How to Drive Manual Car Essay

Outline Manual Transmission Cars Purpose – To explain to the class about manual transmission cars and how to drive one. Central Idea – Driving a manual transmission car is very different from driving an automatic transmission car I. Introduction Today about 6 million people drive a car in the United States, but the percentage of those people that drive a manual transmission is significantly less than those who drive automatic. In every country in Europe, and perhaps in the world, manual cars are a common sight. However, here in the U. S. A. inding a manual car and someone who knows how to drive one is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Although they are not as common as an automatic car, manual cars have been in existence for a longer time. II. Body Transition: So exactly what is a transmission? A. The transmission is an important part of a car. a. Its is part of the drive train, which is the part of car that shifts the power and energy from the engine to the differential which then brings the power to the wheels. b. The job of the transmission is to control the output of the engine when the driver chooses to go faster. . The main difference between an automatic and a manual transmission is that in an automatic there is no gear changing or clutch, everything happens automatically Transition: Driving stick shift, a manual car, isn’t as hard as it seems, one just needs to know the basics. B. In every manual car there is a gas pedal, a brake pedal, a shifter, and of course, a clutch pedal. a. The gas pedal is found in every car and it is used to accelerate the car to a higher speed by allowing the gas to flow into the engine. b.

The brake pedal, also found in every car, is used to stop or slow down the vehicle c. The clutch pedal, which is only found in manual cars, is used to change gears d. The shifter is used to choose which gear you want the car to be i. Cars often have 4 gears and a reverse gear. Transition: Ok so lets pretend we got into a manual car, we adjusted our mirrors, we put on our seatbelts and now we’re ready to go somewhere. C. To get moving onto the road there are some things that we have to do. a. First off, we have to release the Emergency Break. . Failure to do so might result in damage to the transmission and engine. b. Next we have to step on the clutch pedal and shift the car to first gear. c. Then we have to slowly release the clutch and start pressing on the gas pedal. Transition: Next thing you know you’re moving, but your car is starting to roar, time to change gear. D. Changing gear from 1st to 2nd is much easier than the initial start. a. First, you step on the clutch pedal. b. Next, you chose your gear. c. Then, you have to press on the gas lightly while releasing the clutch i.

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Note that this has to be done quickly, but not too quickly otherwise the car will give kickback Transition: Sounds easy right? It took me about a month to fully understand it. III. Conclusion From what I’ve been through if you ever want to learn to drive stick shift I highly recommend you go to a driving school that teaches manual because they wont yell at you or call you names. Also, it can be discouraging and depressing at first because you will stall a lot, that’s when the car shuts down because you released the clutch too fast. But, overall driving stick shift gives driving a meaning; it makes it a sport that I find enjoyable.


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