Hr Audit Essay

HR audits used to be the “root canals” of the HR world, considered to be a painful and frightening event. As with so many traditions in HR, this one has faded in recent years. HR professionals have come to understand that sometimes an audit is not only necessary—it can yield truly helpful information to help implement change. And as HR professionals continue on the path to greater strategic involvement in the business goals of the organization, HR professionals fi nd that the audit not only plays an important role in keeping tabs on practices and procedures—it can also help set the stage for implementing metrics and benchmark practices.

An audit can put your organization’s metrics to the test by using the measures to monitor key information and trends. This report provides basics and tools that can help you get started or expand your HR audit practices. While fi nding the time to conduct an audit can be diffi cult for busy HR professionals, this report will help you respond to an audit request from your organization or from a governmental entity. You will be better prepared to determine when you should consider bringing in outside assistance.

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Hr Audit Essay
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It also contains additional resources in a listing at the end for further research and study. Because HR audits tend to be so specifi c—and often how they are done turns on the individual organization’s needs and resources—we are providing an extensive collection of case studies in this book. The case studies provide insights into how a variety of audits were performed by organizations and by consultants that assisted them.

These “snapshots” of real-world audits are invaluable in demonstrating how audits really work, and can give you ideas that you may include in your own audit initiatives. Finally, this report can help you embrace the concept of the audit as an information tool. Information ultimately is a major part of the value that HR provides as a strategic partner in the organization. Losing the historical fear of the HR audit and seeking the possibilities and strengths from audit information is just one more example that HR can set as a change


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