How to Succeed in (or Flunk Out of) College Essay

Daryl K. Cirino July 11, 2010 English 101-108 How to Succeed in (or flunk out of) College Everyone has hopes and dreams to succeed in college, but things don’t go as plan all the time. As a result it can cause you not reach your highest potential. It’s hard for some to make the transition from High School to College because having complete freedom to do whatever you like can be a task within itself. For example deciding when and how long you stay in a particular class and things of that nature.

So there is much more to explain and guide you along how to make the best of your college experience and also succeed in the classroom. So let’s begin. Being successful in college is harder than you think; first you have to figure out which school best suit you as a person and the career of your choice. Then you must set up certain classes that are in respectful time frame that’s suitable for you and will help you attain your degree. Also you must learn where each class location around the college campus. Once you have achieved those tasks this is where the real work begins.

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How to Succeed in (or Flunk Out of) College Essay
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Meaning preparing yourself for the long hours of studying and writing ten page term papers. In addition there are ways that you can fail in college also. For example, not being prepared for class and not being on time. Also not having your work done in the correct time frame it has to be done within. Also letting other things affect you meaning if you having problems with your roommates or partying too much and not making sure your studies are not taking care of before you do whatever that you want to do.

In closing, there are plenty of ways to fail in college and plenty of ways to succeed also. Yes, you might be excited that you are able to come and go as you please but you also need to know when to have fun and when it’s time to hit those books and study. There is no step by step process because everyone is different and is able to do things that others may not be able to do. All things considered you can learn from people that been there and have been in your shoes and take the information that is giving you and used it in your own way.


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