Homer's the Odyssey and Joseph Campbell's the Monomyth Essay

Heroes are people noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life. A great example of a hero is Odysseus from the poem called The Odyssey. The Odyssey was written by a writer named Homer. Homer’s epic, the Odyssey is an example of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth. The Odyssey has the three stages that are supposed to have, the SEPARATION stage, the STRUGGLE/INITIATION stage, and the RETURN/ REINGATION stage. In the separation stage, it has the five sub steps.

The call to adventure. The refusal of the call, the supernatural aid, the threshold crossing, and the belly of the whale. Odysseus is called to go to the Trojan War. But, Helen (Odysseus’ wife) gave birth to their baby boy. And all the Greek rulers go to go to Troy. So Odysseus was called to adventure. For the refusal of the call, Odysseus doesn’t want to leave home, so he feigns insanity by working Madison Kelly Page2 on the seashore with a horse and a bull harnessed together and sowing salt.

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Homer's the Odyssey and Joseph Campbell's the Monomyth Essay
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The man sent to recruit him, Polyamides, proves that he was sane by placing his son, Telemachos path of the team. When Athena showed up to help Odysseus, she gives him a supernatural aid. When Telemachos and Odysseus are out of Ithaca, this is when threshold crossing. When Odysseus was at his worst, this was when he was on the boat to troy, and he doubted himself. In addition to the separation stage, The Book The Odyssey has the struggle/initiation stage. Odysseus meets two goddesses named Calypso, and Circe.

And the meeting with the Temptress is when he meets Circe and she wants him to stay there forever, and marry her. But Odysseus loves Penelope too much to leave and never go back to her. Odysseus has set his mind to getting back to Ithaca somehow. So Odysseus has turned Circe down. The Ultimate boon is when Circe agrees to let Odysseus go back home, but Odysseus has to find his way home himself. So he tries to go through the water (swim) but Poseidon wants to see him struggle. The last stage of the story is when Odysseus is trying to get home.

This stage is called the Return/ Reintegration stage. Poseidon wants to see Odysseus suffer, but not die. So when Odysseus is swimming, Poseidon creates massive waves so it is hard for him to get home. But then Athena helps him again, and Poseidon stops, and Odysseus is back to Ithica, but instead of going right back, Athena turns him into a beggar so no one knows it is him. When Penelope has made a quest, who ever can string the bow (a task which only Odysseus can do) will be Penelope`s wife. But no one can do it.

So when the beggar (Odysseus in disguise) tries to do it, in completes the task, and outs it through the 12 holes perfectly. And he turns back into Odysseus and him and Telemachos kill all the suitors. But Penelope wanted to make sure it was him, so she asked Odysseus to move the bed. But it was a trick question, and only the real Odysseus would know, that the bed is permanently in the floor. So, Homer`s, The Odyssey is an example of Joseph Campbell`s Monomyth. It has all three stages, the SEPARTION, the STRUGGLE/ INITIATION, and the RETURN/ REINTEGARTION.


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