How Poorly Performing Banks Become Sustainable Commerce Essay

The part of the Bankss in relation to develop the state ‘s economic system is of import and the background of these fiscal establishments is of import to understand the policy and plan to do them sustainable organisations. Banks: The commercial banking system in Bangladesh has five different classs and those Bankss are executing either good or bad. Within these five classs, the cardinal bank is one that is Bangladesh Bank reserve the currency and command money supply and policy. Bangladesh Bank established on 16th December 1971 reform from the State Bank of Pakistan before the independency of the Bangladesh. The caput office is at Dhaka and other subdivision offices are stands in the large metropoliss of the state. Category of Bangladesh Bankss are as follows:

Because your inquiry refers merely to State owned Bankss, I told you to do in the first table merely two classs: state-owned and private. After you will discourse more standards.

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How Poorly Performing Banks Become Sustainable Commerce Essay
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Number of Banks


NCB ( National commercial Banks in Bangladesh/State ain Banks )



Private Banks



Foreign Banks



Development Banks



Beginning: International diary of concern and direction April 2009, Vol.4 No. 4 ( ) written by Tanbir ahmed Chowdhury and Kashfia Ahmed.

Four Nationalized commercial Banks named Sonali Bank, Janata Bank, Rupli Bank, Agrani Bank and two specialised authorities owned development Banks are Karmosangesthan Bank and Bangladesh Krishi Bank is keeping approximate more than 50 % of states entire sedimentation with maximal figure of Branches ( No. of Branch3616 ) . ( Encyclopedia ) . The cardinal bank is ever seeking to increase the growing of the state-own Bankss shacking in Bangladesh. Recently the four national commercial banks- Sonali Bank, Agrani Bank, Janata Bank and Rupali Banks becames limited Bankss and authorities took 100 % portion of these limited Bankss weather the other two development Bankss – Karmosangesthan Bank and Krishi Bank is totally authorities Bankss there is no reforms of those Bankss still now.

Sonali Bank: Sonali Bank Bangladesh now is a province owned public limited bank established in 1972 after the release war and independency of Bangladesh. It is the largest and to the full province ain Bankss in Bangladesh and comparison to other Bankss it more pride. The history of the sonali Bankss provides that the national bank of Pakistan situated in the East Pakistan reforms after the independency of Bangladesh named as Sonali bank. Sonali bank staretd its journey with 30million paid up capital and now it ‘s about 10billion authorised capital and 3+ billion of paid up capital. About 13 board members headed by the pull offing manager and main executive the Sonali Bankss is supplying services both within the boundary side and abroad. There is one office in UK for the international dealing and planetary development of this province ain Bankss holding 7 subdivisions in UK and Sonali exchange company holding 8 subdivisions in USA where the one representative office stands in Riyadh. ( Sonali Bank web site: 5th Feb. ’10 )

Agrani Bank: Agrani bank is besides a province owned bank in Bangladesh established in 1972 for the national and abroad correspondence. The Habib bank ltd and commercialism Bank Ltd. During the East Pakistan reforms the Agrani Bank by its plus and liability. ( official web site: 5th Feb. ’10 )

Janata Bank: Is established in Bangladesh national commercial bank on 1971 and it is a 2nd largest commercial bank in Bangladesh. ( official web site: 5th Feb. ’10 )

Private Banks in Bangladesh are making really good and due to dismissal public presentation of the province owned Bankss, private Bankss are supplying better client service and merchandises from the really get downing of their constitution.

Foreign Banks in Bangladesh are supplying really prompt and dynamic support and position clients like to hold their minutess with the foreign Banks like: HSBC bank, Standard Chartered Banks etc.

Within the specialised development Bankss the Krishir bank Bangladesh trades with the agricultural loan and dealing and Shilpa Bank, Bangladesh is covering with industrial dealing and development procedures.

Overview of historical public presentation: State owned Banks in Bangladesh are non making good like other private Bankss. The overall public presentation of province owned Bank is in a worsening tendency. Either they are doing losingss or they are non executing harmonizing their degree or hence province owned Bankss reconstituting and re-evaluation of their policy and therefore four of import authorities commercial Bankss became public limited Bankss on 15th of November 2007. Poor substructure, weak administration and more centralisation and formal policy of the province owned company are non acquiring much entree to the possible growing. Likely most of the authorities sectors presents are making really hapless public presentation. Very slow altering procedure and changeless system of the Bankss are the historical grounds of hapless public presentation which will take the research penetration.

Generating and polishing the thoughts: Techniques used to bring forth and polish the subject thought based on the individual ‘s academic and practical expedience of cognition. It is necessary to believe rationally so that the point of view of the research will acquire dramatically out-put. Brain ramping such as treatment with friends, supervisor, and usage of bing instance survey creates for critical thought of the general issues. Freshness of the thought in market topographic point and pick upon the nonsubjective thought provides better value to the subject countries.

It is of import to believe about the ain academic field of survey related issues which will make the new account and bing thought ‘s critical analysis. The most value will detect when nonsubjective sets or intent of the survey is definite.

As I am analyzing in finance and direction, I have set my thought to make a deepness survey on direction and finance related issues with cotemporary venture in developing states such as Bangladeshi fiscal market. I have used the instance surveies of the development of fiscal establishment with brainstorming and treatment and come up with clump of thoughts which further refines and showings the specific subject among those thoughts. First focal point on the specific establishment in banking sector is a general analysis, and farther analysis is narrow down to happen the part based banking sector in the close cultural and practical cognition based countries to happen out the relaxation and reliable of the research survey. Here you need to give the right research inquiry and the sub intents of your probe: Therefore after a immense background survey I have reached to take the research inquiry that “ How can ill executing state-owned fiscal establishments become sustainable organisations in Bangladesh? ” Change it, see above

Harmonizing to Locke et. All. ( 2007, p.9 ) , the purpose statement indicates why the survey is being conducted and what purpose is is being created. Purpose of the research inquiry is created by the combination of the several superposes which are the dividing aim of the research inquiry. I assume there are two different ways to look into sub intents: Organizational intent and research design intent. In Organizational intent, the research inquiry straight split in to several aims larning issues: What is a province ain fiscal establishment, by replying this inquiry we develop the cognition about the focusing establishment and their part to the society and economic sciences every bit good as the demand for this research probe. Second inquiry therefore, what is sustainability, this inquiry once more replying the definition of sustainability but it helps to do a span between the fiscal establishment and their sustainability needed. Therefore the relation of these two bomber intents support the basic purpose of the research inquiry that how we improve the hapless executing province ain Bankss public presentation to do them as a sustainable organisation. The methodological intent of the survey is to develop the strategic phenomenological bring outing enquiry at the organisational degree for research site.

Ontological and epistemic place: The subject pick is one that helps to link the epistemic and ontological significance that renovates the application of the research scheme of the societal cognition and world in production. Epistemology approaches defines the intuitions, performing artists beliefs, religion every bit good as logical authoritative and empirical experimentation, and ontology utilizations to structuring and patterning the broad epistemic thoughts and specifies the conceptualisation of the production of the subject thought. Performance index of the organisation and failure to execute the economic value is the chief focal point of the research behavior which will explicate through societal and organisational procedure in developing states. Critical success factor of the banking sector will foreground by comparing the develop and developing states, other minor survey could be accomplishable to happen the success factor of the private Bankss in Bangladesh. Because the public presentation of the successful Banking sector will take the hapless executing Bankss to incorporate the scheme, the research inquiry of this survey act upon the newness of modern-day issues which is really of import prognosis to happen out the ground behind the hapless public presentation of the national bank /institution shacking in Bangladesh. Although the research part is Bangladesh, it is possible to happen out a general position of hapless executing Bankss shacking in developing states.

Research Doctrine: It is of import that research worker understand good the doctrine of scientific discipline parametric quantities grounding their plants ( Ponterotto, 2005 ) . Doctrine of scientific discipline parametric quantity is that to carry on the current twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours scholarly work with global undergirding of research scientific disciplines ( Ponterotto, 2005 ) .

Philosophic thoughts are unseeable in big graduated table when carry oning the research. As this doctrine is connected with the research worker ain perspective signifier and so the cognition of persons are influence by that thought to organize a research design, it is of import to pull a research design. The methods of research will pick harmonizing to the worldview of the philosophical thought. Worldview here means the persons as a significance “ a basic set of beliefs that guide action ” ( Guba, 1990, p. 17 ) .

The research doctrine is dwelling on the psychological thought of the research worker and Psychology by and large, and reding psychological science specifically, has been dominated by rationalist and station rationalist research paradigms and associated quantitative methods. Such a narrow paradigmatic focal point has limited the profession ‘s ability to progress the field in important ways. As reding psychological science broadens its paradigmatic base and extends its range of research methods to include qualitative attacks, it will progress quickly as a scientific field. ( Ponterotto, 2005 )

To back up ponterotto ‘s position I want to contrast the universe positions, schemes of enquiry and research methods framework given by Creswell, 2009, p. 5: ( inquiry about referencing: copied from book )

Selective Schemes of Inquiry

Qualitative Strategy ( Ethnography )

Quantitative Strategy ( experiments )

Assorted Method Strategy ( Sequential )

Philosophic Worldviews


Social Construction



Research Design

Qualitative Schemes

Quantitaive Scheme

Assorted Method Strategy

Research Method


Literature reappraisal and theoretical model

Data Collection

Datas analysis




A model for Design-The interconnectedness of worldviews, Schemes of enquiry and research methods

The major concern of the philosophical worldview is to presume the cardinal consideration of the worldview and how this worldview and apprehension shaped the research survey in a systematic manner.

Measurable psychological paradigm designed to quantitative and qualitative cognition to the research country. We use the qualitative research in our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life to depict the place of the issues depending on the experience, and qualitative research follows the particular paradigm which is one of the best ways to travel with the construction and designed research procedure.

In this research before taking the method, I get philosophical point of position when the connexion between the method and scientist worldview eg: Post rationalist and hermeneutist statement and so the analysis of quantitative and qualitative every bit good as assorted method will put up.

Post rationalist worldview: A station rationalists lens is based on careful observations and measuring of the nonsubjective world that exists “ out at that place ” in the universe Creswell, 2009, p.7 ) .

In scientific method, the recognized attack to research by rationalists, an person ‘s Begins with theory and so roll up the information and harmonizing those informations that either support or rebut the theory. Book

Harmonizing to Phillips and Burbules ( 2000 ) , absolute truth can ne’er be found. Thus grounds found in research is ever imperfect and fallible alternatively they indicate a failure or reject the hypotheses.

The nature of the station positive universe position is to detect and asses the cause of the result which provides a numeral measuring of some distinct thoughts through a scientific trial with the set of some variables that consist of the hypotheses and research inquiry.

Social Constructivism: Social constructivist ‘s holds premises that persons seek apprehension of the universe in which they live and work, persons develop subjective significance of their experience -meanings directed toward certain objects or things. ( Creswell, 2009, p.8 )

The position of the constructivism is that, one specific thought go more generalizes in the research and finds the sentiment as situational empirics. It is more about to analysis and understand the historical, personal and cultural point of view of the inquiry that the research worker taking to analyze. The doctrine of the universe positions of the single best suite with the qualitative method than of quantitative measuring because in quantitative method there is some barrier to equilibrate between persons personal thought based on civilization apprehension but rely on some tested end product. Open ended inquiry in the qualitative method will more concern about the current and existent informations to understand the state of affairs and therefore possible to acquire end product based on survey. The altering procedure of the environment like why crisis is traveling on or the already passed natural catastrophe is non a suited method to analyze by quantitative measuring.

Schemes of enquiry: To do a strategic enquiry, below tabular array shows the basicss of the both qualitative and quantitative methods and subsequently explicate which 1 is the best suite with this research. ( Creswell, 2009, p.17 ) . ( Question: copied few parts of the book ) quote the beginning carefully


Philosophic premise

Schemes of enquiry

Method ‘s instruments


Practice of the research


Constructivist worldview

Grounded theory, phenomenology, descriptive anthropology, instance survey and narrative

Open ended inquiries, emerging attacks, text or image informations


Concentrating on a individual construct, conveying personal value to the survey, creates an docket for alteration or reform


Post rationalist and rationalist worldview

Survey and experiments

Near ended inquiry, predetermined attacks, numeral informations


Collects both qualitative and quantitative informations, nowadayss ocular images of the processs in the survey

A coming modern-day issue of this subject country is really much subjective which will take some general consequences at the terminal of the research through some descriptive decision. Therefore constructivist point of position is best suite with this research method procedure. Although constructivist analysis defines the qualitative survey, but for more reliable pick of the method, sentence losing portion

As the research is to happen a solution to do the Bangladeshi province owned Bankss environment alteration “ from hapless public presentation to be sustainable organisation ” this research is non a inquiry to reject or back up the analysis but this research purpose is to supply the solution that how to go sustainable sustainable organisation. The above tabular array shows the pattern of the qualitative research concentrating on a individual construct, conveying personal value to the survey, creates an docket for alteration or reform and I have selected my subject that stands on a individual construct, and alteration or reform is the chief end of this survey. To accomplish this end I assume my personal value of believing that, an unfastened ended inquiry and interviews every bit good as observation is the best method which supports through constructivists point of position ( cultural, descriptive anthropology ) .

Research Approach: Positivism is a signifier of philosophical pragmatism adhering closely to the hypothetic-deductive method ( Cacioppo, Semin, & A ; Berntson, 2004 ; McGrath & A ; Johnson, 2003 ; Sciarra,1999 ) . Scientific method includes the observation and description of the events and presents the hypotheses which is testable and do structured enquiry of the experimentation, anticipation and control possible being. A individual instance is normally used more variables than informations points ( downwind 1989:35 ) . The qualitative informations used to compare the possible ascertained result and the ascertained result is the purpose of this research, a inductive attack is the easiest manner to direct the intent of the survey.

An inductive attack is best suite with the qualitative method which proves the specific scientific disciplines of the person ‘s observations instead than in generalisation. The aim of the research is to happen out the hapless executing ground of the Bangladesh/developing state, in this thesis through the analysis of the Bankss in Bangladesh ; I would wish to plan a image for the underdeveloped state as a whole. A batch of informations will turn out empirics to back up a decision of this research and therefore quantitative method and inductive attack is eliminated from this survey paradigm.

A separating features of the constructivism is the centrally of the interaction between the research worker and the aim of the probe. Merely this interaction can deeper significance be uncovered. The research worker and his/her colleague can make findings and world is created by the histrion which criticizes the both positivism and station positivism attack. ( Ponterotto, 2005 )

An inductive attack with constructivism attacks is being considered in this of the subject countries to develop the market place of the neglecting countries in the Banks situated in Bangladesh.

Please look into if it is truly new, since I believe that it has been studied for other states. The newness is to use it to Bengladesh.

Research Scheme: Answering the research inquiry is the chief slogan to put up scheme and which technique will follow in connexion with the research method and attack. Many research are stratified depending on what degree of research will carry on, is it from the single degree, or organisational degree. Interconnection of the literature pick to replying the research inquiry is rather critical. Research scheme provide counsel on what we have learned and what is still to be explored in strategy-process research ( Hutzschenreuter* and Kleindienst, 2006: 32, 673 ) . Understanding and larning the history and happen out the spread between current place and history will supply a stable image of the solutions and grounds of the subject. Harmonizing to the researching corporate scheme book by Johnson, Scholes, and Whittington, 2008, concern scheme divides into three parts, the strategic place, strategic pick and strategic action. I assume that, to unclutter replying the research inquiry, the research should analysis its place which will supply the most primary and secondary informations like instance surveies and interviews, what current strategic pick running in the hapless executing Bankss will understand through the interview and reexamining the policy and civilization. What need to implement based on those place and picks have a really small connexion with this research. To analysis these scheme, this survey will necessitate deeper apprehension of the banks/institutions policy and experts empirics therefore need to carry on informations aggregation, composing and analysis. Data aggregation through interviews is a most common and utile strategic tool of the qualitative research and secondary informations from instance survey instance surveies and observation is besides really of import qualitative collect the information. Interviews can be different types like: face to confront interview, telephonic conversation, and concentrate group interview every bit good as email cyberspace interview procedure. Different types of interview have different advantages but for this specific research, telephonic interview and cyberspace e-mailing interview is best suited procedure to behavior. It has possibility to acquire historical information when telephonic interviews are occurred and internet emailing is a really speedy procedure to acquire the reply of the unfastened ended inquiry. The dynamic cyberspace e-mailing questionnaire method is most suited for academic research where the clip and budget are limited. Although it is discernible that telephonic interview and internet electronic mail procedure does n’t supply the gestural expressional of intending from the respondent, this phenomenon survey see this issue that the telephonic interview, cyberspace emailing and instance survey is adequate to back up this research. Video conference and collect informations through voice recording could be the good instrument for the qualitative research but the research worker determination based on the importance will acquire the precedence to carry on this procedure. Documents study like article, diary, public paperss analyze such as proceedingss, and newspapers are besides supplying good qualitative information to do the research strong and reliable. These sorts of secondary informations are easy to entree and research worker can take the option to acquire good literature reappraisal harmonizing to his or her understating and nonsubjective. These surveies are besides utile to utilize during the limited budget and clip. A research scheme holds a good research proposal. As this research survey choice already made for qualitative survey, a format for qualitative constructivist proposal is being conducted below ( Creswell, 2009, p.74-74, illustration 4.1 ) :


Background survey

Purpose statement

Research inquiries

May be list of subpurposes





Philosophic premise of qualitative research and constructivist universe position

Qualitative research scheme and attack

Data aggregation procedure

Making clip line and proposed budget

Position and Preconception: As a research worker of the survey, it is necessary to pull a intuitive image in the head which will about suit with the research intent. A prepossession will be set with the position analysis. Dieting and programming of the forecasted hypotheses will let turning the research strength. Connecting or rejecting the empirics appropriately based on prepossession and perspective position of the research addition the potency. Rethinking and convey storming is the indispensable elements of the position and prepossession.

Data Collection: Data aggregation method includes the qualitative and quantitative manner and so analysis it. Qualitative information is based on the account and word look a quantitative information is based on figure which has the mathematical solutions to back up the replies of the research inquiries. For two different methods there are two most common type of informations analysis in the most of the scientific research, primary and secondary. Although there are other type of informations aggregation method name third, but this is non really frequently used by the scientist. This research intent is aim to roll up the primary and secondary informations which is perspective and pre-conceptualized. Primary informations includes interview which has a great value to this survey. As the research is non merely depends on some selective experts in the banking field in the universe but it is effected both micro and macro environment of the concern and economic procedure of the planetary universe, the secondary information is besides must for this survey which will analysis and experiment through the usage of instance survey, diary, literature and other secondary stuffs.


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