Human Growith and Development Essay

BJ Gilliam Psych 2314 Why studying Human Development is Important to Me From the moment of conception, human beings begin a process of change that will continue throughout their live (Papalia, Olds, & Feldman, 2009). Human development is the scientific study of these pattern changes and stability. Human development is a lifelong process. It begins in utero and continues until we die. The study of human development seeks to describe, explain, and predict development. Human Development just simply amazes me. From the moment that a life begins, a person is continually changing.

At times, the changes are internal and lack any outward physical signs of the process. Throughout one’s life, many changes occur in the brain, yet are not noticeable day to day, but are profound closer to life’s end. Other times the changes are very physical and extremely obvious. Developmental scientists study change and stability in all domains of development throughout the life span. They study three main parts of development: physical, cognitive, and psychosocial developments (Papalia, Olds, & Feldman, 2009). A person’s growth of body and brain, motor skills and health are all parts of the physical development.

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Human Growith and Development Essay
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Learning, attention, memory, and reasoning are part of the cognitive development. Emotions, personality, and relationships make up the study of psychosocial development. These aspects are interrelated, meaning each aspect of development affect other. For example, a child with frequent ear infections may develop language more slowly than a child without this physical problem (Papalia, Olds, & Feldman, 2009). There are many influences on Human Development. Heredity influences are those that originate from the biological parents. Other influences come from our environment and our learning patterns.

Family is a strong influence in development as is economic status, culture, and race. The study of human development is important to me because not only do I need to understand it because I have children but I am also a nurse. It is essential for me to know and understand the pattern changes that are involved with human development so I have the ability to care for my patients in the best way possible. In Papalia’s Human Development textbook, it states that the understanding of human development can help people deal with life transitions.

Several times in my career as a nurse I have encountered a patient with a terminal illness. It is part of my job to help this patient understand and to help them cope. I have come across an elderly widow/widower that is sad, lonely, and longs to be with their loved one. Despite the difference in the two opposing roles, they have striking similarities to me. Human Development is and always will be a part of my job no matter if I am caring for children, adolescents, teenagers, or the elderly. Changes are always occurring and it is important for me to understand and recognize these patterns of change.


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