Hotel services Essay


The aggregation of the fee is capable of the client ‘s blessing to pay and is measured merrily donated by the Hotel ‘s invitees. The Front Desk staff will be prepared to explicate the intent of the charge, in instance any invitees question it.

The bundle will be posted during the dark audit on the first dark of stay.The bundle component will be posted for the whole length of stay of the hotel invitee on the first dark of stay. The figure of darks shall non transcend 14.
The charge will be posted under a separate section codification ( XXXX ) established by the hotel ‘s accounting section. The charge will demo besides at the underside of the measure in the drumhead line with 0 revenue enhancements to it. The sum will be presented on the face of the bill, merely below the charges for normal hotel services.

Hotel promotional stuffs will be clearly displayed at the Front Desk and in the Guest suites. Where possible the hotel in-room Television information plans will advance every bit good. The hotel offer extended services and supply unique and sole installations to the invitees such as:

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Hotel services Essay
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I. Butler service at airdrome and Hotel

II. Golf agreement

III. Restaurant engagement

IV. Flight booking & A ; Confirmation

V. Tour and sightseeing

VI. Buggy Tour at MRGC

VII. Hotel Reservation

VIII. Transport agreement ( Limousine, Van, manager )

IX. Courier

X. Postage

Eleven. Baby Sitter

Twelve. Laundry Service

Thirteen. Room Service 24hours

Fourteen. Complimentary Shuttle Service to Mines Resort & A ; KL


I. Gym

II. Swiming Pool

III. Boat Service ( Mines Cruise )

IV. Jogging Path

V. SPA at Jojobali

VI. KMX Bicycle Rides

VII. Table Tennis

The charge will demo on the client ‘s information measure every bit good as on the bill presented on the single invitee The bill including this charge will be printed automatically from the Property Management System.
Front desk associates will be in place to explicate the intent of the charge to anyone who would inquire.Upon look into out the Front Desk shall ask if the invitee has reviewed his/her charges and offer to publish information measure.
The hotel will demo on the first twenty-four hours of the stay as a one off charge.
In instance the client is non prepared to pay the fee the forepart desk associate shall thank the client and rebate the charge.The bill will be so printed without it and presented to the client.
Should the client have no expostulation to paying the charge the bill will be printed and processed as per the hotel process.


Booklets and any other stuff will be paid by the hotel and distributed to the hotels as and when required. The Front Office Manager will be responsible to guarantee that stuffs are available and at all times and staff is capable of passing inquiries and discounts.

Hotel Privacy Issue

Information Collection and Use:

Palace of Golden Horse Hotel will non sell, portion, or lease their hotel informationA to others in ways different from what is disclosed in this statement.


During enrollment a user is required to give their contact information such as name and electronic mail reference. This information is used to reach the user about the services on our site for which they have expressed involvement.


We request information from the user on our order signifier. Here a user must supply contact information like name and transportation reference, fiscal information like recognition card figure. This information is used for charge intents and to make full client ‘s orders. If they have problem treating an order, this contact information is used to acquire in touch with the user.


When users submit sensitive information via the web site, your information is sheltered both on-line and off-line. During the enrollment signifier asks users to come in sensitive information such as recognition card figure or societal security figure, that information is encrypted and is protected with the best encoding package in the industry. This appliance relates to a method and tools for supplying an automatic enrollment and security system for usage often in hotels. A magnetic recording equipment reads fixed information, For illustration, name, reference, card figure, and transmits this information to a computing machine. The computing machine generates a coded figure which is temporarily assigned to a peculiar room figure, and a magnetic recording equipment associated with the card reader records this coded figure on a 2nd magnetic country on the card. The room figure is besides displayed to the holder of the card. The card holder so proceeds to the room which he has been assigned and once more infix his card into a 2nd card reader located at the room. Closed-circuit telecasting ( CCTV ) cameras are being used in the hotel. CCTV is used to Prevent from condemnable incidents, and deciding hard state of affairss with invitees.


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