Huckleberry Finn Packet Essay

HReview Question Chapters 1-20 Huckleberry Finn Chapters 1-3 1. What doesn’t Huck like about the Widow Douglas? The fact that she makes him wear new clothes that are tight and she wont let him smoke and he had to pray before he ate his food. 2. What does Jim think has happened to him as a result of the trick that Tom plays on him? Jim was sleeping when they snuck out, so Tom played a trick by placing his hat on the branch above his head; when Jim woke up, he told everyone that a witch flew him all over town and then placed his hat up there. 3.

How does Huck know the drowned body that was found is not his Pap? Huck says that a man would float on his back, and not on his face, unlike that drowned person. 4. When Tom’s gang raids the “Spanish merchants and rich Arabs” what is it that they actually do? They interrupted a Sunday-school picnic, and stole the food. 5. Where does Miss Watson take Huck to pray? Miss Watson takes Huck to pray in a closet. 6. How would you compare the characters of the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson? Who seems to be presented in a more favorable way? Why do you think so?

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Miss Watson is more lenient than the Widow and cares less about rule than the Widow, though she cares a lot about it. She is more favorable since if on is in her supervision, it would be far better than the widow’s. 7. How does Huck respond to Miss Watson’s admonitions to pray? What does this tell us about Huck? Huck says he can’t get what he prays for. This shows that he is young and superstitious in an innocent way 8. How would you characterize Huck’s self-image at this point in the novel? His self-image is very young, rude, sly, and playful. 9.

Why is the time period in which the novel set important? The time period is before the Civil War; Mark Twain said the setting was before the publication of the book by about 50 years. It’s important because the Civil War is a war about slavery and Jim in the book is a black slave, so I think that is important. 10. How would you contrast the characters of Tom and Huck? Tom is more about rules and principles, but Huck isn’t. Instead, he thinks outside of the box and always questions the rules and thinks more about what is good for him rather than what rules are good for him.

Also, Tom has an imagination and more playful than Huck, who is more realistic and has no imagination. Chapters 4-7 1. How does Huck know his father has returned? On his way home, Huck noticed that there were boot tracks in the snow; these tracks were unique in that one has the shape of nails. 2. What does Huck do with his money? Why? He gave it to Judge Thatcher, so he won’t have to with it with Pap. 3. Why do the Widow Douglas and Judge Thatcher fail in their petition to become Huck’s guardians? They fail because the judge doesn’t want to separate the families and his father came back. . Where does Huck’s father take him? Why? Huck’s father finds out that Huck has some money and kidnaps him into a shack by the river. Pap beats Huck and Huck decides that he must escape. Huck fakes his death and flees to Jackson Island. 5. How does Huck escape his father? One day Huck went out and found a canoe and hid it in the woods. Another day, when his dad was gone, Huck finishes sawing open a whole in a wall in the back of the cabin that he has started sawing some days earlier. When he completed, he gathered supplies and food to the canoe.

He also came up with a master plan to make it seem like he got murdered by killing a pig, and messing up the cabin with an ax. He then went to this canoe and slept, and the next day he rowed out to Jackson’s Island. 6. How does Twain satirize ‘do-gooders’ in his description of Pap’s “reform? ” How is the new judge different than Thatcher and the Widow Douglas? Twain mocks ‘do-gooders’ because whenever Pap said he was sorry and would change, they automatically thought he would change and believed him. However, Pap never kept his word and continued getting drunk and beating Huck.

The new judge is different because he is new to the town and doesn’t know the relationship between Huck and his father, if he did, he probably would have separated Huck from his father. 7. How does Huck like life with his father? Why does he run away? He liked living with his father because he didn’t have to do chores. He runs away because he is tired of always being locked up in that house, and he is afraid of always being locked up. 8. How does the physical description of Huck’s father in Chapter 5 also serve to describe his character?

Huck’s father’s appearance shows that he has no job and is obviously a drunk. He doesn’t seem to be taking care of himself very well and is just a complete mess. His face and his clothes are both a complete disaster. He is basically a loser and useless. 9. What does Huck’s father criticize about the government? What does Twain want the reader to feel about these issues? I would characterize Jim’s predictions in these chapters superstitious, and not quite believable. The reader does sense which ones will come true and which one will not depending on how Jim repeats them.

Like the one about the birds and the rain, Jim mentioned and repeated that one many times making the reader [me] believe that it will rain. However, other predictions like how hairy chests and arms mean that you will become rich is not so believable. 10. Why does Huck think about Tom when he is working out his escape? Since Tom’s imagination is so big, Huck knows that Tom will be interested in making the fake murder seem more realistic. Chapters 8-11 1. Why did Jim run away? Because he heard that he was going to be sold to a slave trader 2. What does Jim discover in the house that is floating down the river?

A body of a man who got shot in the back 3. What prank does Huck play on Jim and how does it backfire? He outs a dead snake next to Jim, but a real snake comes and bites him. 4. What does Huck learn about Jim from his visit with Ms. Loftus? That there is a $300 reward for turning Jim in. They blame Jim for the murder of Huck. 5. How does Mrs. Loftus figure out that Huck is not a girl? She asks Huck for his name again. Huck replies, “M — Mary Williams. ” Realizing he has made a mistake, he says that his full name is Sarah Mary Williams. The woman tosses Huck a hank of yarn and Huck closes his legs together and catches it.

The woman immediately knows that he is a boy and not a girl because girls will catch things in their skirts by spreading their legs apart, whereas boys put them together to grasp an item. 6. How does Huck feel about not turning Jim in? Why do you think he feels that way? He feels good because he kept the promise to not turn him in 7. How would you characterize Jim’s predictions in these chapters? Does the reader get any sense of which ones will come true and which will not? I think Jim’s predictions in these chapters are mere superstition and not really true.

I don’t think the reader senses which one will come true and which one will not because none of Jim’s predictions make sense and if it comes true, I think it’s just coincidence. 8. Do you think that Jim’s character is any different in chapters 8 and 9 than in chapter 2? If so, in what ways? I think that Jim’s character did change. Before I thought that he was being naive about all his superstitions and beliefs. However, on the island I found out that he is smart, and is rational and cares for Huck a lot. He takes good care of Huck by feeding him and talking to him about his mistakes and such. . How would you characterize Mrs. Loftus? Why do you think she isn’t harsher on Huck when she discovers he is lying to her? I would characterize Mrs. Loftus as a fair, loyal, kind, and gentle woman with a good heart. She wasn’t so harsh on Huck when she discovered he was a boy because she assumed he was a runaway apprentice. She probably thought he was being abused so she didn’t want to provoke him or anything. She was only harsh on him in the first place because she was suspicious. Chapter 12-14 1. How do Huck and Jim avoid being seen while they are floating down the river?

At first, when Huck and Jim had a canoe, they would hide by laying on the bottom of the canoe and just let the canoe float by. Later in the book, when they got hold of a rafter, they built a wigwam upon it. They would hide in there during the day and come out at night. 2. Who do Huck and Jim discover on the wrecked steamboat? Huck and Jim discovers robbers on the wrecked steamboat. 3. Why can’t Huck and Jim escape from the boat? How do they finally get away? Huck and Jim couldn’t escape the steamboat at first because their own raft had drifted away and was going far down river.

Their only option was the robber’s boat back up on the steamboat. When they got there, the robber’s were loading it with goods they stole but went back for more. Huck and Jim took advantage of this time and took their boat to save themselves. Huck later sent someone else to rescue the robber’s before they drowned on the ship 4. Where does Huck get his information about dukes and kings? Jim and books. Chapter 15-16 1. What is Huck and Jim’s plan to reach safe territory? Huck and Jim plan to reach safe territory by booking passage on a boat and going up the Ohio. 2.

What is Jim doing when Huck rejoins him after they are lost in the fog? He was sleeping. 3. What is Jim’s response to Huck’s trick? Jim is upset with Huck, and this becomes a life lesson for Huck. 4. How does Huck convince the men looking for runaway slaves not to search the raft? He leads men to believe that his family is on board the raft and is suffering from smallpox. The men, fearing infection, back away 5. How do Huck and Jim know that they have passed Cairo? Huck and Jim knew they passed Cairo because they had reached the muddy waters of Ohio. Chapters 17-18 1.

After Huck forgets his name, how does he trick Buck into revealing it? He first says can you spell your name and then Buck says yes and spells it. Then Huck says, “Well I bet u can’t spell my name. ” Then Buck spells Huck’s pretend name. This is clever because he makes it seem like it is part of a game/competition to see if Buck is smart when really all it for is to figure out his own name. 2. What themes was Emmeline Grangerford most interested in? Death. 3. How does Huck rediscover Jim? Huck is taken to an island in a nearby swamp by a house slave assigned to him to see a “swarm of water moccasins”.

A little suspicious, he goes anyway out of curiosity and some distance into the swamp is told to “go on ahead I’ve seen it before” or some such whereby he finds Jim asleep and is reunited. The Grangerford family slaves have provided for Jim and hidden him out in the swamp. 4. What happened to the raft? The raft was found hung-up on a snag and Jim had gotten it back, fixed it and was waiting to get back on the river with Huck. 5. Why does Huck feel responsible for the carnage following Sophia’s elopement? Because he found the note naming the time and place for the couple to meet and did not tell anyone. 6.

What do the furnishings of the Grangerford house tell us about the inhabitants? Separated republic whose inhabitants were idealistic, confident and self- reliant. 7. What do you think Twain is satirizing in his description of Emmeline Grangerford’s poetry? Emily Dickinson’s poetry about death. 8. In Huck’s description of the church services and later the hogs that sleep under the church floor, do you think twain is satirizing religion or the way some people practice religion? He is satirizing the people who practice religion saying that they are filthy creatures and attend church to make themselves look good but are always beneath it. . At the end of Chapter 18, Huck says, “You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft. ” How would you compare life on share and life on the raft so far? From Huck’s standpoint living on a raft is good not considering his dangerous mishaps but his alternative choice is to live with Miss Watson which he clearly hates. Chapters 19-20 1. What theory does Jim come up with regarding the origin of the stars? Jim thought they were made and speculated that the moon could’ve laid all of the stars. 2. How does Huck meet the men who later identify themselves as the duke and the king? 3.

During the night hours, Huck and Jim where going to proceed ashore to see if Jim was in a free state ulitmately gaining his freedom. Before they go ashore they hear shouting, barking or dogs and see torches chasing something. That something was the traveling con men who are later called the Duke and King. Huck and Jim let them come on board cause the beg them. 4. What had the duke and the king been doing before they met Huck? They were running away from townspeople who meant to tar and feather them 5. How does the king dupe the people at the camp meeting? 6. How does the duke arrange for them to float by day? . How do Huck and Jim dress on the raft? What do you think clothes might be associated with in this novel? 8. Why do you think Huck helps the duke and the king when he firsts meets them? 9. Huck knows the duke and king are frauds from the beginning. Why does he pretend that he thinks they are the real thing? 10. What characteristics do the people at the camp meeting display? Do you think Twain approves of their behavior? 11. Do you think that the duke and the king will play a continuing role in the novel? Why? What narrative problem does their appearance solve?


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