Hobbies and Why There Are Important Essay

A hobby can take you out of your life for a while. It can be invigorating, relaxing, educational, fun, or maybe, if you are lucky, a little of everything. Hobbies are more than just ways to creatively pass the time. They are also good for your health. Hobbies and other leisure activities can have many health benefits. Everyone knows that stress can and will at some point in your life, take a heavy toll on your mind and body. A hobby can prevent the harmful effects of stress and also make your life richer and more rewarding. There is evidence that staying mentally active may actually help prevent Hobbies can also help us feel connected.

Helping us to interact with others helps to battle the demon loneliness. This also keeps our minds sharp. Hobbies have been around since the ancient times, yet very few people use them as an effective tool to beat stress. The secret is choosing a hobby that not only peaks your interest but you find mentally engaging. A hobby will make you a more rounded, interesting person. It gives you an outlet to explore your creativity. It will also bring you in c….. I collect a wide variety of things, including books, videos, stuffed animals and equine related items (like figurines and posters).

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Hobbies and Why There Are Important Essay
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I’ve also recently started collecting business cards though not on any serious level. I enjoy researching different areas, especially American history, human sexuality and canines. With American history, the main areas that I am currently concentrating on is the Civil War, Southern history and slave times. American history is also my planned minor at Blinn. I want to read more on the history of other countries, but haven’t been able to find (and afford) the book types I like. With my areas of study, I always prefer the more verbose


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