Hostel Vs. Home Essay

Comparison Contrast Essay Home Life Vs. Dormitory Life Only when you start living in a dormitory you realize the perks of living at home. When high school is almost over and you’re getting ready to leave for university, you don’t know how to feel about it. There are so many mixed emotions- Happy? Sad? Excited? Dorm life is extremely different to living at home and may be really hard to adjust but that is not always the case. The purpose of this essay is to contrast the living conditions and other aspects of living at home and compare it to living in a dorm.

A Roman author, Pliny the Elder quoted, “Home is where the heart is”. Home is a place filled with love and affection by our parents. The constant battle between fghts, and long talks with your siblings kept you busy all day. Someone was always around to help you with anything you needed and there were no worries as your parents were always there to support you. In addition to that, at home everything was made easy for you- maid to clean your room, cook to prepare every meal and a driver to take you wherever you wanted to go.

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Hostel Vs. Home Essay
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Everyone has a soft spot for his or her long- term home. It’s where you spent most of your lives and you’re well adapted to the surroundings around you. The warmth of your room is a unique feeling you don’t get to experience elsewhere, especially not in a dorm room all by yourself. Everything you need is within arms reach and most of the times, the best nights of sleep are those spent in your own bed. Money was never an issue back home even if it was ten dirhams for cab or a few hundreds for shopping.

Your parents were always ready to give you money to spend at any time required. Even if you had a fixed allowance, they would hand over more with Just a bit of persuasion from your side. Best part was, you weren’t expected to cover food expenses with your allowance. You had the choice to decide whether you wanted to eat a fresh home cooked meal or stuff yourself with fast food, all provided by your parents. On the other hand, dorm life is quite different and in some ways, the exact opposite.

Although, this isn’t always considered to be a negative point as there can be benefits too. The fact that you would have to live alone would be the most challenging change you would have to go through. Dorm life can easily get boring, lonely and stressful as well. The first few days, or maybe even weeks, wouldn’t be easy as you would still be trying to adjust to the new routines. The best part of living in the dorms would have to be the freedom. Your parents won’t be around to tell you what to do and when to be back home, you are expected to be your own boss.

You could decide not to make your bed or wash your dishes until the next day but still no one would question you on any decision you make. However, you would be expected to follow certain set rules, such as curfew and other policies. Independence is another major feature of living alone. Your parents would set a particular budget for you to spend weekly (or monthly) and you’d be expected to spend within the budget. As money is limited, everything else becomes restricted as well. This would affect what food you eat and how much you spend on other leisure activities.

You might even have to cook for in the university and made friends, the amount of fun you could have is unlimited. Staying in the dorms would give you a chance to mingle with others easily and would also allow you to meet people from various backgrounds. The best years of your life are said to be your few years in university, living in the dorms would allow you to make best use of these years. Overall, after comparing both living situations, home nd dormitories, it is obvious both have negative and positive points.

It would not be possible to say for sure which is better without being biased to certain type of people. People would have a different point of view and this may vary according to their personalities and culture. For some, living in the dorms can be the best experience and for others, it would be the opposite. For me, personally, I prefer living at home; I enjoy my familys company and couldn’t find the same comfort here in the dorms. Although, after making friends I have found it to be much easier than it was during the first week of university.


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