Horror Movies Essay

“Horror Movies have a dirty job” Some people daydream and have deep dark secrets. There may be a time when you dream about getting even with someone or something. Horror movies do have a “dirty job to do”. The more thrilling and exciting the more it grabs your attention. I believe horror movies are to play off natural fearsome. King likes to dare your nightmares. Most of Mr. King’s movies come from childhood fear or things he has experienced himself. And other things are just his imagination. Steven King’s movies are an element of fantasy and supernatural.

His fantasy work can relate to all of us. The unknown is scary-But knowing maybe scarier going down in a dark noisy basement the thick fog you can’t see but you must keep going. I guess because we all have a dark side hidden in all of us. Some people have more than others. If we didn’t have a little dark side, then we wouldn’t be interested in movies that show tons of blood, and dead people. People watch scary movies because they are interested in seeing lots of blood and dead people. Your curiosity comes out.

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Horror Movies Essay
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People crave the thrill that they receive from the experience of extreme nervousness, disgust, panic and fear; horror films cause these emotions and reactions. For instance, these movies can have you on the edge of your seat, and then suddenly will make you jump or scream and your heart will start beating faster. After watching a freighting movie some people get nightmares. A survey shows that 60% of children that watch a horror movie, before the age of 14, will wake up with nightmares and see horrible images. This was true with my daughter.

One time while I was watching a horror movie, she walked into the room and it really scared her. She saw a scene from a movie that was very graphic; it was a woman lying in a bathtub full of blood. I had to get rid of all the scary movies in the house. She wouldn’t go in a bathroom that had a bathtub for about a year. Even though some people get these symptoms, they do not give up watching the movie or they will go see another one. Another reason, I believe, we crave horror movies is because of the similarities to an adrenaline rush.

Some people relate it to a past experience or a real life situation. It allows you to release your inner monster and insanity, by enjoying the things that are looked upon negatively. For Instance, extreme sports are an adrenaline rush. Like bungee jumping, sky surfing, lugeing, wing suit flying. It’s all about getting past the fear and like what you are doing like the sport or enjoying the movie. It also shows by watching these movies is a way that many people prove that are not hesitant to sit through a few hours of killings that they can view on their evening news.

These horror movies are not real they are there to make you scream or laugh. When you turn on the local news all you see is a lot of violence. People getting gunned down or drug bust. So on the horror movie they just show one getting hurt or killed in a different way but it’s basically the same violence as on the news. The first horror movie I can remember I saw was, Friday the 13th that was so long ago to. I had to really think about this one. Well it didn’t scare me. I thought it was funny.

Because of some guy running around killing people with a mask on and you know when it was going to happen because of the music. It did not have a story line and it was so unreal or fake. My feelings were: I had no desire to watch it again I do not care for slacker flicks. I can watch a horror movie but not a slacker flick. Slacker flicks lack imagination. I feel Steven King movies are not horror movies they are supernatural/fantasy movies. In his work there is a horror element. But everything he writes he has a story to it. Also a lot of his movies he did not screen write.

So after reading this what do you think Steven King writings are? Fantasy – creative imagination, something such as an invention, fiction characterized by highly supernatural elements. Horror – An intense painful feeling of fear, intense dislike, a cause of horror My own personal opinion I think he is a fantasy writer but, he does cross the line into some of the horror. He has a very creative and talented mind and whatever class he falls in that does not bother me. Whatever people class him to be his movies and books will sell.


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