How to Foster an Effective Safety Culture and OSHA in the Construction Industry Essay

Chapter 5: Recommendations

In the present chapter, the research worker has formulated a set of recommendations based on informations found in the determination and analysis chapter to assist in furthering effectual Safety civilization and OSHA on building industry.

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How to Foster an Effective Safety Culture and OSHA in the Construction Industry Essay
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5.1. Safety and Safety Culture

Safety should be considered as a paramount concern within ‘site A’ as there are many complex procedures involved. It is of extreme importance to implement safety for the safe being of workers and non to take to unwanted effects. Safety civilization is indispensable in building site as it assures that high criterion of safety is achieved within the workplace. Furthermore, the construct of OSHA should non merely be for the Safety and wellness Officer or safety coordinator but should besides be made cognizant to all staffs and employees every bit good. Indeed, safety should get down from the top of the building pyramid that is ; the direction instead than merely implementing safety to bottom that is the employees.

5.2 Laws, Regulations and Enforcement

Mentioning from findings of table 4.4, employees are exposed to high degree of dust and temperature. Hence, conformity with OSHA criterions as it soon stands should be made, whereby, effectual and suited proviso should be provided for procuring and keeping equal airing of every worksite. In line with subdivision 37 ( 2 ) , comfy temperature should be provided to employees so that they are more at easiness to execute their undertaking. Furthermore, the noise at work ordinance 2012 should be used within site as noise exposures are besides high. The act guides employers about stairss to cut down the noise degree lower to its bounds and prevent from transcending 87dB. Subsequently, based on the experimental surveies, I have notice that there was hapless lighting, OSHA.

5.3 Awareness and safety marks

From figure 4.6 of the chapter, it is critical to increase the consciousness of safety on-site when executing undertaking so that workers maintain in head that their safety comes foremost while executing undertaking. Subsequently, doing usage of safety marks besides helps to increase consciousness as it is in a signifier of a pictogram which acts as a agency of communicating indicates warning of any danger or restricted country. Safety marks benefit Bangladeshi or Malagasy workers by increasing their consciousness about possible jeopardies. Employee cooperation is a cardinal constituent to increase safety motive and consciousness. Awareness will heighten employees about possible hazard nowadays and the stairss to take to extenuate it. Furthermore, I have notice that employees tend to go against safety while executing undertaking on scaffolding above 2 meters by non have oning their safety harness and the care of scaffold is non decently secured, this is where building site get restrained to execute their undertaking when it is investigated by inspectors. Hence, through increasing the consciousness of employees will allow the workers to understand good the importance of safety in building site. This can be achieved through effectual preparation and communications

5.4 Training and educating Workers

Training is in built-in portion of safety in building site. However, puting in preparation is recommended, as when an hurt or accident is occurred, the employer will hold to put more on workers compensation claims that are spend on developing itself, and loss of worker my lead to cascading consequence on cost and impact the efficaciousness of the industry. It can be on-the-job preparation which is more advantageous. Mentioning from figure 4.5, workers experience hit by traveling object, cuts or lesions as employees makes extended usage of stuffs and equipment. Training must be provided utilizing new equipment, managing and keeping tools while executing undertaking such as grinding, solvent handling, common people trucks, safety chapeau and safety belts and other equipment should be given to workers so that they are more cognizant about the usage of equipment and will cognize how hazard could be avoided.

Hazard can ne’er be 100 % eliminated, but it can be reduced. Training plan is good for the direction and employees every bit good. Figure 4.12 and 4.13 clearly stipulates that bulk of staffs have somewhat knowledge on safety civilization and safety, therefore, it is critical to implement developing safety plan by competent individual to be able to pass on the construct of safety civilization and safety within the industry. The preparation plan should include activities such as short negotiations, developing on personal fittingness, sanitation and group meetings. The preparation will present the duties of staffs and employees towards safety. Therefore, staffs and employees will be more motivated to see safety for each undertaking.

Subsequently, if the industry organise specials runs such as Safety and Health Week for the staffs and employees, it will promotes a positive safety civilization and Foster safety and wellness within the industry itself. Safety can be promotes in footings of safety initiations, developing for exigency response in instance of fire, demoing the importance on describing incidents so that employee are motivated to describe hazard they may meet.

5.5 Communication and Ergonomic hazard factors

Communication is prerequisite for both direction and the employees. Employee should take part in good determination devising towards safety within the industry, whereby, when executing if any jeopardies are detected, uninterrupted betterments can be proposed through a hazard appraisal program. Furthermore, Base on figure 4.5, workers are involved in lifting of heavy stuffs to a big extent. Hence, ergonomic hazard control must be provided to cut down the likeliness of back hurting or shoulder hurting and hurt among workers ( see appendix D ) . However, the design of the undertaking should be in such ways that do non harm the employee. Effective preparation by a competent individual should be given to employees on managing and lifting of staging and other objects. When proper preparation will be given to workers, they will cognize the grades and positioned to raise stuffs. Subsequently, the Lifting of stuffs should be rotate by different workers and supply effectual communicating.

5.6 Job rotary motion

In order to forestall occupations to go everyday and ennui, direction should reexamine the bing occupation content through occupation analysis and by re-designing the occupation and following the occupation rotary motion system. This will assist employees heightening personal satisfaction from their occupation and besides in get the better ofing obstructions to their effectual public presentation. Furthermore, the system of job-rotation will interrupt down the humdrum or ennui of employees. Workers will be given the chance to larn more accomplishments, go more competent and develop new calling chances.

5.7 Personal Protective Equipment

Base on the experimental survey, PPE was non of effectual conditions for the employees, thought they ever wear PPE, table 4.5 confirm that those employees are non comfy with their PPE. However, when PPE is non effectual particularly in building sites which involved dust and other risky undertaking, the hazard of accidents or incidents will evidently happen. Section 82 of OSHA 2005 requires that all PPE provided by the employer must suit and accommodate right to employees and staff erosion. The PPE including safety helmet, safety footwear, safety baseball mitts, goggles, safety harness, earmuffs, inhalators should be of appropriate conditions so as to protect the individual from hazard of hurt. The indispensable PPE in building sites for employees or visitants is safety helmet which is compulsory to supply.


Construction industry is itself unsafe in nature as buildings plants are impermanent and hence different types of hazard are involved. However, in visible radiation of the information gathered from the literature of old research for my thesis, I have come to a decision that through a deficiency of safety civilization, the quality of safety is decreased hence prima building sites to be ill-famed. Furthermore, conformity of OSHA criterions as it soon stands are non wholly abide by the staffs and employees, though toolbox meetings and commissions were carried out, there are deficiency of communications and the PPE was as efficient.

From my point of position, after holding assessed safety civilization within site Angstrom, it was really hapless. Hence, this has leads to a low quality of OSH. If safety civilization is implemented within the industry, it will decidedly further OSH.

Subsequently, safety civilization takes clip to come on since the degree of civilization depends on the psychological, behavioral and environmental factors of the direction and employees and as it is impermanent every bit good. Indeed, one time safety civilization is adapted within the industry, in will advance consciousness of direction and employees towards safety and improved fiscal wellness of the industry via guaranting sustainable on the job conditions.


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