homework 1.1

Question Answer
A ______________ mixture is when two or more substances are evenly mixed but not bonded together. homogenous
A ____________ mixture is when the substances are not evenly mixed. heterogeneous
A substance that is made of only one kind of atom that IS NOT bonded. element
A substance that is made of two kinds of atoms that ARE bonded. compound
A substance that is made of the same or different kinds of atoms that ARE bonded. molecule.
Matter that has a composition that is always the same. substance
Anything that has a mass and a volume (takes up space). matter
The smallest particle of matter. atom
When water melts, it is a ___________ change physical
When water and oil are mixed and they separate, that is an example of a ______________ mixture. heterogeneous
Kool-Aid is an example of a ____________ mixture homogenous
Gravity (is/is not) an example of matter. is not
Carbon is a type of __________. element
Compounds are chemically bonded
Molecules (are/are not) the smallest part of matter. are not
Compounds (are/are not) substances. are
Substances are (pure/unpure) Pure
salt (is/is not) a type of matter is
Raisin Bran cereal is a ________________ mixture heterogeneous
The amount of space that matter uses is called ___________ volume
The amount of matter in a substance is _________ mass
mass divided by volume = ____________ density
Another name for a homogenous mixture is a __________. solution
Molecules are made of ________. atoms
Compounds are made of atoms that are _______ bonded chemically
Heterogeneous mixtures can be easily ___________. separated
Matter that can vary in composition is a(n) mixture

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