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The Holocaust was one of the largest race murders in the history of the universe. An estimated sum of over 11 million people were killed over that Dark Age in human history. All caused by the horrid visions of one adult male Adolf Hitler. The Holocaust to me is proof that widespread pandemonium can be caused by ailment set addresss. Adolf was said to be one of the best talkers of his age. He convinced 100s of 1000s of German people that his cause was baronial and merely. This in the terminal. resulted in grave and ugly darkness for the people of the Judaic faith.

If I were in a concentration cantonment I think it would be a great trial of my religion. Every twenty-four hours would be a changeless battle. My religion would be tested because of the changeless tarriance fact that if any twenty-four hours I was found out to be a Jew either gunfire or other assorted signifiers of ferociousness would kill me. Fear would ever be the biggest “test” of religion. for any other emotion wouldn’t move me more than fear itself. Though portion of me thinks that it wouldn’t be a great trial of religion. but more of a trial of bravery. merely because we can stand strong and dice for what we believe in alternatively of rejecting decease and your faith and in the terminal non cognize what to believe in. When in the terminal we have something to care for. to hold a kind of spiritual pride.

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If I had to drive a truck and dump a truck full of unrecorded human existences to salvage my life. I would be loath at first but I would believe that if I did decline so I would merely be killed and another individual would make full my topographic point and make it no inquiries asked. Id have to state that this wouldn’t be a great show of character but if they were traveling to kill me so them. of class I would. but I have a scruples and I wouldn’t be able to populate with myself if I carried out in killing those people. So I wouldn’t make it. portion of me would but my bosom would state me otherwise.

I think that the universe has learned many things from the Holocaust. The universe has learned that we can non swear those who may sound right on the exterior but have bad purposes on the interior. Second. I think that the universe found out how bad holding a dictator. or corrupt military leader is. My 3rd point is. I think we have learned from the Holocaust how cherished a human life is. The holocaust was a turning point in the world’s position in how we treat faiths and race murders. Though portion of me thinks that the universe hasn’t learned about how aggregate violent death is still go oning today. Through abortion. we are killing 1000000s of immature kids even though it may non look like an importance we still have to recognize whatever you may name it. its still “murder” .

What shocked me most about the Holocaust is that out of all those violent deaths more non-Jewish people were killed instead than existent Jews. To me that says that the violent death was largely by spiritual differences or speedy accusals. That besides shows me that the Holocaust was jus plain out evil plant. What besides interested me the most about the holocaust is that Jews were given a curfew in Germany. Besides Jews were required to have on xanthous stars on their vesture. so they could be identified. One thing I was shocked to see is that in 1933 Nazi’s passed a jurisprudence that allowed for “decontamination” of those who had familial defects. following that they passed another jurisprudence that allowed mendicants. the homeless. and alkies to be sent to concentration cantonments every bit good. Another atrocious fact I found was that by 1944 the figure of people gassed and burned in Auschwitz daily was 9. 000.

Though non all was lost during the Holocaust about three million Jews & A ; Non-Jews were liberated over that clip. So I am glad that at least one tierce of the people captured were liberated from that grave ordeal. To me It truly makes me inquire how much better would it hold been like without the holocaust occurrence. Would Germany still be the same it was today? Would it truly be significantly stronger? Or would it merely be hidden and restrained?

Dear Jezebel.

I know things have been difficult as I sit. across from the concentration cantonments. Everyday I see people come in for yearss without go forthing. It genuinely does frighten me sister. I hope that you are far off as possible from this calamity. It is a vesicating sight to lay eyes on. all of my fellow friends being shot in forepart of me twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. I don’t think ailments have plenty will power to maintain combat for my right as a Jew. I am fearful of the gas Chamberss. they have been rumored to be long and painful.

I don’t want this to last for us sister. This is unfair and inhumane. I have been transferred in a cargo auto packed to the walls with people merely like me. The drive to the cantonments is parlous and horrid. on the trip we are non allowed to go forth of all time. The malodor on the train is atrocious every bit good. for we are non kept in leisure where we may travel “ when nature calls” . I am still composing to you before I reach the cantonment sister. by the clip you receive this missive I will be gone. I pray you will be liberated and free from this torture.


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