How Can a Working Woman Be Devoted to Both Her Career and Her Family Life? Essay

Every modern woman is faced with one particularly difficult choice at some point during her life. When it comes to choosing whether to go to work or stay at home with her husband and child, every woman makes this decision in a different way and for different reasons. Is it good for a family- particularly the child to have a mother who is always home,or is it better if the woman can contribute to be a part of the family’s income?.

There are obviously two sides to this argument but the main question is how can a working mom strike the right balance to keep her family from suffering because she is not there all the time To begin with, there are many satisfactions of becoming a house-wife. One of them, and I feel the most important, is the feeling of cosiness you would give your family. Its the care you bring that breeds trust.

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How Can a Working Woman Be Devoted to Both Her Career and Her Family Life? Essay
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Being able to spend time with your family, and not having to rush home to do things, sharing your daily-life with your husbands and child and asking theirs in return. If you’re too busy, housework can be left to someone else, but remember to keep the chief role,you have to watch out and be awareness of everything happening in your own house Secondly, getting on with a clear schedule may be much help in your situation.

Regular absence in the family occasions can aggravate people’s disappointment and none will feel compassion for your busy life. In addtion, don’t bring too much work home with you and never be edgy to the people in your family just because your business doesn’t get on its way. All in all, woman nowadays can do it well either at her office or family as long as she can manage her time and show her love to people in the family.


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