How Has the Armed Conflict in Colombia Affected the Quality of Life of People, Especially in Rural Areas? Essay

How has the armed conflict in Colombia affected the quality of life of people, especially in rural areas?

The armed conflict in Colombia is a social issue that has developed for years in a constant fight between the government and the armed revolutionary groups as FARC, this issue brings more issues especially the growing one of the displacement of poor and rural families, that these groups force to leave their homes and go away normally they go to cities to the street and loose the little quality of live they had this armed groups, what they do is to threaten this families and force them to pay some kind of quote that if they don’t pay they will get killed so the last resort that these poor families have is to run away let their homes and save their lives.

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How Has the Armed Conflict in Colombia Affected the Quality of Life of People, Especially in Rural Areas? Essay
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The quality of life with these issue has decreased for different factors, first some money and economic income that the country receive that could be used to give support to poor families has to be spent only in the army and in help for the conflict as in weapons and in resources for the soldiers in battle, these make more difficult for the government to help and solute other issues that without these expense in war could be controlled. Other factor is that in rural zones the people is not safe the index of life expectancy decreases and the families of these areas is never sure of when they could die when could one of these armed groups enter to their home and kill all their family.

Colombia also has some problems in quality of life because the armed conflict gives a bad reputation, around the world to the country making that we lose income in tourism the landscapes and attractive in Colombia are almost infinite, but with the conflict the people from outside do not feel safe of coming they feel is to expose their life and freedom, with these armed groups what takes a lot of incomes we could use for poor people and to build houses also the constant violations of the human rights by these armed groups takes away from u international support from entities as the ONU that we could use give land for homeless they could use for work and plantations that would first diminish the number of homeless population and also get the country economic help form natural products that could be used for exportation. I conclude that Colombia could solute multiple actual social issues if finally can get to solve the issue of the armed conflict the population, first would be safer and the human rights would be more respected increasing the index of life expectancy a very important factor, when we talk of quality of life also the money could be distributed in a more rational way that could help the country in issues of homeless and poverty with better life in the rural zones we could manage, better plantations and the plantation would be safer helping the country to work on exportation and get wider incomes.


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