How Might Argumentation Differ in the Classroom, Daily Life, and Your Job? Essay

How might argumentation differ in the classroom, daily life, and your job? Approach to argumentation differs in the three scenarios because each situation is governed by different rules. The classroom is a formal setting, therefore argumentation here will be geared towards establishing points to educate the audience. As much as possible, argumentation in this situation may be supported with published materials and visuals. The mode of delivery may include formal speech presentation and power point.

In daily life, argumentation will probably come up from time to time impromptu and in this case presentation is usually informal. It is however important to give a good account of myself by doing my best to drive the point home. Reference to published materials may be used, even when they are not handy. Also, references to issues, news, event historical events and history will help to construct good argumentation. On the job, my approach to argumentation will be strengthened by a desire to bless co-workers with information that will help on the job.

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How Might Argumentation Differ in the Classroom, Daily Life, and Your Job? Essay
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Presentation here is usually formal and controlled. Argumentation here will be guided by time, policies and other constraints. However, my argumentation will dwell more on training issue that will serve as refresher or new information to other employees. This will be supported with published materials like manuals, handbooks, annual reports, training guides and more. To demonstrate this, select a position from a current event with which you are familiar. How would you argue this position in the classroom, daily life, and on the job? This is the right time for US to leave Iraq” In the classroom, there will be a brief reminder of situation that led the US into Iraq. Argumentation for this will be supported with news reports of peace returning to Iraq. The negative economic impact of war costs on the US will be an evidence. The capability of US-trained Iraqi forces will help drive the point home. The consolidation of the flegling democracy in Iraq and the wish of the Iraqi people. Would you use different supporting evidence to make your argument?

Other supporting evidence is the presence of the US in Afghanistan, talking about fighting two wars at a time. The cost impact on the US treasury, especially now that there is recession. What expectations would you have of someone arguing a position to you in each of these different settings? In all the settings, I expect that that there will be presentation of graphic and written materials to convince me that Iraq is actually peaceful and it is the right time to leave, despite the cost impact on the US treasury.


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