my occupation consisted of the undermentioned duties* :

Conducting interviews by telephone to garner and verify information, petition and negotiate payment of outstanding sums within specific parametric quantities, petition losing returns and supply a legal warning to taxpayers.

Initiate alterations to rectify mistakes identified on taxpayer histories

Verbally respond to telephone questions refering to system-generated letters and supply general aggregation and conformity information

Review information available on Agency systems and behavior private sector database hunts from inside the office to turn up taxpayers, taxpayer information and telephone contact Numberss.

Gather and verify taxpayer contact information, recovery beginnings and other relevant information and input informations on to Agency electronic journals.

Refer unsolved histories, or histories run intoing a predetermined standard to other staff within the Agency.

*As stated in Canada Revenue Agency Work Description

Initial Role and Aims

The initial function that I performed at the Canada Revenue Agency was working with the Debt Management Department as a Call Center Agent in the Ottawa Technology Center. This place involved a diverse set of duties and accomplishments and the occupation included an extended preparation period of three hebdomads. The preparation was divided into two chief parts ; the first 1.5 hebdomads involved soft-skill preparation. In the first half of the preparation we studied the Canada Revenue Agency policy and process manual. A thorough apprehension of organisation ordinances was required for this occupation as cognition of statute law, policies and processs which have been produced by the Accounts Receivable Division was necessary to manage taxpayers, make payment agreements and reassign histories to different Agency section. In the 2nd half of the preparation we worked on proficient preparation. This involved larning the package platform that we would be utilizing and some custodies on experience. The chief package plan used in the Debt Management section is “ Heron ” . This package would be used to entree client revenue enhancement and contact information. Likewise in 2nd half of the preparation custodies on experience was used by leting the trainee ‘s to take pattern calls to taxpayers every bit good as sitting in with senior call centre agents to acquire an thought of how we would be required to manage calls.

This extended 3 hebdomad preparation provided me with a solid apprehension of my occupation responsibilities and gave me the needed experience and accomplishments that were needed to execute this occupation. The undermentioned duties and accomplishments were developed during our 3 hebdomad preparation plan and farther over the summer:

Planing skills- work activities that were assigned to me by my squad leader required careful planning to run into the prescribed deadlines. I was required to develop schemes to expeditiously seek and construe client information.

Analysis and Problem Solving Skills- This accomplishment set was development through the analysis of taxpayer history and history information. Problem work outing was required when taxpayers could non be contacted and it was the houseman ‘s responsibility to utilize office resources to located references, telephone Numberss, income beginnings and other fiscal information.

Decision Making- My occupation as a Call Center Agent required me to do determinations associating to rectifying misallocated payments and besides with respects to having payments from taxpayers for outstanding debt. My responsibilities besides required me to reassign histories to different Agency sections if prescribed guidelines had non been met.

Communication skills- Communication accomplishments were developed in many ways such as through deciding ailments or reacting to questions with taxpayers. Furthermore talking with the proficient support section ( referred to as the Quality Service Team-QST ) and depicting taxpayer histories and obtaining information on how to decide the history. One of the chief communicating tools that we used every bit good was Diary Entries in taxpayer histories sing what we had talked about besides required good developed communicating accomplishments to be performed efficaciously.

Other Aims of my place as a Call Center Agent was to keep efficiency. This was measured bi-monthly by each Agents “ True-Calls Per Hour-TCPH ” . This was a step of how many calls each Agent was able to answer/make per hr. The Canada Revenue Agency had a service criterion of around 18 TCPH. Name centre employees were given hebdomadal statistics of the mean calls per hr the Debt-Management section was accomplishing to let for comparing with the TCPH they were doing. This allowed employees to remain efficient and fit ends for themselves.

Overall, my function as a Call Center Agent at the Debt Management Department allowed me to see how information flows from Department to Department, and understand the attempts that the Canada Revenue Agency takes with their taxpayers. It besides provided me with an penetration of what each section within the organisation does and why they are of import.

Internship Reporting Responsibility

Over the class of my internship at the Canada Revenue Agency I was required to describe to the undermentioned staff members:

Anita Carroll, Team Leader- Debt Management Department ( Canada Revenue Agency )

Debbie Brereton, Student Coordinator- Debt Management Department ( Canada Revenue Agency )

Grace Hashimoto, Manager- Debt Management Call Center ( Canada Revenue Agency )

Throughout my Internship I worked with Debbie Brereton on many occasions. She was the staff member who assisted in the interviewing procedure, and who hired me. She was besides the individual who contacted me to make full out employment paperss and informed me of pupil events that the Canada Revenue Agency was forming. Debbie besides helped me understand how the CRA ‘s competence based hiring plants and guided me in the right way when I wanted to take internal proving to obtain higher degree competences.

My squad leader, Anita Carroll played a big function in my internship experience. Anita was the 1 who I reported to for the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities I performed and she was my chief contact if I had any inquiries sing my occupation, clip off and proficient jobs. Anita was besides responsible for keeping team meetings and reding me if I was on-track after reexamining my bi-monthly public presentation assessments. Throughout my 4-month work term, Anita was really helpful and ever made herself available to reply inquiries that I had.

During my internship I indirectly reported to Grace Hashimoto ; she was the director of the Debt Management Call Center. Grace spoke with all the pupils at the beginning of the summer and advised us of the ends of the section and what was expected of us. She was besides a talker at the mid-summer pupil networking event and advised the pupils of how good the experience we were acquiring would be in our future calling.

Purpose of the Internship

There are many grounds why I decided to prosecute an internship with the University of Ontario and through the Canada Revenue Agency. Outlined below are a few of the grounds that guided me in doing my determination:

Apply Classroom constructs to the challenges of organisational life: Over my past 3- old ages at the University of Ontario I have learned many different constructs and proficient accomplishments that professors advised us we would cover with on a daily footing once we began a calling. Making an internship at one of the largest Agencies within the Government of Canada gave me a glance at how these constructs would be used in the workplace and why they were so of import.

To Gain Valuable and Relevant work Experience: One of the chief decision making factors for me was the fact that making an internship would give me first-class work experience while besides leting me to derive valuable contacts within the Government of Canada. Deriving custodies on experience which I could non hold learned in a schoolroom was besides another advantage. Having the ability to state on a sketch and in an interview that I did an internship with the Government of Canada would besides give me an advantage in today ‘s competitory occupation market.

To hold an Edge in today ‘s Job Market: Presently many occupations are looking for work experience. This is sometimes merely every bit of import as your makings. Making an internship allowed me to give myself an Edge in the occupation market by deriving valuable experience that is within my field of survey.

Decide if this organisation is right for me: Making an internship at the Canada Revenue Agency gave me a good thought what it would be like to hold a full-time calling with this organisation. I have had the opportunity to see company constabularies and values, every bit good as the type of people that work within the organisation.

Derive Confidence- I realized that deriving work experience is an first-class agencies of constructing assurance. The development of my sketch that resulted from my internship this summer translates into increased assurance that employers look for when engaging new employees.

Passage into a Occupation: Employers normally train housemans with the thought that they will be possible future employees as in many state of affairss people who finish their internship normally continue to work with the same employer. Having been trained by the Canada Revenue Agency, this gives me an advantage when using to future occupations as I will already be familiar with Agency processs and policies unlike an rawness applier.

The Skills Expected from me as a pupil houseman:

-Knowledge of statute law and the Canadian Income Tax Act

-Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook

– Ability to pass on efficaciously with taxpayers, squad leaders and directors

– Cognition of Agency security and constabularies to cover with sensitive/confidential information

-Ability to program, form and prioritise work tonss

-Knowledge of techniques and patterns associated with roll uping debt

– Ability to work entirely when needed with minimal supervising


The Skills that were employed during the internship

-Knowledge of statute law and the Canadian Income Tax Act- I was expected to hold a sensible cognition of statute law which we were thought in our initial three hebdomad preparation period. This was of import as Canadian taxpayers are required to stay by the Income Tax Act, hence our cognition of this was of import to implement revenue enhancement Torahs.

-Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook: As a pupil houseman I was required to hold basic cognition with these three plans. These were used on a daily footing, Microsoft Outlook was used to schedule team meetings, and acquire in contact with Managers sing any inquiries or jobs I had. Microsoft Excel was besides used extensively as our day-to-day clip faux pass were sent with this plan and we used this for other assorted involvement computation methods when set uping on outstanding debts and working out long-run payment programs. We besides used the computation maps on excel to cipher the figure of yearss taxpayers had to pay outstanding debts or file outstanding returns. If I was non adept with these plans, my occupation would hold been much more hard and clip consuming.

-Ability to pass on efficaciously with Taxpayers, Team leaders and Directors: The ability to pass on efficaciously was one of the chief responsibilities of my occupation. Bing a Call Center Agent involved me doing calls to taxpayers or having calls from them and efficaciously pass oning the issues on their history. My verbal and written communicating accomplishments were besides indispensable when talking with my Team leader and Managers whether it was to obtain counsel or to merely inquire them a inquiry. Other illustrations of how communicating accomplishments were employed would be through communicating to proficient support employees and Tax Services Office employees to supply or obtain information that was required to decide ailments or history jobs. Overall my communicating accomplishments were greatly developed throughout my occupation this summer as I learned to pass on with such a broad array of people.

– Cognition of Agency security and constabularies to cover with sensitive/confidential information: My internship required me to cover with extremely confidential information. This ranged from taxpayers societal insurance Numberss, bank history information, salary sums to less confidential information such as references & A ; phone Numberss. It was my responsibility to keep confidentially and besides follow the Privacy Act. This required me to execute extremely specific security cheques before talking with anyone sing an history. For illustration, every history I opened I would be required to inquire taxpayers the name of their concern, complete reference, phone figure and their place. If any one of these replies were answered falsely, an extra two inquiries would necessitate to be answered right.

-Ability to program, form and prioritise work loads: This accomplishment was highly of import for me to expeditiously execute this occupation. Due to the big work load I was given to pull off, I was required to put specific ends for myself to guarantee I would run into the outlooks of my Team Leaders and Managers. I was besides required to run into a specific figure of calls per hr, referred to as the True Calls per hr ( TCPH ) , in order to expeditiously run into this demand I designed a system in which I had made a templet on Microsoft Word with the needed information that I had to inquire each taxpayer and during each call I used this templet and filled in information. This allowed me to make two things, foremost guarantee that I had non missed out any cardinal information, and secondly it allowed me to cut down clip because I could copy and glue this Diary Entry onto the Heron Computer Software after a call.

– Cognition of techniques and patterns associated with roll uping debt: This accomplishment was largely developed in our preparation. Techniques and patterns of roll uping debt was something I was non familiar with before my internship but over my work term this accomplishment was developed greatly and really of import. This accomplishment was really helpful as inquiring taxpayers for money is non an easy undertaking. We were thought legion techniques, one illustration being inquiring taxpayers the inquiry “ Will you be able to pay that today? ” The trigger word “ Today ” is meant to take control of the call and indirectly inform taxpayers that this was a really serious affair.

-Ability to work entirely when needed with minimal supervising: Although my occupation required me to be able to work in a squad environment, it besides required me to be able to work entirely when it was needed. The manner the Debt Management Call Center is structured employees do pass rather of spot of the twenty-four hours working entirely. This is because doing calls to Taxpayers does non necessitate a group attempt. I felt developing the ability to work entirely is merely every bit of import as squad work accomplishments. Working entirely gave me the chance to do informed determinations by myself and set a batch more control in my custodies. Making determinations by myself was a hard undertaking towards the beginning of the summer but over clip I was able to thoroughly evaluate different determinations and come up with the most good result, this besides helped construct up my assurance.

Consequences of the Internship Experience

Undertakings that were completed at the Canada Revenue Agency

Analysis of Taxpayer history and history information on Agency Systems ( Heron Software )

Update Taxpayer Account and personal information on Agency Systems

Transportation misallocated payments from one twelvemonth terminal to another

Accept Payment agreements within set guidelines

Transportation Histories to Tax Services Office ( TSO ) staff

Attend and Participate in Team Meetings

Enhance larning through CRA Competency proving

Create written diary entries to enter information obtained from taxpayer interviews

Provide Taxpayers with information sing how to register GST and Corporate T2 Tax returns and inform them of upcoming due day of the months.

Skills and Abilities Developed

After working at the Canada Revenue Agency as an intern, I have greatly developed my Time Management Skills. I have ever felt that I had good clip direction accomplishments, but now that I have completed my internship I find myself being able to budget my clip throughout the twenty-four hours much more efficaciously and cut downing the sum of clip I waste. One of the grounds I can make this is because during my internship, employees in the Debt Management Department had to work under a really rigorous timeline. All activities from the clip we log into our computing machine in the forenoon to the clip we log off at tiffin are timed and recorded. This is required for the intent of mensurating how many calls have been taken per hr by the agent.

Development of Human Relations skills- Because I was covering with people from different civilizations and from geographic locations all over Canada, I learned how to cover with all sorts of people and I gained an apprehension of how different people react to different state of affairss. I besides experience many different types of personalities from gay to serious and I learned how to cover with all of these people. Furthermore I developed my Human Relations accomplishments by interacting with the members of my squad and others within my office.

Over the class of my occupation I developed my Customer Service Skills, since this was one of the first occupations I had that required such an extended sum of customer/client interaction I learned a batch of information that I had non known before. I was placed with many hard state of affairss that I had ne’er experienced earlier such as covering with an angry or disquieted Taxpayer. This allowed me to set into pattern the preparation that I received with respects to Customer Service. I used tactics such as moving composure and reassuring the taxpayers to seek and quiet them down to work out the job. If these tactics did non work I was required to explicate to the client that if they were still non happy with the state of affairs that I could mention them to a higher degree section.

Assurance in Business Communications- Over the class of my internship, my ability to pass on with confidently


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