“How Can an Organisation Use an Intranet to Achieve Knowledge Sharing Among Its Employees?” Essay

An intranet is a term used to refer to the implementation of Internet technologies within a corporate organization, rather than an external connection to the global Internet. Knowledge sharing among an organization is often effective, throughout the use of an intranet. An intranet is a modern, easy and effective way of reaching all the staff. Using an intranet as a means of knowledge sharing insures all employees know about important information that would be available to them at any given point in time.

The use and training of employees to access and navigate their way around an intranet would be of small time and effort as many to almost everyone would have had some experience in the use of the internet which in fact is very similar in the way an intranet functions and is used. An organisation can use an intranet to achieve knowledge sharing by allowing consistent access to updated information that is readily available posted on the internal web based system for all employees to see. An increasing number of employees have had experience using the intranet and are comfortable with the access model it provides’. (Stallings, 2005, P. 194). The simplicity of the layout allows easy navigation around the site for employees to be provided with appropriate information. Many companies have started using an intranet to link communication between all of its employees and employers. National Australia Bank (NAB) is just one existing organisation that has incorporated an intranet into its daily business operations.

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“How Can an Organisation Use an Intranet to Achieve Knowledge Sharing Among Its Employees?” Essay
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Not only does NAB use an intranet for knowledge sharing relating to business tasks but also to display options for employees to assist them in further career development. ‘NAB also advertises internal vacancies on its intranet to ensure our staff have the opportunity of applying for internal roles’. (NAB, year of publication). This is just one of the positive outcomes that are associated when the use of an intranet is incorporated into an organisation.

Not only does it achieve knowledge sharing but it also helps the company. ‘An intranet is reported to increase in sophistication and in complexity as it evolves. This evolution of application leads to an increase in development and management’. ( Finnegan &Duane, year of publication? ) By an organisation incorporating an information system, such as an intranet, into their business operations, it allows effective and efficient communication resulting in a string of advantages.

The open architecture of an intranet allows for expansion and development as the company increasingly grows and as technology continues to become more advanced. The add on of applications that supports a large range of media types, audio, video and even in some circumstances interactive media, are all available by this specific information system. The small expense to start up an intranet is also another great incentive to increase the use of information sharing via using an intranet.

My personal learning about knowledge sharing via an intranet has informed me of the pros that come with this type of information transfer among an organisation. I’ have learned about the simplicity of an intranet and the benefits it has to the employees always being able to know what is going on within the organisation. Reference: Stallings, W 2005, Business data communications, Pearson Education International. MANAGING INTRANET TECHNOLOGY IN AN ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEXT, Pat Finnegan, Aidan Duane. www. nab. com. au


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