How Decision Support System impacts decision making process Essay

The ground behind taking this subject due to unknowingness of DSS for people who are working in Bankss, different theoretical accounts sing diverse maps inserted to Bankss non clearly and swimmingly explained to the staff, therefore there is a spread between human determinations and system determinations. Assorted demands are created from different sorts of Bankss like, cardinal, commercial, retail and investing. Therefore, confirmation in implementing the system will be.

The chief intent of this research is to happen out how “ Decision Support System ” is being used in Bankss and fiscal organisations in Bahrain to ease the determination doing process maps. This research is besides explains how DSS is used in different degrees in Bankss and companies. Furthermore, it finds out the benefits and drawbacks gained from following DSS with it future betterments, which has been used in Bankss presents for better determination devising.

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How Decision Support System impacts decision making process Essay
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Tonss of determinations are taken every twenty-four hours all around the universe. Some determinations are little which affect persons ‘ lives, while others are large seting a immense consequence on states future and development.

Decision devising is based on the information collected and gathered by directors. Therefore, the fast turning information generated by people every minute is faster than anything over graduated table of decennaries ( Kelly, 2006 ) .

Decision Support System ( DSS ) refers to a computing machine based package used in houses and organisations to back up the determination devising procedure. DSSs aid in taking determinations in all organisation sections including direction, planning and operations, which change continuously in an advanced degree ( Sol 1987 ) .

An effectual DSS must assist the determination shapers to roll up and analyse utile information from natural stuffs, paperss, notes, diaries, concern cognition to easy place and work out jobs.

DSS have several ways to show the given information either diagrammatically or by utilizing adept systems or Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) , which possibly designed by the direction or group of cognition workers.

Companies use DSS to better the determination devising at the first degree. Besides, it has provided many value added characteristics to the organisations such as, bettering staff efficiency and coaction, rushing up work outing jobs, heightening employee communicating, increasing the houses ‘ control over its activities, supplying new grounds to back up determinations, and eventually assisting the managerial procedure Turban, Aronson, Liang and Sharda ( 2007 ) .

A Decision Support System is the key to organize informations and do quality determinations upon it. Making quality determinations in concern depend on the quality of information gathered and human ability to analyse it in order to happen tendencies to make solutions and schemes. DSS are computing machine applications with human constituent that go through big sum of informations and chose between many options.

Execution of Decision Support System has been spread to different countries instead than concern sector. For case, clinics and infirmaries have usage it in their medical analysis and judgement, while Bankss and fiscal establishments have implement it in their recognition subdivisions to assist loan officers to corroborate the recognition of loan appliers and in other subdivisions to analyse gross revenues informations, budget sheet, and update scheme and measure current consequence. On top of that, the most growing country of DSS application is agricultural production systems to ease determination devising at the farm and policy degree.

Statement of the job

Although we are certain about the importance of DSS execution in concern, which help in determination devising procedure and brought many advantages and wagess to houses for illustration, increasing procedure efficiency and cut downing paper work, there are still some unexpected disadvantages that leads to unplanned system crises and lag or even possibly vanishing the information in a flash or Cadmium.

In this research we want to show the apprehension of “ Decision Support System ” in Bankss and fiscal organisations, in order to demo that they are non all utilizing DSS in their functional determination activities.

This survey, “ The impact of Decision Support System of heightening the efficiency and effectivity of determination devising procedure, Bankss and fiscal organisation as a instance survey ” purposes to show how DSS ease the determination doing procedure in organisation. It further aims to reply the undermentioned inquiries:

Do people aware of DSS, intent, and of import part to determination devising?

How is DSS used in different degree in Bankss?

What are DSS benefits and drawbacks sing strategic determination devising?

Restrictions of the survey

Talking about Decision Support System is a wide topic to manage. This survey will discourse the impact of determination Support System in the determination devising procedure merely in Bankss and fiscal organisations, so lone Bankss and fiscal organisation with strong fiscal place and large size could hold the job included and work out it. Besides, ciphering the figure of Bankss utilizing DSS, depending on it, and how the system is being used might be hard to calculate out and reply.

Significant of the survey

By showing this survey of DSS influence in determination devising, this research is expected to lend toward the enlargement of DSS to all concern sectors with the immense benefits provided to all parties covering with concern like providers, clients outside the house and directors, concern professionals, and stakeholders inside the house.

Breakdown of the survey

This research have started with an debut sing the significance of Decision Support System construct, the relationship between DSS and Decision devising, execution of DSS, and eventually benefits and drawbacks followed by different writers ‘ sentiments. These can be proved through administering a study among different degrees and criterions of employees in assorted Bankss. Based on the consequence gained from employee sentiments, solutions, determinations will be taken to better DSS and its nucleus map.


The construct of DSS is really board to specify, depending on the writer ‘s point position. As many writers agreed that DSS is a computing machine based system that help users in judgement and taking between options, others has gone beyond that in explicating the benefits, use and productiveness of the system with their different sentiments. Below are different literatures investigated and important points gathered and summarized harmonizing to topic.

List of the Literature Review

2.1.1 What is Decision Support System?

Harmonizing to Sol ( 1987 ) , the definition and range of DSS has been migrating over the old ages. In the 1970s DSS was described as “ a computing machine based system to help determination devising ” . Late 1970s the DSS motion started concentrating on “ synergistic computer-based systems which help decision-makers use informations bases and theoretical accounts to work out ill-structured jobs ” . In the 1980s DSS should supply systems “ utilizing suited and available engineering to better effectivity of managerial and professional activities ” , and stop 1980s DSS faced a new challenge towards the design of intelligent workstations.

Decision Support System ( DSS ) has been developing for about 40 old ages by different research workers and engineers chiefly within country. Explained by Power in 2007, in the history of development of DSS, five wide classs have been agreed on within this country, they include communications-driven, data-driven, document driven, knowledge-driven and model-driven determination support systems.

Kuljis, Macredie and Paul ( 1999 ) , indicate that there are some determination support systems which are computer-based Information Systems ( IS ) that provide the best practical ways to near the gaining control, direction and development of information which would be indispensable for the concern demands.

DSS had expanded the range of its applications since the beginning of 1980 ‘s by academic organisations and universities, besides the range, the expanding of the field of DSS besides enriched the later development of the system ( Power, 2007 ) .

2.1.2 What are Decision Support System benefits?

Turban, Aronson, Liang and Sharda ( 2007 ) , explained that DSS ‘s benefits have been discovered by concerns and other organisations, for illustration, speedy calculations, improved communicating and coaction, increased productiveness of group members, improved the quality of determination devising, better the flexibleness of clip and infinite of determination devising etc.

The benefits of determination support system were recognized that it could be designed to back up decision-makers at any degree in an organisation and could back up operational determination devising, fiscal direction and strategic decision-making ( Power,2007 ) .

Johan Svensson ( 2010 ) nowadayss that in the bank two DSS tools which are intensively used in doing and put to deathing determinations. One is Programing Trading which is an automatic trading system ; the other is Market Maker which used to happen chances in the market to do money by utilizing bank ‘s money. The BI tools in these two illustrations are used rather much, severally about 70 % and 90 % during the determination devising procedure. From his position, DSS ‘s benefit is to do determination faster ; its drawbacks are less control and more opportunities of mistakes.

The determination support frame work proposed explains that, fiscal direction ( investing ) in the strategic control degree needs determination support. Strategic be aftering relates with organisation ‘s long term development, hence, the benefits of DSS are non good recognized by Bankss and fiscal sectors. There is still possible country to be development to do good usage of DSS there ( Gorry and Scott-Morton, 1971 ) .

Mr. McCarthy ( 2010 ) indicates that DSS can non be straight seen or independent used in Bankss or fiscal sectors. No uncertainty that the fiscal services companies are the biggest spread outing market topographic points in IT. Today, since there is no settled solution, these organisations are paying more attending to the hazards. There are computations of hazard and there is a model to draw it out together and to hold direction do efficient determinations. Having that as a portion of the solution, the model is of import, the DSS is of import if the hazards are calculated efficaciously, by traveling this forward, DSS will be more and more appreciated by determination shapers in fiscal services sector.

Professor Carlsson ( 2010 ) introduced that DSS has been the top three investing points in different organisations in past old ages. Peoples are more cognizant of the importance of utilizing DSS to back up the determination devising.

Insurance companies are the most frequent 1s to utilize DSS, in this existent country, good mathematical theoretical accounts are implemented into the system to assist direction to calculate out the monetary value for a merchandise or how they should turn to hazards in one manner or another ( Mr. McCarthy, 2010 ) .

2.1.3 Decision doing procedure

The history of the term determination devising could be dated back to the center of the past century. Telephone executive Chester Barnard takes ‘decision doing ‘ from public disposal into the concern universe ( Buchanan and Connel, 2006 ) .

Davenport ( 2009 ) , gives twosome of important illustrations of determination: the determination to occupy Iraq, non use resources to work out planetary warming menaces etc, all seem to be written in the black page of the history book.

In the concern universe, determination devising is a particular art which includes three different degrees which are operational, tactical and strategic ( Harris, 2009 ) . These three degrees of determination devisings are covering with different images of the concern, from mundane operational modus operandi determinations to non-routine long term determinations.

Power ( 2007 ) nowadayss that in the rapid clip of economic development, doing the right determination at the right clip are important to the banking subdivision today. Travel together with the engineering betterment, after 1995, World Wide Web, planetary Internet, and the subsequently released HTML 2.0 specifications accelerated the development velocity of web-based DSS.

Decision devising is based on information that the determination shaper is garnering. Therefore, in our planet the fastest growth activity is the sum of information that we are bring forthing every twenty-four hours, every hr, every minute. Expanding rate of information is and has been faster than anything else that could be measured over the graduated table of decennaries ( Kelly, 2006 ) .

Miller, Brautigam and Gerlach ( 2006 ) , besides the rapid development in the concern universe including banking sector, different organisations have assorted ways to mensurate their success. Therefore, one factor that could non be denied is that the gross marks are going harder and harder to make. By deriving focal point on doing popper strategic and tactical determinations with necessary cognition to maximise gross, maximise hazard and staying the competitory topographic point in the market. BI could be one of the best practical DSS to help organisations to accomplish the end.

Harmonizing to Alter ( 2004 ) , alteration or betterment of one of the nine work system elements could supply a better determination devising. In the undertaking introduced by FSIC, one fact could be noticed that their manner of roll uping informations involves the procedure of detecting client ‘s demands and their behaviours.

Summary of Literature Review

All the related literatures reviewed confirmed that DSS refers to “ computing machine based system that assists managerial and professional activities of concern demands, which aims fundamentally on bettering determination devising procedure. The above literatures portion the same thoughts that DSS speed the operations, better coaction and communicating among employees, and better quality and flexibleness of determinations taken.


3.1 Data- assemblage methodological analysis employed

Descriptive research method has been used to depict the current job “ DSS ” , benefits and drawbacks, and use in different degrees. Besides, empirical method has been used to turn out and explicate the relationship between DSS and determination devising procedure. Due to the empirical surveies, dependent variable is identified, which is determination doing procedure and independent variables which are people, preparation and update cognition and informations, and implementing processs and communicating. These variables will be explained subsequently in more inside informations with the hypotheses.

Meanwhile, the primary informations have been collected from the questionnaire prepared, while, the secondary informations gathered from articles, books, and diaries.

3.2 Research design

This research conceived as a quantitative survey. It aims to depict and understand the factors that contribute to implement DSS through doing a questionnaire to turn out its pattern. Online questionnaire has been built and shared out among different people in Bankss and fiscal organisations like, Standard Chartered Bank, BBK, Albaraka Bank, Ahli United Bank, Solidair co. , Arabian Financial Services, PNB paribus, in which respondents were given the freedom to reply the questionnaire. The questionnaire was divided into two subdivisions. The first subdivision includes general inquiries that measure the demographic features of the respondents like age, gender, place, and grade, while the 2nd subdivision includes variables inquiries that generate the relationship between dependant and independent variables.

There were 62 respondents for the research, whom have been asked to make full the questionnaire. There are 59.7 % males and 40.3 % females. Adults represent 83.8 % of the surveyed sample. They are at assorted degree of instruction runing from PHD to Diploma. 56.5 % of the respondents are normal staff, but 43.6 % are in-between and top directors.

3.3 Variables and Hypotheses of the survey

3.3.1 Hypothesiss of the survey:

Hypothesis 1: Darmstadtium has important relationship with in-between and top directors

H0: DSS has no important relationship with in-between and top directors

H1: DSS has important relationship with in-between and top directors

Hypothesis 2: Good preparation, update cognition and informations of DSS lead to better determinations.

H0: Good preparation, update cognition and informations of DSS do n’t impact the determinations doing.

H2: Good preparation, update cognition and informations of DSS affect the determinations doing.

Hypothesis 3: There is a important consequence of implementing processs, and communicating on determination devising.

H0: There is no important consequence of implementing processs, and communicating on determination devising.

H3: There is a important consequence of implementing processs, and communicating on determination devising.


The most important challenge DSS face is lack of consciousness between people, because even if it was implemented in Bankss and organisations merely few employees have knowledge about it. First, top directors who likely use it. Second, IT people who have old background about it either from their surveies or from working and developing it.

Furthermore, the full DSS system has non been to the full scoped, there are still opportunities and infinites to be improved and developed. It ‘ll non be easy at all to alter the old system to new map, in most state of affairss it is hard to treat or there is a deficiency of informations that lead to a changeless system. These hard alterations will do to a high per centum of mistakes and errors in the functionality of the system which consequence from complexness of it. On top of that, some directors may utilize the system but they ‘ll non see it and depend upon it because they do n’t merely swear a system to take determinations.

Finally, some companies have addressed the higher systems ‘ cost, which step them backward from purchasing and utilizing it inside their organisations.


The consequence of the questionnaire were transferred to the analytic package SPSS, which has been used to place the relationship among variables.

5.1 Measuring H1

H1 indicates that DSS has important relationship with in-between and top directors. In H1 we have combined Q8 and Q10 that are related to variable figure one which is people. Although more than half of the sample is normal staff and keeping BSc grades, around 93.6 % agreed that top and in-between directors are the most type of people who use DSS in their work. While 40.3 % of them disagreed that all their determinations are based on DSS system.

Based on the significance degree gained from the H1 0.077, I ‘ll reject H1 because it ‘s higher than.05 and accept H0 that refers to a negative important relationship between center and top directors and DSS.

5.2 Measuring H2

H2 indicated that good preparation, update cognition and informations lead to better determinations. In H2 we have combined Q5, Q7, Q11, Q12 that are related to variable two which are developing, informations and cognition. 66.1 % of the sample cognizant about the DSS system and knew that DSS is a computing machine based system that support determination doing procedure while the staying does n’t cognize. Around 95 % of them have strongly agreed that good preparation on the system will take to better determinations.

Based on the significance degree gained from H2 0.064, I ‘ll reject H2 because it ‘s higher than.05 and accept H0 that refers to the negative consequence between determination devising and preparation, and update cognition and informations.

5.3 Measuring H3

H3 presents that there is a important consequence on implementing processs and communicating on determination devising. In H3 we have combined Q6, Q13, Q14 that are related to variable three which are implementing processs and communicating. More than the half of the sample have DSS system available in their organisations and agreed about the strong consequence of communicating on the determination devising, but 25.8 % do n’t cognize whether implementing the system is an of import factor of DSS or non.

Based on the significance degree gained from H3 0.000, I ‘ll reject H0 and accept H3 that refers to the positive consequence of implementing processs and communicating over the determination devising.

5.4 Measuring H4

In H4 we have combined the H1, H2, and H3 to happen out the overall consequence of dependant variable over the independent variables in the survey. So, based on the significance degree gained from H4 0.000, we conclude that the overall consequence of the combined variables are positive on the research survey in malice of the single rejection of H1 and H2.


6.1 Discussion

The research happening carried out from the questionnaire conducted for my survey as summarized in the old chapter, conclude that the good determination devising is achieved with the perfectness usage of DSS system, as likewise identified in the related literature reappraisal in chapter II.

All mentioned literature reappraisals have agreed on the significance of DSS and its direct relationship with determination devising. By returning back to the respondents, I found out that they are cognizant of DSS construct and approved that DSS is a computing machine based system that support determination devising procedure, ( Q5, Q7 ) . However, most employees who have filled the questionnaire either who are cognizant of DSS or non hold agreed that their houses face deficiency of information job, which has affected significantly the consequence in rejecting H2. Because you can see even inside the same bank or organisation, people aware of the system and others non, which is chiefly because DSS is used by limited figure of people who are directors, ( Q12 ) as Mr. McCarthy and Carlsson both thought that DSS is non that good known by all people in Bankss who are utilizing them, the system is like a black box. Therefore, the solution for that as so many recommended is the sufficient and uninterrupted preparation on the system, ( Q11 ) .

Harmonizing to the study ( Q8, Q10 ) most answering have agreed that both in-between and top directors are more frequent utilizing DSS system, but they divided between disagreed and impersonal sing dependant of all determinations on DSS which cause to reject H1. Truly, they thought that even with the being of DSS system in their Bankss, there is no full dependance on the system in taking determinations due to its efficiencies and as I mentioned before in the abstract there is still discrepancy between homos based determinations and system based determinations. However, people will ne’er of all time depend on a machine to find their hereafter.

By mentioning to ( Q6, Q13 ) which reported a high per centum handiness of the DSS in Bankss and organisation and sing implementing the system as an of import factor of DSS that supports Professor Carlsson reappraisal that few houses depicting system ‘s working procedure of DSS before implementing ; hence, the impact could be measured right after implementing.

Research sample concur that determination devising will be improved and developed by utilizing DSS, which besides support Turban, Aronson, Liang and Sharda sentiments that quality and flexibleness in clip and infinite of determination devising will be improved by utilizing DSS system, ( Q17 ) .

6.1.1 DSS part to determination devising

Risk direction anticipation can be analyzed though the aid of DSS as many writers agreed. Harris ( 2009 ) pointed that during the determination devising procedures, certain hazard necessarily involved. While McCarthy has mentioned that DSS is tightly bounded with the affair of hazard direction and hazard frame work, in which it has been used efficaciously to cipher hazard.

Furthermore, other writers have pointed the precise consequences of hazard computation gained from DSS that strongly lead to precise determination devising.

6.1.2 DSS use in different degree in Bankss

DSS plays a assorted function in different degrees in the bank. In the investing Bankss, it helps investors to in their determinations by bring forthing the needed analysis about client behaviour, apportioning the hazard to quantitative and qualitative analysis to do good trades, uniting complex logics with mathematical and economic theoretical accounts to back up trading at higher degree to go fast and profitable plenty.

In the lower degree, it used for day-to-day minutess and payment mentioned by McCarthy, supervising procedure and directing notice information to consumers as they are portion of the determination devising procedure.

In insurance companies, DSS is used to cipher hazard and set sensible monetary values for their merchandises.

6.1.3 DSS benefits and drawbacks

As mentioned before, DSS aid in apportioning client demands in an accurate manner to better their satisfaction. It analyzes the anticipation of hazard in investing Bankss. Besides, it adds many added value characteristics like, heightening staff efficiency and effectivity, bettering employee coaction and communicating, and increasing houses control over its activities. More significantly, faster the determination devising procedure.

On the other manus, Banks dependent upon DSS will confront many mistakes and errors in their maps every bit good as system lag and crises that lead to inaccurate consequences of the system. Besides that, there is higher per centum of deficiency of trained people on DSS that go in front toward hard alteration of it.

6.2 Recommendation

To reason, DSS is used to improved quality of determination devising, calculate predicted hazard of the house and faster communicating between employees. DSS is more than merely a system to infix input and bring forth end product. CIOs and directors use it in their hard determinations in assorted maps to derive control and effectivity over their concern activities.

Harmonizing to McCarthy and Carlsson, informations aggregation and informations quality are two chief factors that improve the quality of determination devising. Roll uping the information from different points and apportioning it accurately to the resource would add value to our determinations. Besides, bettering informations quality will assist in rectifying errors that gives quality determinations result.

As mentioned by McCarthy, the cognition spread between users and system must be minimized and improved in the hereafter. Improbable, Carlsson mentioned that merely few house today are implementing the clear procedure of DSS, hence at the same terminal user might hold some conjectures and tests in the system every bit long as errors occurs.


In decision, there are some of import points I would wish to portion them in a summarized manner which are:

Decision Support system is a important tool in heightening the efficiency and effectivity of determination doing procedure applied in different Bankss and fiscal organisations.

Unknowingness of DSS between people who are working in Bankss is one of the issues today, different functionality of the system are non clearly explained for the employees, hence, spread is created.

Hazard analysis factor achieved from DSS needed for betterment to work out hazard direction job in different Bankss and organisations.

Different demand of DSS should be put in head when implementing the system in assorted sorts of Bankss like, investing, commercial, retail, and cardinal.


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