Hosiptal Computer Usage Essay

Hospital Computer Usage xxxxxx BIS/219 July 30, 2010 Mr. Rich Crisp Hospital Computer Usage Computers have become a part of everyday life. Computers are used to do a variety of things. They are used for school purposes, business purposes and personal use. Hospitals rely on computers for a number of reasons. In a hospital, computers have an important function in the admitting process. Computers are an essential part of hospitals from the beginning of admitting to the end. At Brookwood Medical Center, the Centralized scheduling department uses Pathways Healthcare Scheduling (PHS) system to schedule patient radiology test.

Using PHS the patient basic demographic info is needed to schedule appointments. This system reserves patient appointment times. PHS also alerts schedulers if patient appointments are overbooked. PHS allows schedulers to schedule patient for several different appointments, in different areas, in one application. For example, a physician can order a patient to have a CAT scan, an Ultrasound and a MRI and these can all be scheduled by entering the info only once and copying the appointment. Information from PHS is transferred to Starnavigator14 for admitting.

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Hosiptal Computer Usage Essay
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The Admitting department uses Starnavigator14 (Star) to register patients. Star system is used throughout the admitting department whether or not a person is admitted as an inpatient or an outpatient. Information gathered from patients upon registration is keyed into this system. Star system stores a patient demographic, insurance, emergency contact information and doctor name. The information in Star also allows the admitting department to assign a patient an account number, an ID bracelet and coversheets for his or her chart.

Automated Collection Environment (ACE) is used in the Patient Financial Services (PFS) department for billing and collecting. Data from both PHS and Star flows to ACE for billing and collecting. ACE receives all patient information that was entered previously and any other notation made on the account. PFS department depend on the scheduling and admitting department for accuracy. Therefore, attention to detail is important when it comes to ACE because this allows bills to be paid on time. Hospitals have several uses for computers.

Computers are used for scheduling, admitting, billing, ordering medicine, charting and patient exams. The accuracy of data entered is important because all the systems connect together in one way or another. Computers, in a hospital, can help to improve quality of documentation, quality of patient care and enhance ability to track patient records (King, 1996). References Brookwood Medical Center. (n. d. ). Krieg, L. J. (1996). Introduction to hospital information systems. Retrieved July 30, 2010, from http://courses. wccnet-edu/computer


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