Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey” Essay

In Homer’s heroic poem verse form. “The Odyssey. ” the supporter. Odysseus. has spent ten old ages contending in the Trojan War. Due to the gods’ choler against Odysseus. he is destined to hold a really long and hard journey place. Odysseus proves to be brave because he overcomes both external and internal struggles on this long journey place.

The external struggles that Odysseus overcomes show that he is extremely brave. For illustration. the episode with the Cyclops proves he is clever because he tricked Polyphemus into believing that his work forces were sheep. Another illustration of Odysseus’ courage was his brush with the suers. He was really strong and confident which caused him to contend the 100s of suers and win even though it was merely he and his boy against the other work forces. These external struggles prove Odysseus’ strength and inventiveness. and demo how strong and weather he is.

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Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey” Essay
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Odysseus besides had to cover with internal struggles that affected him personally. For case. when Odysseus had to go through Charybdis. he knew he would lose some of his work forces. This injury Odysseus because him an his work forces became close during their journey place. so he had to fight with the fact that he’d have to go forth some people behind. Second. when Odysseus eventually returned place. he didn’t want to state his married woman. Penelope. and his boy. Telemachus. who he was right off. He felt that they would non believe him and he wanted to see if they could calculate out who he was on their ain. These are illustrations of struggles Odysseus dealt with within himself. and turn out that he is courageous.

These facts show that Odysseus is unafraid and brave during his external and internal struggles. He knows how to cover with his problems. and is a really strong individual. Odysseus had many jobs on his long journey place. but he made it through and accomplished his chief end ; to return to his household and place in Ithaca.


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