How to Teach Values Education in a Corrupt Society? Essay

How to teach values education in a corrupt society? In our corrupt society, there is one line attached to all the corrupt officers of the government, the line goes like this, “It is all right to steal provided you do not get caught. ” Despite the dysfunctional environment we find ourselves in today, teachers need to teach and reinforce essential values in everyday schooling. These begin with values we learn at home and end with societal norms we need to advocate to make this country of ours a functioning democracy.

Honesty and integrity is the first would students understand and acquire. Tell the truth, demand the truth and stand by the truth. Second is Responsibility. Act truthfully and people will give you their trust and confidence. Account for your actions and people will follow you. Third Is Courage. Take charge of your actions. Do what is right, even if difficult. Stay the course even when others criticize you. Be brave in whatever you do. Fourth Is Respect to others. Look out for others, give them due respect and they will respect And the last one is Love of country.

This country Is our reflection. You in return. This will tell the world If we Filipinos can compete and gain their respect. Although the depressing failure of many of our national and local leaders to become role models, the media, our schools, the religious should take effort to Inculcate among everyone, young and old. Considering the present situation In our country, every effort must be made to receive our old values. Difficult as It may seem – at least we could try and try again and to be every persistent to the very end.

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How to Teach Values Education in a Corrupt Society? Essay
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