How does matter change?

Question Answer
chemical change particles of one substance are changed in some way to form particles of a new substance
physical change a change in the size, shape or state of matter that does not change the particles that make up matter
A change in the ______________________ of matter is a physical change. size, shape, or state
A physical change does NOT change the particles that make up matter. The ____________________________, however, may be changed. arrangement of the particles
Because the parts of a mixture do not change and can be separated, making a mixture is an example of a _____________________ physical change.
A mixture of nuts and raisins may be separated by hand. The parts do not form a new substance. This is an example of a physical change
A mixture of salt and water may be separated by evaporation–salt will be left behind. This is an example of a physical change
Breaking and tearing are two other examples of…
Breaking a pencil or tearing a piece of paper do not change the kind of matter in the parts.
physical change
Other times, a change can form a new substance with new properties. This is called a…. chemical change
Unlike a physical change, a chemical change produces a completely different_____________________ kind of matter.
In a chemical change, particles of one or more substances are ________________________ to form particles of new substances with different properties. changed in some way
In each case, the chemical properties of materials that were mixed… change
Some chemical changes happen slowly such as food _______________ or an iron nail__________________. decaying/rusting
Other chemical changes happen quickly such as wood __________________ or baking/cooking. burning

Many chemical changes give off ____________, such as the light from a burning log.

When cooking or baking foods, the colors, textures, and smells of the food are evidence of __________________ change. chemical
The solution of vinegar (a liquid) and baking soda (a solid) produce ____________________ (a gas). carbon dioxide

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