House Of Horrors Essay

The doors of the empty house swung open and drifted gently back and forth in the wind. Empty? Muffled screams came from one of the rooms. I opened the door to a scene of inhuman, blasphemous, butchery.

Naked men and women were nailed upside down on inverted crucifixes. Blood was dripping down the walls of the pentagonal shaped room. Bits and pieces of rotting flesh was strewn about the place. In the center of the room was a huge inverted pentagram drawn in blood. At each of the five points burnt a large candle with strange symbols imprinted on it.

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House Of Horrors Essay
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Kill me, moaned a weak voice behind me. It was one of the women nailed to the crucifix. She coughed up blood. Kill me. She began to choke on her own fluids. I looked at her hideously deformed face. I retched. Both of her eyes had been crudely gouged out. I wiped the vomit from my chin.

Who did this? I whispered to myself.

I did. replied a voice unexpectedly from above. I spun around to find the lines of the pentagram on fire. Something was happening in the center of the symbol.

Let me show you what I did, said the voice.

The flames of the pentagram engulfed me as I faded into unconsciousness
The presence loomed over me. I screamed as blood spurted from the wounds in my arms and legs. As I lay panting on my crucifix a blinding light exploded around me. I could feel the retina in my eyes slowly being burnt out. The presence moved again, this time to the right of me. Intense pain ran along the nerve channels in my body. I could feel my limbs being burnt from the inside out. I had no idea where I was but I knew that the strange entity was somehow sustaining my life.

Who are you?! I whimpered.

The entity spoke. It was a chilling, frightening sound that shook me to the bones.

I am the Deicide, it replied, its metallic voice resonating around me.

Please??.please let me die, I gasped through clenched teeth, spitting blood and vomit.

No, it replied simply. I shall not let you die or your soul depart from your flesh. That is what a merciful god would do. Well I am what your god should fear most, what your pitiful human kind should fear, for I am evil beyond your greatest imagining. I am the Deicide, I am the death of God. You shall be the prophet of the Apocalypse of Satan. You will spread the word of the suffering and hate that will become your world, of the plagues and pestilence, the death and destruction. And for all the world to witness, the death of God.

What I was experiencing was more terrifying and painful than anything any human being had ever endured. The demon before me showed me a glimpse of its face. It was pure evil. As I stared at the penetrating black orbs which were its eyes, a searing pain exploded in my brain. My memories were being drained from me. First my childhood then as a young man. When I could remember nothing of my past except the terrible torture and pain, the demon raised its arm and pushed one of its three talons into my forehead. My shredded larynx could not cope with the shrill scream which escaped me. I vomited more blood. Lucifers talon penetrated my brain deeper and deeper until it reached my cortex. Delicately he cut away the flesh and severed the organ from my skull. I began choking in my own blood as he severed the back of my neck. With a sharp wrench the demon grasping my spine dislodged my 5th lumbar vertebrae from my cocsick. With slippery hands it pulled my spine through my forehead splattering brain and flesh over my crucifix.

My tattered corpse could no longer support my soul. I felt the pain begin to cease as my inner being departed from my flesh. As darkness began to descend my last visions were of the demonic creature laughing shrilly.

Somewhere in the world, in the back of an old Ford, a child was born. It was no ordinary birth for this child was born Aware. It came into the world not kicking and screaming but in a placid, observant state as though it knew exactly what was happening. The exhausted mother held up the child in her arms and shrieked. She was frightened to the inner core of her being. She could not take her eyes off the newborn, nor did it stop staring at her with its black, impenetrable orbs which were its eyes. They were the eyes of pure evil. The Darkness had arrived.

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