Hong Kong is no longer a good place to live Sample Essay

Do you bask populating in Hong Kong? In these few old ages. it is non hard to hear strong voice of resistance from the citizens and protest is frequently seen in Hong Kong. Besides. it has been a hot debating issue that whether Hong Kong is a good topographic point to populate or non. This essay explains why Hong Kong is no longer a good topographic point to populate in the facet of the environment. societal harmoniousness and lodging in Hong Kong.

Some people think that Hong Kong’s administration is better than earlier. in fact. it is worsened. Before. 1997. Hong Kong is governed by British for a long period.

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Hong Kong is no longer a good place to live Sample Essay
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First of wholly. as environment in Hong Kong is acquiring worse and worse. it is rare to see pure sky and clouds in Hong Kong. In the past. many green land and natural scenery is found in Hong Kong. However. with the growing of economic system. Hong Kong became a well-known planetary fiscal centre. In order to consort with this rubric. tonss of skyscrapers and offices were built. at the same clip. green land and sea countries are sacrificed. Furthermore. there are many types of pollution. like air pollution. H2O pollution. light pollution and so on. which bring assorted negative effects on our environment every bit good as our wellness. Air pollution is the most serious factor impacting our environment. Harmonizing to the study from Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department. the Air Pollution Index ( API ) remained in a high degree in these few old ages. that means air we breath in everyday is in a bad quality. To me. Hong Kong is like a concrete jungle. filled with pollution everyday.

Thankss to the authorities policy. struggles exists in everyplace in Hong Kong.

Harmonizing to the HKU Pop Site. citizens’ satisfaction towards the overall public presentation of the HKSAR Government maintain on diminishing in quarterly norm. People presents tend to exhibit on street to show their dissatisfaction of the authorities policy. like the incident of National Education. cross-boundary messengers and the free licence distribution of telecasting.

Housing is an mundane subject of Hong Kong people. everyone in Hong Kong are enduring from rising prices.

With the job of a immense population on really scarce land. there is no adequate public lodging for local people to populate. At the same clip. with high cost of populating. many people are non low-cost to purchase their ain flats. life in a awful status Although Hong Kong is an flush society. there are subdivided units in different locations. There are twenty-thousand people populating in a really limited infinite in Hong Kong.


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