How Important Video Games Are in Our Lives Essay

Universidad Americana How important video games are in our lives? Outline Thesis Statement: Videogames are more than a simple game nowadays. l- Supporting 1: Videogames as part of our lives. a- Video Games through the time. 1- Old and New videogames. b- Differences between the new ones and the old ones. 1- Graphics ll- Supporting 2 Benefits of videogames. a- To develop skills. 1- Motor skills. b- To socialize and share with friends. 1- Online gaming. Supporting 3 Disadvantages of playing videogames. a- Blood and violence 1- People ignore the age recommendation. Addiction 1- Spend too much time playing video games Nowadays many people play videogames, not only children, but adults too. The videogames have changed through the time. Since the first ones like Bomberman or Super Mario Bros, to the new ones like The Last of Us or Grand Theft Auto 5. The videogame industry has changed, and improved day by day. Many generations grew with a particular videogame that was famous at that time, and until now they do not forget it. Since 1970 the videogames became one of the preferred childhood leisure activities.

Through the time those videogames have been criticized and praised, because of their content. Today it is known that those videogames have positive aspects, but also negative aspects to children. It depends on many situations that can influence the children in a good or in a bad way. But that does not only happens with children, an adult can also be influenced by a videogame. All those aspects will be The videogames have invaded many aspects of our lives. “Seventy percent of the houses in the United States have a videogame console” ESRB, (2012) https:// www. srb. org/publishers/index_notloggedin. sf, recovered on October 31 , 2013. This statistic is from 2010, so this number can be easily bigger now. There are a large number of games that a person can play, some people prefer the old ones, and some others prefer the new ones. There are also new versions of some classic videogames that have been remastered. It is a clear example of how videogames have been changing and improving. The main aspect that has changed in videogames is the graphics. It is incredible to see how the videogames have changed in this aspect; oday the graphics are almost real in many of the new videogames.

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How Important Video Games Are in Our Lives Essay
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There are also some other changes like the main topic of the games. Today the companies create videogames with many different topics to cover many likes. Like almost everything, videogames have benefits and disadvantages. Here are some of those benefits. “Pre-scholars who play interactive video games, such as Wii, have better motor skills. The motor skills, such as kicking, catching, throwing a ball, were better in the children who played interactive games” Barnett. Lisa, (24 July 2012). Kids who play interactive video games have better motor skills,(2),1-1 .

So based on this we can say that the videogames can really help to improve some skills. Another advantage that playing video games has is that it is helpful to those children who have difficulties to socialize. Share with the others while playing video games is a good way to socialize. Nowadays many gamers also use the online game, which is another option to meet new people. This mode is very used by the new gamers who know how interesting it is. It consists in playing with someone who is not with us, sing the internet connection.

As seen, videogames are helpful in some cases, and the most important thing is that they make us have fun. As it was mentioned videogames also have disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages that they have is that the companies create violent videogames. Some companies are focused on creating violent and sexual explicit videogames, and those videogames are very popular. Some of the most known violent videogames are; God of War, Call of Duty, Mortal Combat, etc. Those videogames have the ESRB recommendation, which says the recommended age to play all those videogames.

But the reality is that anyone pays attention to those recommendations not even parents, and there is where the problem begins. Another disadvantage is that videogames can cause an addition in the children if their parents do not control how much time the children spend playing video games. Parents should supervise how much time their children expend playing videogames, and set a limit of not more than 2 hours per day. There are many cases where children need to be attended by psychologist because they can not stop playing videogames; that is why it is import to have the ontrol.

The most important thing that the parents should do is to set a limit and do not let their children to play videogames that are not for them. If they follow that rules there would not be any problem. As seen, video games are more than a simple game now; it is an important part of entertainment nowadays. The video game industry is bigger than we can imagine, there are a lot of options to play and catch people with different likes. There have video games are and also in their content. Based on some researches it has been hown that videogames have many advantages that children and also adults can get.

But also there are some disadvantages that videogames can cause. To have a wholesome entertainment it is necessary to supervise the children. If parents really supervise their children; they will have a good time playing. The video games world is a big world with many possible points of view, but what is really important is to understand that playing videogames is not bad, it depends of what the children play, and if they play the correct games for their age, they will have some benefits while having fun.


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