How Drinking Affects Driving Essay

OUTLINE: Effects if Alcohol on Drivers Performs The use of alcohol has been a major problem in our society A serious problem of alcohol Is that of drunk drivers Facts About Alcohol Alcohol is a common name for chemical substances ethanol, grain alcohol or ethyl alcohol Not digested but absorbed Into the bloodstream Alcohol is a major factor in nearly 41% of traffic accidents where some one is killed Nearly 60% of all Fatalities during holidays are alcohol related For drivers of all ages In fatal crashes one out of four Is intoxicated Half of those killed In alcohol related collisions had not been drinking

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Mental Affects of Alcohol When Driving After one drink first goes to area in brain that controls Judgment and reasoning making them take risks 1st concentration decreases and Inhibitions are reduced causes one to be Impulsive 2nd Reduced coordination trouble making trouble driving 3rd Distorted depth perception has trouble knowing how far away things are and how fast they are going 4th When the entire brain is affected the person may pass out Alcohol alters moods and emotions Gives a feeling of well being Affects Alcohol Has On Physical Abilities Muscular reactions slow down

Steering and breaking movements can become uncoordinated Reflex actions is impaired and bright lights will blind the driver temporarily Seeing Ability becomes unclear Reduces the scanning and searching process Eyes need more light to see dimly lit objects, and things will appeared blurred The drunk driver may SE several images, such as road lines or making oncoming cars is on both sides of the road Reducing The Driving Risks Best way to not drive under the influence of alcohol is not to drink at all. Driving after drinking is not responsible Refuse to drive with a driver who has been drinking

Choose a designated driver before attending the event. FINAL DRAFT: Drinking and driving is a nation wide problem. All states now have it that you must be older than 21 to drink, and laws are stricter against drunk drivers. Still alcohol is the number one cause of car crashes and is a top safety problem. Here are some facts about alcohol. A common name for chemical substances ethanol, grain alcohol, or ethyl alcohol is alcohol. This drug is not digested but absorbed into the blood stream. It is the main factor for 41% of all traffic accidents where someone is killed.

Of those that are killed half had not been drinking. For drivers of all ages that are in fatal crashes one out of four is intoxicated. During the holidays 60% of death during holidays are alcohol are alcohol related. This data is the shocking truth. Those that drive need to know the importance of not drinking Alcohol affects the human body as soon as it enters the body. After going to the controls Judgment and reasoning the most. First alcohol will cause you to lose concentration and inhibitions making the person to be more impulsive.

After that is educes coordination resulting in trouble driving and may have problems making turns. Third depth perception is distorted causing the driver to know how fast they are traveling and knowing how far away objects are. When the entire brain is affected the person may pass out. Alcohol not Just affects you mentally but physical too. One of the first physical effects is muscular reaction slowing down. This causes steering and breaking movements to be uncoordinated. In addition alcohol causes seeing ability to become unclear. This results in in the driver not to use the scanning and searching process.

When under the influence your eyes need more light to see dimly lit objects, and things will appeared blurred. While intoxicated the driver may see multiple images such as numerous center lines and on coming cars on both sides of the road. Alcohol is harmful and in large amounts can be deadly, especially when driving. Responsible drivers should decide not to become a part of this problem but help fix it. Since drunk driving is such a serious problem the best thing to do is to not drink at all. Driving after drinking is not responsible. You should re fuse to drive with some one who has been drinking.


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