How often is there happiness Essay

Mazen SubehMr. Thune
How often does happiness come around? The majority agree upon the fact that happiness does not come that often. Does this statement mean that: ?Happiness is more often remembered than experienced?? Many believe this to be true. Not at any point in history was the whole world happy at the same time. Each issue will make one happy, while it makes the other very disappointed.

I have always wondered why it is that happiness is not always the outcome in the solution to the problems. I finally figured out the answer when a teacher said a very magical question to the whole class. Mr. Sabbagh asked us if we wanted to always hang out with losers. The answer is then, ?no.? He then asked how it could be that one person always wants it to be his way and expects that everyone else be happy. In order for one to be correct and be happy that he is right, someone else must be wrong and sad. This is true in all situations.

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How often is there happiness Essay
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Happiness will come around as often as you allow it to come. A person should not always have a negative view on life or the issues that coming running at the person. If a person is optimistic and has a light attitude, life will flow much more easily and happily. This includes when a person is wrong or mistaken because the person will think of it as an opportunity to learn something.

Have you ever actually thought about what happiness truly is? Is it solely an emotion? Does it have anything to do with a person?s character? Happiness differs from person to person. Each person has their own understanding of what being happy truly is. But if a person is always happy there will not be any memorable moments in the person?s life. Happiness occurs at random times where it is an unforgettable moment.

In the end, happiness is remembered more than experienced other wise it would not be exciting. The whole aspect of life is to have its ups and its downs. The seldom moments which we call the ups are those happy moments that a person should always remember. No matter how hard we focus on the tasks and issues ahead of us, we will never be happy one-hundred percent of the time. There will always be the moments where we become sad but remember the happy times. So live life to the end.

1. Like water for chocolate, laurel Esquivel, 1874


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