How does water quality affect the ecology of a community?

Term Definition
model A way of representing
something in the world to learn more about.
simulate To imitate how something happens in the the real world by acting it out using a model.
elevation The height of a geographical location above a reference point, usually sea level.
claim A statement about what a trend means.
watershed The land area from which water drains into a particular stream, river or lake.
slope A measure of steepness. It is the ratio of change in elevation to the change in horizontal distance.
raised relief map A three-dimensional map that shows elevations.
nested watershed One watershed that is part of a larger one.
erosion A process in which Earth’s material are loosened and removed.
deposition The settling down of Earth’s materials in another area.
land use How people use Earth’s surface.
urban area An area that has a large population and a lot of residential and commercial development.
urbanization The growth and development of urban areas.
manufacturing The making of or producing of anything.
deforestation The cutting down and removal of all or most of the trees in a forested area.
pollution Substances that are added to air, water, or soil that cause harm to the environment.
point-source pollution Pollution that originates from a single point or location.
non-point-source pollution Pollution that comes from many sources over a large area.

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