How energy travels through the ecosystem

Question Answer
What is energy? The capacity to do work OR transfer heat
What are the two major types of energy? Kinetic and potential
Moving matter has kinetic energy because… It has mass and velocity
Wind, flowing water, and electricity are examples of which type of energy? Kinetic
Heat is… The total kinetic energy of all moving atoms, ions, or molecules in a given substance
Heat flows from warm to… Cool
What are the three methods that heat can be transferred? Radiation, conduction, and convection
Electromagnetic radiation occurs when… There are changes in electric and magnetic fields
Different forms of electromagnetic radiation have different Wavelengths and energy content
Gamma rays, x-rays, and UV radiation have Short wavelengths and high energy content
Visible light and infrared have Long wavelengths and low energy content
Which type of electromagnetic radiation makes up most of the spectrum emitted by the sun? Visible light
An unlit match, rock held in your hand, chemical energy stored in gasoline molecules, and nuclear energy in the nuclei of atoms are examples of… Potential energy
What is an example of potential energy changing to kinetic energy? Ex: potential energy in molecules of carbohydrates you eat change to kinetic when your body uses it to move
High temperature heat, nuclear fission, concentrated sunlight, high-velocity wind, and energy released from burning natural gas, gasoline, or coal, are examples of high quality or low quality energy? High quality
Heat dispersed in the atmosphere or ocean is an example of high quality or low quality energy? Low quality
Thermodynamics is the study of… Energy transformations
The first law of thermodynamics tells us that Energy cannot be created or destroyed; energy input=output
Energy consumption means Converting energy from one form to another
If you fill a car’s tank with gasoline and drive around or use a flash- light battery until it is dead, you lose Energy quality
The second law of thermodynamics tells us that When energy changes from one form to another, we always end up with lower-quality or less usable energy than we started with
As a result of energy losing quality as it is converted… We can never recycle or reuse high-quality energy to perform useful work
Energy efficiency is a measure of how much useful work is accomplished by a particular input of energy into a system

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