Homelessness in America Essay

Argumentation-Persuasion Essay (outline) Topic: “Homeless In America” (Draft) Composition I | ENG1001 Keith Joiner Thesis: Homelessness is not just a poor person’s problem, its everyone’s problem. Introduction: Any person in this country, or anyone in this world could be unfortunate enough to suffer through a natural disaster, or a catastrophe. Lets take Hurricane Katrina as one example, that was a natural disaster that put most of the city of New Orleans in that state of homelessness. The Earthquake in Haiti, or the Tsunami In South East Asia, hat about the mudslides in Guatemala, or the wild fires in California. These are just some of the reasons people find themselves without a roof over their heads. So with these examples, anyone of us could befall a unforeseen occurrence that could leave us in a devastated situation, and without a home. So when that happens we need help, does the government do enough? , or does the aid come quick enough? That is why this issue is not just a problem for some unfortunate few, its everyone’s problem, and we can all do omething to help, because you never know if or when you maybe in the same situation needing help, due to no fault of your own. There are also other reasons some people are homeless, due to their own fault, or bad decisions. Discuss ways some people end up homeless. What can be done to help the homeless situation in the U. S. (give argumentation/ persuasion) Can our government do more? Can we as individuals do more to help? What programs are in place to help homeless? City, State, Federal level. Will homelessness ever be solved in the U. S?

Conclusion: Sum up Main points of how and why people become homeless. What government has and can do to help, what we as individuals can do, and answer the question of the problem ever being solved. References: Cynthia J. Bogard, J. Jeff McConnell, Naomi Gerstel, Michael Schwartz. (Mar. , 1999), Homeless Mothers and Depression: Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Vol. 40, No. 1 pp. 46-62 Retrieved August 20, 2010, from the American Sociological Association. Ralph Nunez. (Autumn, 2001), Family Homelessness in New York City: A Case Study Political Science Quarterly, Vol. 16, No. 3 pp. 367-379 Retrieved August 20, 2010, from The Academy of Political Science. Ralph Nunez. (Summer, 1999), A Snapshot of Family Homelessness across America Cybelle Fox Political Science Quarterly, Vol. 114, No. 2 pp. 289-307 Retrieved August 20,2010, from The Academy of Political Science. John M. Quigley, Steven Raphael, Eugene Smolensky. (Feb. , 2001), Homeless in America, Homeless in California. The Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 83, No. 1 pp. 37-51 Retrieved August 20, 2010, from The MIT Press.

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