Human Person in the Field of Psychology Essay

Human Person in the Field of Psychology Psychology- Definition It is concerned with how people perceive, learn, think and interact with others It studies.. * How the person develops from birth to maturity * How individuals differ from one another * How interpersonal factors affect human relations * How people and other organisms gather knowledge about the world.. etc. Definition of the Human Personality from the Psychological Point of View Human Personality- the psychosomatic unity of man insofar as it is determined and governed by the soul a. Personality as a “unity” Human person is considered as a whole of which the parts, though preserving their specific characteristics, are not separated but are organically linked between themselves. b. Unity as “psychosomatic” Psychosomatic- noting a physical disorder caused or influenced by emotional factors * Technical works on psychology examine in detail the influence of the body over the mind to which it brings continued energies through its vital processes. * Psychological studies strive to determine scientifically the forms of control of psychic tendencies by the spiritual soul and to draw from their practical applications. . Psychosomatic Unity of Man is “determined and governed by the soul” * The individual constitutes a unique and universal center of being and of action, an “I”, which has self control and is the master of itself. * Sigmund Freud views the human person as self sufficient in its original unity, that is, the human person does not necessarily need the outside world and relationships. d. The Mystery of the Human Person and the Discipline of Psychology * Psychology as a discipline tends to treat the human person as a puzzle to be solved instead of a mystery to be revealed in. The pseudo science of psychology is based on the claim that the human person resides primarily in the psyche (the human soul), whereas Christian philosophy has always that it is the soul that is the form of the human person. e. Own Views * Human person is a work of God, created in His image and likeness * Possesses an inviolable dignity, which cannot and must not be violated * Gifted with intellect and free will * Freedom sets the human person apart from all the other creatures of God * Has the freedom to do “what is good” not merely “doing what he/she wants” * Is ordinarily responsible for the decisions he/she makes


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