Homosexuality In Dead Dreams Of Monochrome Men Drama Essay

In this essay I am traveling to look at the work Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men ( Dead Dreams ) by Lloyd Newson, performed by the Physical Theatre Company DV8. I will concentrate on the manner homosexualism is represented within the piece.

I will so look at the work of the dramatist Oscar Wilde ( 1854 -1900 ) and the painter Francis Bacon ( 1909 -1992 ) in order to analyze how homosexualism was represented within their art and do comparings with Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men. I will seek to demo how the representation of homosexualism within art at different times reflects the predominating attitudes towards homosexualism of the clip.

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Homosexuality In Dead Dreams Of Monochrome Men Drama Essay
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I will analyze how each creative person used their creativeness to set frontward thoughts and messages about their personal experience of homosexualism, and the extent to which this was influenced by the society in which they lived. Although these creative persons lived in different epochs I believe they shared a similar attitude to the hurting, agony and defeat that homophiles were forced to experience when bing within a society which regarded their natural sexual orientation with bias and deficiency of apprehension.

Homosexuality was a condemnable offense in the UK until 1967. Before this day of the month homophiles could be imprisoned cheery males had to put on the line assorted penalties from society for their behavior which was non condoned by the constitution.

Because of this many homophiles experienced struggle: either to non follow their natural sexual desires and live a prevarication, of follow them and hazard exposure as a condemnable and possibly even prison.

This forced homophiles into a universe of guilt and secretiveness which is still echoing within homosexual civilization today.

Even though attitudes towards homosexualism can be said to me more broad today, for many people homophiles are still strongly associated with unnatural Acts of the Apostless and perversion non merely on an single footing but besides be establishments such as the Catholic Church.

2 Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men

In 1986, Lloyd Newson formed the Physical Theatre Company ‘DV8 ‘ and he is the chief choreographer of DV8 ‘s work. Newson is renowned for researching and assailing the forbidden in an effort to dispute society ‘s positions of assorted issues and, in peculiar, homosexualism. Newson addresses the distance created by mainstream or ‘straight ‘ society which pushes homophiles to the peripheries. ( Hutera, 83, 2008 )

Newson ‘has placed his sexualized political relations into the organic structure of his plants. ‘ ( Reynolds, 2009, online )

Interestingly, before Newson made his manner into the art universe with DV8, he trained as a healer. Possibly in his curative work he was able to place with the battles of the other minorities who experienced bias that he would hold encountered: people who experienced great personal jobs or behavioral dependence jobs which may hold made them experience like foreigners.

Newson is evidently a extremely political individual who does non shy away from forcing the boundaries to accomplish his artistic and political aims.

“ DV8 Physical Theatre ‘s work is about taking hazards, aesthetically and physically, about interrupting down the barriers between dance, theater and personal political relations and, above all, pass oning thoughts and feelings clearly and unpretentiously. It is determined to be extremist yet accessible, and to take its work to as broad an audience as possible ” .

( DV8, 2010, online )

Originally premiered as a phase piece on 5th October 1988, Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men was the first phase piece by DV8 to be reworked and transformed for movie ( in 1990 ) . My feelings of the piece are based on this movie, directed by David Hinton, instead than the phase public presentation.

Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men is divided into 10 different pieces, affecting a dramatis personae of four male terpsichoreans, ( including Lloyd Newson himself ) , conveying the disaffection of homosexual males and the deionisation of homosexual thirsts ‘ .

( Hutera, 83, 2008 )

The work is said to be inspired by the consecutive slayer Dennis Nielsen, a adult male sentenced to life imprisonment in 1983 after slaying 15 male homophiles. Newson ‘s determination to utilize Dennis Nielsen within this piece could be regarded every bit surprising as Nielsen could be seen to stand for the seediest, most violent and sadistic facets of homosexualism instead than it ‘s more acceptable face. For me this shows Newson ‘s honestness in non endorsing off from hard issues.

However “ while force is ever at hand in this work, the choreographer and manager besides focus on the unexpected tenderness of four work forces who are excessively despairing to command their demands to stamp down their fright, ” ( Ney, 2001, online )

Through the picks made in footings of motion, camera, music and set in Dead Dreams, the ‘fear ‘ suggested is of the sexual desire between the four terpsichoreans, who are combating with themselves and those around them. Newson is proposing that homophiles feel a demand to seek and stamp down their desire, because of the rough universe they live in.

Although homosexualism is treated far more openly within U.K. society than of all time before, it is still tinged with danger and fright, possibly repeating its yesteryear and the impact that prohibition and bias still have on homosexual civilization.

Newson made known that ‘the production loved to assail in-between England biass and usage daze as a major maneuver. ” ( Brown, 2003, online )

Newson was one of the first creative persons, non merely in dance but across all art, to non experience the demand to seek and conceal or chant down the homosexualism in his work. Newson was non afraid to utilize existent male organic structures, show you the existent tegument on skin contact and allow you cognize that homosexualism is what you were being witness to.

The usage of camera in Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men brings the audience face to face with the ‘gay ‘ relationships between terpsichoreans. Throughout the piece the camera zooms in on close-ups of tegument to clamber contact. For illustration a couple in the 2nd piece “ blind ” shows us a minute where two terpsichoreans are stood one in forepart of the other. The terpsichorean behind ranges around the terpsichoreans organic structure in forepart and raise his jersey ( a popular point of vesture among homosexuals ) to cover his caput. Using his custodies he so easy and lightly explores the surface of his tegument around his abdominal and thoracic country.

At the apogee of this, the camera easy zooms onto the terpsichorean ‘s tummy and all we can see is this manus to stomach contact. The usage of stopping point up by the camera gives us no pick but to be confronted with this thought of familiarity between the terpsichoreans, underscoring the importance of this imagination to the piece, and the overall work. Suddenly the manus slaps the tummy and the piece coatings. The smack communicates to me a feeling of ‘forbidden ‘ , that the touching between the two is incorrect.

Whilst we are shown the stopping point up camera shooting of the manus to stomach contact, there are short ‘snaps ‘ of another terpsichorean who is positioned to the side of the couple. This terpsichorean is crouched tensely over with this organic structure, with his oral cavity pushed broad unfastened, every limb, and finger to make out is stiff and contracted. The terpsichorean appears anguished and frustrated. The fact that we are unable to hear any ‘scream ‘ which you feel he is urgently seeking to project, communicates that he may be a symbolic mention to the soundless defeat felt by many homophiles who feel they need to populate in denial of their gender.

There are many minutes in Dead Dreams that contrast what we see on the exterior of the terpsichoreans with what they are experiencing on the interior. Newson has created minutes which make us believe there is more to the terpsichoreans than what is being portrayed on the surface, that an ‘act ‘ is being put on.

For illustration, in piece four ‘I merely desire to be with you ‘ we have the lone minute in the whole work where a terpsichorean speaks. A adult male ( possibly stand foring Nielsen ) is sat smoke, looking at us through the camera and speech production as though he were seeking to ‘chat us up ‘ in a saloon. The fume semblance and the steadiness of his voice communicate an feeling of composure.

However, about five meters in the distance behind this adult male we see another male figure, squashed between two walls. As the terpsichorean speaks the male behind moves in a fidgety manor within his little infinite, as if seeking to happen a place that is comfy. As the conversation physiques and the sentences become longer and more personal, the terpsichorean ‘s motions becomes bigger and more frenetic, proposing that possibly the terpsichoreans are really different sides of the same individual.

This scene appears to be metaphoric. Newson may be seeking to state that nevertheless comfy homosexuals work forces appear to be on the exterior, there is still a deficiency of assurance interior.

“ DV8 aims to link the universe outside with the universe inside – or, if you like, the personal with the political. Even though their focal point is on the organic structure in action, they use whatever means they need to accomplish that connexion – dance, moving, circus, movie, whatever. The message affairs more than the medium.

( 2008, Roy, online )

Silence is used really efficaciously throughout Dead Dreams. The usage of silence at minutes enables the audience to hear the external respiration of the terpsichoreans. In Piece Four the terpsichorean ‘s external respiration speeds up as another terpsichorean walks towards him, acquiring closer and closer. The external respiration increases even more as that terpsichorean so makes organic structure contact with him, manus to his cervix. By the strength of the external respiration we can feel a strong feeling of the jitteriness and possibly deficiency of trust he feels about the state of affairs.

This thought of trust between two terpsichoreans is bought up once more subsequently in the work, in a more symbolic and obvious manner. Piece six called “ Falling Down ” involves a minute when one terpsichorean is dropping himself from a ladder onto another terpsichorean who is supposed to catch and interrupt his autumn. The terpsichorean falls proving their trust, three times. First from a tallness of about two meters, the following every bit high as four meters, but so on the 3rd bead, he is willing to fall from a tallness of approximately 10 pess. The terpsichorean beneath walks off, but the terpsichorean drops himself anyhow, possibly proposing that even those who you have grown used to swearing ever have the capacity to allow you down once more repeating the Nielsen narrative as he foremost befriended his victims before killing them.

“ Filmed in starkly lit, anguish- and muscle-enhancing black and white, Dead Dreams looks like a life George Platt Lynes exposure set in a fevered, prison like saloon universe, throbing with mute sexual narrations, twitchy titillating appetencies and well-shorn, hunky work forces. ” ( From Video Cover ) . Is this ‘prison ‘ supposed to stand for another universe, ‘homosexuality ‘ from which there is no flight?

In Piece Five, ‘Drum and Dance ‘ for the first clip we see the exterior of the prison. A protected barred window, through which a bright visible radiation radiances through ( as if proposing a happy topographic point ) into the dark and eerie box in which the four males seem trapped. A desire to make for this visible radiation is suggested as the three terpsichoreans each attempt separately to acquire out of the window, a badgering four meters above their caputs. They shortly think of utilizing each other to assist make up to the window, and get down co-operating to the point of mounting up one another ‘s dorsums to standing on shoulders. ( An illustration of the physical accomplishment demand in DV8 ‘s motion stuff ) .

Possibly Newson is proposing that merely if homophiles work together can they contend bias and negativeness? How at that place needs to be a strong sense of integrity amongst homophiles, based on their shared experiences of disaffection and rejection.

In the 3rd piece ‘The Pedestal ‘ Newson once more seems to turn to the issue of denial. A male terpsichorean is sitting on the shoulder of another male terpsichorean. The terpsichorean transporting the other walks non halt in a circle for about three proceedingss. Obviously the weight of transporting a whole male ‘s organic structure, peculiarly on merely one shoulder is really demanding, and so he struggles to walk around unsloped and shortly becomes pushed to a crouch. The manner the terpsichorean battles for every bit long as he perchance can, could be taken to propose the thought of a homosexual in denial. How the weight of traveling against what is such a natural portion of you can been really difficult, and will finally oppress ( kill? ) you.

In an interview with the telegraph, Newson speaks about his beliefs and his place as a homosexual creative person. He explains, “ I am a politician already. Battling with the political relations of dance, and the political relations of life. If I can transport on those conflicts with a loudspeaker- which you can make when you have company that gives public public presentations – so I will. DV8 is my loudspeakeraˆ¦ The direct line between what we felt and what we showed – we felt angry, we showed anger instantly. And it got to a point when we burned ourselves out. ” ( Brown, 2003, online )

Dead Dreams is a powerful work that draws you into the universe of the homosexual and confronts you with your ain biass. It has an unity based on what one feels to be the farinaceous truth about the negative attitudes and insecurities sing homosexualism which Newson evidently still experience permeate U.K. society today and the dangers that many homophiles still face because of this.

3 Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was a successful poet and dramatist who produced most of his work in the late nineteenth century.

The Victorian society in which Wilde lived stressed the demand for household values and a faithful spiritual manner of life. Although everyone knew that homosexualism existed most pretended to non cognize anything about it and homophiles were forced to populate secret lives.

‘Homosexuals came chiefly from the upper and in-between categories and had both the fiscal and societal life to enable them to prosecute in homosexual activities. ‘ ( Hilliard, 1982, online ) Many were married and lived dual lives and were showily dressed.

‘During the 1880s and 90s societies attitudes towards homosexualism changed significantly. ‘ What before was thought of as ‘sinful behavior ‘ , positions of homosexualism altered into believing it was nil but a illness. ( Hilliard, 1982, online )

However the ‘Labouchere Amendment of the Criminal Law Act ‘ of 1885 ‘criminalised all homosexual Acts of the Apostless by males in private and public, ‘ and this statute law finally led to Oscar Wilde being prosecuted. ( Hilliard, 1982, online )

Oscar Wilde was one of the many homophiles who lived a dual life. Wilde appeared to adhere to Victorian values by get marrieding and holding two boies, prior to admiting that he was in fact a homosexual. However the force per unit areas of populating a lie finally caught up with Wilde and when he left his married woman he returned to Oxford and the company of his friends from the upper categories and began imbibing to a great extent and populating a more openly homosexual life style, including a really public matter with a member of the British nobility ( Lord Alfred Douglas ) .

Shortly after he was arrested, tried and sentenced to two old ages had labour for his homosexualism. ( Moonstruck, online )

Through his work Wilde was able to in secret convey his positions, by making a slightly ‘coded linguistic communication ‘ which laid as a discreet undertone to his work. When you were cognizant of the secret messages Wilde had put into his work ( which had mention to homosexualism ) , messages that lay deeper beneath the rich coloring material and beauty, the populace would be witness to a whole different drama. ( Coren, 94, 1997 )

Homosexual undertones in Wilde ‘s Hagiographas, peculiarly in his novel, were used against him and helped direct him to gaol.

His drama ‘The Importance of Bing Earnest ‘ Wilde straight addresses the subject of double individualities. The drama ‘s two chief characters are seen to be engaged in “ bunburying ” , which in the drama is seen to mention to holding one individuality in London and another in the state. This was shown in the drama as leting them to get away Victorian societal mores. This was taken by many to be a metaphor for the dual life many homophiles were populating at the clip.


Some observers have suggested that ‘bunburying ‘ was a slang footings for homosexual sex and that ‘earnest ‘ was frequently used as a codification word for homosexual as in ‘is he earnest? ‘

During his tests, Wilde ‘s ain homosexual undertones in his Hagiographas, peculiarly in his “ I Wilde was besides expressed in his lone novel, Dorian Gray where the male author says of his first meeting with the lead character: ‘for the first clip. I knew that I had come face to face with person whose mere personality was so absorbing that, if I allowed it to make so, it would absorb my whole nature, my whole psyche, my really art itself. ‘

This description of one adult male falling in love with another was felt to be flooring at the clip of the book ‘s publication.

Oscar Wilde was forced to conceal his homosexualism behind beds of illation and camouflage. He was terrified of uncovering his homosexualism because he knew that he would be alienated and ostracised from the society. ( Rader, online )

Oscar Wilde was a premier illustration of how the negative attitudes towards homosexualism lead to secrecy and denial and that this can finally turn out to be personally black for the person concerned.

4 Francis Bacon

Born in Ireland in 1910, populating until 1992, Francis Bacon “ was voted the most of import life creative person in the universe. His influence and popularity amongst society can non be denied as during the early 20th century he existed as the ‘highest merchandising populating painter ‘ . ” Bacon was a painter of figures, ( chiefly portraits surveies ) , frequently utilizing an easel and canvas to make a approximately textured surface of oil pigments.

Working merely from exposure, Bacon would reassign the figure he sees in this stimulation, to a figure painted on canvas. Francis Bacon was an creative person who ne’er tried to blandish the Sitters he painted, but instead reflected his return on human being. ( Peppiatt 233, 2009 ) , ( Fifield, online )

There is a clear subject that runs through all of Bacons plants, the subject of deformation, the interrupting up of the human organic structure. For illustration in Bacons ‘Portrait of Michel Leiris ‘ ( 1976 ) and ‘Francis Bacon Self Portrait ‘ ( 1978 ) .

Francis Bacon ‘s homosexualism was no secret in his calling. The decease of “ Bacon at the age of 82 in 1992 bases as a important minute, a turning point, in our apprehension non merely of the construct of fagot, but of how creative persons felt able to run if they were to be both true to themselves yet find a step of credence in a society by and big hostile to homosexual look. ” ( 1996, Cooper, online )

Francis Bacon considered himself to be a ‘queer ‘ homosexual and did non desire to be known as a ‘gay ‘ , as he did non like the word. “ In the old fashioned sense when fagot was a term of maltreatment, a acknowledgment and disapproval by society of divergent sexual gustatory sensations. ” There is that suggests Bacon was moved by the thoughts and theories of cheery release, ‘but instead that the motion brought an unwelcome invasion in what he regarded as his private life. At the clip of the Stonewall public violences in 1969, he was about 60 and his life style was resolutely pre-liberationist in manner and attitude. To alter this would hold involved great attempt on his portion. ‘Going public, ‘ would non hold seemed the thing to make at a clip when his international repute was good established. ‘ ( 1996, Cooper, online )

It is obvious that Francis Bacon addresses homosexualism in his work, with pictures such as ‘Study for Nude ‘ ( 1951 ) which involves male bare organic structures closely entwined, but he ne’er spoke straight about it, and in peculiar would ne’er talk of his personal dealingss that he wanted to stay wholly private in effort to non act upon or take away from him being seen as an creative person.

The label ‘gay ‘ was seen by many like Bacon, as a term merely every bit opprobrious as ‘Nigger ‘ . There were many releases around during the ulterior portion of his life and represented a displacement in homosexual life style and its public character. Bacon did non desire to alter his image and confront the effects of this from the public towards his work.

Bacon produced most of his best work in the period after the Second World War, with his ‘breakthrough ‘ piece Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion being painted in 1944. The immediate station war period was when society was really much about returning to household life and this can be seen through British and American movies of the clip. At this clip it was really hazardous to unwrap your homosexualism to others non merely because it was illegal but besides because it was non accepted. This would hold led to feelings of isolation for many homophiles.

Even though society was going more tolerant of homosexualism, there was still great reluctance by homophiles to swear others and discourse their gender, even with their households. At that clip, work forces in this state of affairs frequently referred to their physicians for aid, and this on occasion led to medicine or even psychiatric referrals to alter their behavior.

Bacons subject affair was frequently autobiographical, reflecting the ‘intimate and frequently anguished relationships ” he experienced.

Despite Bacon ‘s usage of deformation in his plants, it is clear to see that the great prevailing sex of his figures were male, and naked. When these bare figures in his plants are involved in really close bodily contact, with entwined limbs where they are about painted as one organic structure, it is difficult to non see Bacons work every bit greatly personal and specifically relatable to his gender.

Yet by the late 1960ss Bacon had completed some of his queerest pictures. The comparatively straightforward image ‘Study from the Human Body ‘ ( 1949 ) , of a bare adult male behind a transparent drape is sensuous and luring, offering a glance of some quiet, personal minute.

An interesting pick that Bacon makes when exposing his concluding art pieces, is he demands that a glass screen be placed on top of his work, and with all facets of art, everything is done for a ground. Is Bacons purpose to make a contemplation of the looker-on into the pictures excessively? Are we meant to look at ourselves and think of how we see ourselves in the picture?

Bacon was likely the greatest British painter of the twentieth century, and although he did non like to speak about his homosexualism straight, there is no uncertainty that his work brought homosexualism into the daytime and it was because of creative persons such as Bacon and others that the Sexual Offences Act 1967 Act which decriminalised homosexualism was passed.

5 Comparisons and Contrasts

Dead Dreams of Monochrome work forces is shot in black and white, with subdued lighting, making a set of ghostliness and small distraction. Francis Bacons works have the same consequence, from his usage of mainly black and white and ‘other deep sunglassess ‘ in his work, for illustration ‘Three Studies for Figures at the base of a Crucifixion ‘ ( 1944 ) .

Bacon ‘s nonliteral and portrait pictures lack strong backgrounds, and thereby convey the chief focal point of his plants, the figures, through as the strongest and most powerful item. For case in Bacons celebrated ‘Self-Portrait ‘ ( 1971 ) he uses merely a apparent black painted background. In consequence the mixture of blue, ruddy and white tones that he has used to make the face, truly underscore and pull you in to these unusual tegument colors.

Similarly to pieces in Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men, as an audience we can non assist but be put in the place of being face to face with the ‘shockingly implicative homosexual ‘ dealingss. These creative persons are non afraid to utilize the bare organic structure in their work, and experience no demand to seek to cover up or chant down the strength of their work in making so, merely because of the shocked, some possibly disgusted, reaction we may hold.

Although Bacon uses the bare organic structure, through obscure lineations of the figures, the usage of distance and blending, the bare figures in his plants are created in a manner that they do non ‘hit ‘ you every bit much as Newson ‘s figures. For illustration in ‘Two figures ‘ ( 1953 ) , which involves two male figures lying on a bed embraced, Bacon has used perpendicular brushstrokes that blend the black background in with the figures caputs and organic structure. You can be pretty certain that these two figures are male, nevertheless by Bacon ‘s technique here there is a possibility that he could reason that they are non, and that it is merely your reading.

I wonder does Bacon desire the society to see homophiles foremost as ‘human being ‘ and their gender second. Whereas Newson aims for society to understand that human existences can non be separated by their gender?

In Dead Dreams, Newson ‘s pick of props have been used efficaciously in footings of stand foring or holding symbolic significance by being put into a really field and simple background. The same consequence exists in some of Bacon ‘s pieces. Because of his field backgrounds which exist as a running manner through his pictures, when he involves an object it stands out as important, and it can merely be being used for a good ground. In Bacons “ Study for Crouching Nude ” , an lineation of what appears to be a glass-like box which stands around the figure is painted. Is this glass meant to make an enclosed infinite the figure is stuck in? Meant to divide us from the figure?

Matched by how the figure is hunched over in forepart of us and positioned in a crouch, the figure about become animalistic, monkey-like. DV8 use the same thought of an enclosed scene around their male terpsichoreans – a prison which they try to get away from. It could be said that the DV8 figures push the boundaries of humanity by such challenging and original motion. Are Newson and Bacon proposing that sex is, at its most basic degree, an animate being act?

Possibly they believe homosexuals that suppress their feelings about their gender can turn into animate beings? Newsom could besides be proposing a nexus to the reaction of society towards the Dennis Nielsen instance, as many people described him as an animate being.

Bacon frequently aimed to portray the human organic structure as meat. An illustration of this is in his picture ‘George Dyer in a mirror ‘ created in 1963, where the contemplation in a mirror which is painted following to Dyer ‘s face reflects a farther deformation which looks like slabs of meat. Possibly Bacon was proposing that if you see the human organic structure as a slab of meat you do non see it as holding any feelings and this is farther suggested by the force that runs through the image, which is enhanced by Bacon ‘s usage of rough brushstrokes.

I do non believe that Bacon was as interested in disputing or showing his positions on homosexualism every bit much as Newson, as he was ne’er an militant. And possibly because of his associations with ‘queer ‘ or camp effeminate homophiles, he did non experience the demand to endeavor for an recognition that would finally take to travel cardinal alterations in society, ( such as the civil ceremonials and legal right ) .

His association with the art constitution would besides hold provided him with many influential friends and he may non hold felt he was in a minority or an foreigner.

However I do believe that they both were interested in doing mention to the agony and effects homophiles experienced by the favoritism they receive, and endeavor to pass on their experiences candidly in their art.

6 Decisions

It is no surprise that both Lloyd Newson ‘s, Francis Bacon ‘s and to some extent Oscar Wilde ‘s homosexual referenced work received expostulations from many members in society.

For illustration, Margaret Thatcher, Tory Prime Minister, described Francis Bacon as “ that creative person who paints those atrocious images. ” A good known anti-intellectual – Thatcher ‘s artistic involvements seem to be limited to roll uping reasonably ceramic statuettes – the comment could be read as mentioning to both Bacon ‘s frequently violent manner of picture and to his usual topic of the interaction between two work forces, which in Bacon ‘s position was neither fond nor relaxed but disruptive and traumatic. ‘ ( 1996, Cooper, online )

Protests of the openness and public support of admiting homosexualism inside and outside of the humanistic disciplines have ever occurred. DV8 are one of many to be the Godheads of art which has provoked these dissenters.

“ The Sunday Mirror gave DV8 a monolithic leg-up. “ Gay sex binge on Television ” shrieked the headline for their narrative on the showing of Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men, motivating a inundation of ailments to the Television web, angry inquiries in parliament by Tory MPs – and a immense rush in DV8 ‘s screening figures. ”

( 2008, Roy, online )

This still exists today, merely last twelvemonth ago one of the dance works shown at the production of ‘In the Spirit of Diagalev ‘ at Sadler ‘s Wells, bought protestors both inside and outside the dance theater, over its explicitness about sex, homosexualism and the engagement farther with the Catholic Church.

Conservative elements within society seemed to worry that if gender could be questioned so what else could? What could homosexuality take to? Would command even interrupt down?

Although Newson has been more willing to discourse how life and work than Bacon or Wilde, they all shared a demand to show their thoughts without being restrained by society ‘s reactions to their work. This took considerable courage – the courage to make art which was so ‘out there ‘ for its twenty-four hours meant hazard. And without creative persons taking hazards everything will stagnate.



I believe that the fact all three of these creative person were homosexual are of great importance to their work. I believe if they were non, these plants would most likely ne’er of been made, as I am certain it was their experiences as homophiles, and the ‘hitting of nervousnesss ‘ by a rough society, that encouraged their art.

Art ever has and I believe will ever be a substance of the creative person ‘s feelings, as what is so beautiful about art, is its ability to be an expressional signifier.


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