homosexuality Essay

homosexuality BY lujatn7 Abstract Homosexuals are individuals that are attracted to the same sex, and its being accepted by many nations worldwide, and people are accepting and adapting the idea of it no matter the consequence even its on one’s self expense. Homosexuality in Todays Society Everywhere around the world an individual meets different kind of people, no matter the age the race the ethnicity. And the beliefs people may have are not similar to one another, like the idea of homosexuals. Homosexual refers to an individual who is sexually attracted to the same gender as one.

Now a days hearing or seeing an individual having an intimate interaction with the same gender as someone is becoming a norm and accepted to some westernized countries, further more many modernized people call it a freedom of choice a right, but is it really a right? Many psychologists have described homosexuality as disorder or a complex that is treatable, nevertheless the views on homosexuality have changed over the years American Psychiatric Association (APA) have removed it from the list as disorder, as a result the gay community is no longer treated as sick, but accepted as an ndiscriminate set of being.

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There are two kinds of people the one who accept it and the ones that don’t believe in the act f it. There are many reasons why homosexual behavior is controversial, but many societies due to many reasons one is the media, yet this act has many affects on adults and teenagers, and along with going against many religions views on it. The first reason is the media. The media plays a big role in this current century, furthermore; the current mass communication helps to spread the concept of homosexuality largely whether it’s political or Just for the ntertainment purposes.

This current generation is strongly open to changes and newality. According to a Journal on Homosexuality in politics the candidates Bush and Kerry had the subject of legalizing gay marriage on their platforms “People could vote for Bush if they were in a favor of a constitutional amendment that would been gay marriage, or they could vote for Kerry who was against it. (Shilling and Cassandra, 2004) In past debates this topic was not usually a debatable matter, but since this debate people are more open on debating and discussing this matter, and with the elp of the media it is now a topic that is open and debatable in decent respectful matter. According to a Journal on the media’s influence on public perception of homosexuality “The highly convincing nature of the media’s influence is deeply rooted as truth within the minds of America. 0% of Americans are said to gain their direct opinion of homosexuals from the images and reports they attain from various outlets. “(Calzo and Ward) This article shows that the media is truly powerful, and developed some kind of hand in molding societies and changing peoples perception o a Journal on The media’s influence on public perception of homosexuality a study was conducted among undergraduate students with the presence of 1,761 ” The results of the study indicate that men and women view homosexuality differently based on specific media consumption that is geared towards their demographic… he more men that watched episodes of the television program Will & Grace, the more accepting they were of homosexuals. “(Calzo & Ward) The study demonstrates how the entrainment industry affects the unconscious mind of a person, and by that construct any foundation the media wants to inflect on an individual. The second reason the pressure the act has on a person’s emotional state of mind. Individuals that are homosexual are not only considered courageous but brave, to stand up against the world is something massive.

However, this certainly drains ones emotion, yet keeps them alive by hoping for the things they desire, still some people forget that sometimes there is an after math to every decision whether good or bad. According to an article on guy teen suicide is common “Gay teens are two to three times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers. “(Letitia, 2008) So this displays ow literally the behavior touches the teenager’s choices and views in life where their mind will become emotionally imbalanced, and it can be consuming, as a result it can lead these individuals in doing the unthinkable.

According to an article guy teen suicide is common some of the reasons why homosexual are more likely to commit suicide is because they are more likely to experience some emotional pressure like, “When bullied, gay youth and those thought to be gay face an increased risk for depression, anxiety disorders, school failure and suicide. “(Faenza, 2008) This proves ow teenager’s emotions will be uncovered and unsealed in ways that is bigger than what young person can handle.

Regardless of the gays communities victory it still has an affects on their state of mind. According to a study on guy individuals ” between 25 and 33% of homosexual men and women are alcoholics, compared to a 7% fgure for the general population. ” (Roger and Medinger) Even though homosexual behavior is acknowledged and accepted in many westernized societies, yet it still has an absolute pressure on being one. The last reason is the conflict of many religious values and beliefs.

To most religions the act of intimacy with the same sex is forbidden, and this act has been forbidden from many societies and religions for centuries. For example, Islam and Christianity. According to an article on homosexuality that the Bible does condemn the act of homosexual behavior, but not the attraction of the same sex, but the action. Giving to what is written in the bible Leviticus 18:22, TLB. “Homosexuality is absolutely forbidden, for it is an enormous sin. (Bible, Leviticus 18:22) This verse demonstrate that the act of homosexual behavior is considered a sinful matter to the bible, but the bible also showed an nderstanding to the emotion and attraction, along with not forbidding the thought, however; forbidding the act. According to an article on homosexuality in the Islamic book which the Quran that act of homosexuality has been there for centuries “And (remember) Lut: behold, he said to his people: “Ye do commit lewdness, such as no people in Creation (ever) committed before you. Do ye indeed approach men, and cut off the highway? – And practice wickedness (even) in your councils? But his people gave no answer but this: they said: “Bring us the Wrath of Allah if thou tallest the ankind, and both book have the same view for the Quran came after the bible, Part of being religious and believing in something bigger like, after life a person have to sacrifice some self desires. For example, drinking alcohol, and having sex before marriage is considered a taboo in many religions, societies and countries, but sometimes a person might have to give up things for a bigger purpose. The homosexual are beings that are attracted to ones same gender, trying to adapt their concept in a world that can only endure little.

This matter has been exposed these ays in ways that has never been in history, due to the mass media in this current history. This behavior has an affect on a person’s state of mind and heart. If this is a matter that is accepted and considered an acceptable act one will not argue or try to prove an obvious thing. The individual’s tendency of a sexual intimacy is a self matter no religion Judges a persons thought, therefore; no individual is allowed to Judge a persons attraction, however; it is still considered a forbidden act upon desire to most religions.

To many soles it’s a constant struggle with the mind and the heart, trying to ationalize the pain in the ribs, that pain that is caused by ones desire, which a desire had cost many individual whether in this current century or in forgotten societies their life. If one endured and undergo that sexual tendency and let go of that forbidden fruit a person might have an easier less stressful life, which is what most people desire from this seductive alluring life, and if believing in a bigger purpose from this life many obstacle and heartaches might Just be a little more bearable. Works Cited Calzo, Jerel P. , and Monique L.

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