How Chemistry Affects My Daily Life Essay

I get up in the morning and I breath in oxygen and I breath out carbon dioxide. I get in the shower and use water *. I use soap in the shower also. I dry the water off with air molecules. I dry my hair by using a hair dryer, which uses electricity. Electrical affects are caused by the position and the movement of positively and negatively charged particles.I use cologne which has alcohol in it. I wash my clothes using water and soap. I light a candle. This is an example of combustion. For this to occur there must be a presence of combustible substance, a temperature high enough to cause combustion, and the presence of oxygen or chlorine. Of course when I light the candle it is in the presence of oxygen. I go downstairs and I get out a packet of pop tarts. I heat the pop tarts in a microwave. Microwave ovens work through a process in which water molecules within the food are agitated and they begin a heating process. I take the pop tarts out and put them in a plate. I get a cup out and pour milk into it. Milk contains such things as globules of butterfat suspended in a solution which has lactose, proteins and salts of calcium. When I’m finished I put the dirty dish into the dishwasher, add soap, and turn it on. I get ready for the bus and turn on the lights, which are again run by electricity. I see the lights coming from far away. The power source of the light is the battery in the bus. The chief advantage is that it can hold a lot of energy. The disadvantage is that it runs down quickly. I walk to the bus which runs on gasoline. Gasoline is the mixture of the lighter liquid hydro carbons used chiefly as a fuel for internal combustion engines. Our bus rides on roads. The roads are composed of a mixture of coarse or fine aggregates. Aggregates are things like crushed stone, gravel and sand. The bus runs on four wheels which are made of rubber. There are two kinds of rubber. There is natural rubber which is made latex, which is found in many plants. There are also synthetic rubbers which are produced from unsaturated hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons are a family of organic compounds, formed entirely from carbon and hydrogen. I go to school and I hit the first freshman I see. I give him a bloody nose. Blood drips to the floor. The red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of the body. In the process, I also cut his lip. The nurse applies ammonia to the cut. Ammonia is very soluble with water. During lunch, I slip and the hot soup hits my teacher and burns her flesh. During Chemistry class, I do a lab to find the heat of fusion of ice. I use calorimeters and thermometers in the experiment. I am told to find the number of calories lost in the experiment. A calorie is the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of water one degree celcius. We are told to use plastic graduated cylinders to measure our amount of water. Plastics means organic polymeric materials. He tells us to use thermometers which have mercury in them. Mercury is a element that is a free flowing liquid at room temperature. He cautions us to becareful with them. This is because the mercury is dangerous if it is exposed. If we inhale it into our bodies, it is a form of poisoning.We are told to find the atomic weight of many substances. We must use the periodic table to find it. I go home at 3:00 pm. When I get home, my mother has boiled rice prepared for me. The water with the rice boils when the vapor pressure equals the air pressure. She also fries banana chips for me. She fries it for me in oil. It turns out to be a very fatty food. After lunch, I go to study. I turn my light on which is run by electricity.I then go to sleep, and the whole process begins again.

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How Chemistry Affects My Daily Life Essay
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